Wedding Registry 101: How to Choose the Right One & Get the Best Perks & Deals

May 5, 2021 | Freebies & Deals, Shopping Tips

Are you newly engaged? Congrats, you love birds! It's time to sign up for a wedding registry, but before you do, make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck — we'll break down all the pros and cons and share our picks for the top registries.

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Going to the chapel, and you're gonna get maaaarried! Sing it with us, you guys. Okay, we'll stop. Karaoke is fun, but we know why you're really here! Let's talk about how to pick the best wedding registry.

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Keep on reading to find out which wedding registries offer the best perks, how to score freebies when you register, and how to pick a registry that's easy for all your guests to use. Consider this your wedding registry 101 course. We've got your back, Freebs!


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If you're newly engaged, we know your to-do list is never-ending. You've probably got a lot on your mind, so why overcomplicate things by adding a wedding registry to the mix? Well, creating a wedding extra is actually a ton of fun, and it comes with some perks. Here are three reasons why we think a wedding registry is a must:

  • Get Gifts You Need – Sure, aunt Barb means well, but do you really need another set of crocheted monogrammed mittens? That's what we thought. Make a registry and share the link on your wedding invitations or engagement announcements so you get gifts you can put to good use!
  • Score Deals & Discounts – Most wedding registries offer a discount on any items your guests don't buy. So you can stock up on essentials after the honeymoon and pay a whole lot less.
  • Stay Organized – From a productivity perspective, registries can help you keep track of who gave you what, and that makes writing thank you cards a heck of a lot easier!

Have we convinced you that it's time to create a registry? Well, before you get started, here's the lowdown on some of the best wedding registries around.


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As far as registries go, Target is the cream of the crop for so many reasons! We all love Target, right?! Well, their wedding registry is a dream. Here's why:

  • The Perks of a Target Registry – If you end up with items left on your registry after the big day, you can purchase them at a 15% discount. Aside from the discount, Target's wedding registry is almost like having a personal assistant at your fingertips: you can track who gave you what and keep track of who you've already thanked, which is pretty sweet. And not only do you get access to Target's exclusive Hearth and Hand line from Joanna Gaines, but you can add items from other stores to your Target registry, too.
  • Return Policies – Don't worry about keeping up with receipts! If you need to return an item, you have a year to do it. No questions asked!
  • Guest Experience – Because Target has almost 2,000 locations, their registry is convenient for just about anyone. They offer free two-day shipping for orders of $35 or more and also offer free store pick-up.
  • Downsides – If you'd like an in-store registry specialist to help you, you won't find this option at Target.

To sign up for a Target wedding registry, head to your local store to browse in person or go to to add items online.


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Bed Bath & Beyond has long been a go-to shopping spot for newlyweds. Whether you need new linens or dishes, they've probably got a ton of options you'll love. And their wedding registry isn't too shabby either! Here's what you should know:

  • The Perks of a Bed Bath & Beyond Registry – After your guests purchase a total of $500 in gifts from your registry, you'll get a $100 reward to use towards the item(s) of your choice. And if you end up with gifts left on the registry after the wedding, you can buy them yourself for 20% off. Oh, and they send you an anniversary coupon, too. Pretty sweet!
  • Return Policies – Their return policy is pretty much the best. They'll notify you before a gift ships, and you have the option to receive cash credit to use in place of that item. And if you need to make a return, you have 365 days to do it.
  • Guest Experience – Orders over $39 ship for free, so your guests can shop from the comfort of home. Many locations also offer same-day delivery for free, which is nice. And for those who like shopping in person, Bed Bath & Beyond has more than 1,000 locations.
  • Downsides – The only possible con of creating a Bed Bath & Beyond registry is that they've closed quite a few retail locations in the past year. So, if you live in a rural area and have relatives who don't love online shopping, Bed Bath & Beyond may not be the best fit.

One more thing to mention! If you have splurge-worthy, big-ticket items on your registry, Bed Bath & Beyond offers group gifting, so your friends or family can split the bill with ease. Ready to get started on your Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry? Head to or stop by your local store.


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Are you even surprised that Amazon made the cut? We didn't think so. We love Amazon's baby registry, and it turns out their wedding registry is pretty dang sweet, too. Here's what you should know:

  • The Perks of an Amazon Registry – Besides the super fast and free shipping that comes with Amazon Prime, plenty of perks come with this registry. For one, they offer more selection than any other store or registry. On top of the killer selection and awesome prices, couples get a 20% completion discount to use towards items left in their registry.
  • Return Policies – You have 180 days to return any items you don't love. You can either ship them back for free via UPS pick up or drop your package off at a local Whole Foods or Kohls store. It doesn't get much more convenient!
  • Guest Experience – It doesn't get a whole lot easier than shopping on Amazon. Since 80% of Americans have a Prime membership now, shipping is free for most folks, and your guests can shop for your gifts using their app. Easy peasy!
  • Downsides – If some of your guests aren't comfortable shopping online, this may not be the best bet. Also, Amazon's return window is quite a bit shorter than Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, though 180 days is still quite generous.

If you're wondering what you should add to your Amazon wedding registry, be sure to check out our Amazon list of favorites for kitchen and home decor inspiration! While you're there, you can start your registry on


We don't think you can go wrong with any of the registries we just mentioned, but if you want to start multiple wedding registries, go for it! There's no harm in having two or three. It gives your guests more options and puts more deals in your wallet. Here are a few honorable mentions that are worth a look:

  • Wayfair – Wayfair, you've got just what we need! Don't lie, we know you sang that in your head just now. Get free returns for 90 days and a 20% completion discount with a Wayfair registry.
  • Walmart – Everyone has a Walmart nearby, right? We love their grocery pickup, and their registry's not too shabby either. Find out all about the perks of creating a Walmart wedding registry.
  • Macy's – If fine china is on your wishlist, Macy's has an incredible selection. And they offer a 20% completion discount, which is always a good thing. Peep the deets on Macy's wedding registry here.
  • Zola – With a Zola registry, you can raise funds for your honeymoon, manage your guest list, and more. It's like an all-in-one wedding planning too. And you get a 20% completion discount, too. Check out the Zola website for all the deets.
  • Crate & Barrel – Calling all HGTV fans! If you want your home to look like something out of a magazine, a Crate & Barrel registry may be the way to go. Earn a 15% discount good for three months after your big day, plus get real-time alerts in their app anytime a gift is purchased.

Now you've got eight killer options to consider! Let the good times roll.


Hopefully these tips make at least one item on your wedding to-do list a bit easier! Remember to have fun and enjoy the process. You deserve it!

Have you signed up for your registry? Let us know which one(s) you went with! Want to share some wisdom with the future brides who are reading this post? Drop your comments below!

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Congrats on your engagement! Happy shopping! 🙂


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