Celebrate with this HUGE List of 100+ Birthday FREEBIES!

Sep 28, 2020 | Budgeting, Freebies & Deals

Your birthday is a big deal, and it's time to CELEBRATE! Use our ultimate list of birthday freebies to use on your special day–food, treats, and coupons included. Here's a big happy birthday to YOU!

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Go shawty, it's your birthday! Who doesn't love to celebrate birthdays? And what better way to celebrate than with FREE STUFF! That's why I've compiled the world's most gigantic list of birthday freebies a few years ago and have been using it ever since.

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All you need to do is get on the email lists for these places (in advance) and they will give you great freebies and deals for your birthday and other special occasions. I not only get free food, but free makeup, gifts, coupons, and more! You can even sign your kids up for them to get birthday freebies, too. Before we get started on the longest list that you'll ever read…


You have to be careful with deals, because oftentimes the expiration dates come up MUNDO FASTO. Here are a few quick tips to help you make the most out of your birthday freebies and deals:


If you don't want junk mail to hit your inbox, simply filter the emails out! That way the coupons and deals are automatically filtered into a handy little folder, ready and waiting for when you need them. Get the tutorial and learn to filter your email. Just DON'T UNSUBSCRIBE from them, or else you'll have to go back and re-subscribe every year. What a pain!


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Once you get a deal, put it on your calendar. I use Google Calendar because I can access it from anywhere (my phone, iPad, computer, etc.) and you can have multiple calendars within a calendar. So you could have a “coupons” calendar, and “hide” it when you don't need it. Put the expiration date on your calendar, and put a reminder that the expiration date is coming 1 week before it happens. This is also a great tip for those Groupons and daily deals that always seem to expire before I get around to using them….grrr….

Most deals are digital these days and you can easily access them from your phone wherever you go. But for those that you need to have physical copies, print them out and keep them in your coupon notebook. Then leave the notebook in your car. You can read about my old coupon binder here.


Make a plan for those birthday freebies once you have them all on your calendar and work them into your day! If it’s free food that can be turned into a meal, then work that into your meal plan for the week. Get the most out of those birthday freebies! 

However, don’t blow your weekly budget just because you have lots of birthday freebies that can be used! If you have to spend a certain amount to get a certain discount but you don’t really need anything (food, makeup, clothes, etc.), then don’t go over budget just to save a few dollars. The whole point of these birthday freebies are to get things for either super cheap or preferably FREE!

Thanks to The Frugal Girls and Hey It's Free sites for helping me compile this list.

Now, onto the deals!


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WHEW! Any I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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Psssttt… Are you looking for something to buy for a birthday?? Gifting a gift card to the special birthday person is an awesome way to gift someone an experience over “stuff”.. Amazon has a huge variety of restaurant gift cards, and what we love about them is not only are they an easy gift to give, but everyone loves being treated to something special!

Looking for more great ideas?

Happy Birthday to…well…you!

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    • BAt Masterson

      Great idea birthdays but not so good unless you go state by state availability!!

  1. Laura

    I turned 30 in less than a month! I am so excited for the next decade! I am hoping by 35 I am in a better financial state than I am currently with 2 young kiddos and a lot of “keeping up with the jones'” I was wondering if you have any suggestion or ideas of how to celebrate turning 30. I always get a pedicure, I just want to do something different without spending a ton!!!
    Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  2. Michelle Ward

    Is this list up to date? A lot of the links don’t work and the clubs and freebies can’t be found.

  3. Lana

    This year I got a 55 swag up from Swagbucks, so you get 55 SB back when you redeem a gift card.

  4. Chris

    For Pennsylvania residents : Shady Maple Smorgasbord gives a free all you can eat buffet with ID. It’s in the heart of Amish Country.

  5. Corinna @ The Mommy Clause

    This is a great list, Jordan! March is a great month – my birthday is this week too! I had no idea that WDW gave free admission on your birthday – that’s awesome!

  6. Becky Baird

    If you sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider you’ll get a free birthday gift. Last year it was lipstick.

    • FunCheapOrFree

      I LOVE Sephora!!

      • Melinda Janecek

        I am signing up my friend for free birthday rewards that do not require a password and which he can use. A lot of the links seem obsolete or otherwise broken. Can you fix this problem or tell me how to work around it?

  7. BirthdayFunnyMeme

    thanks you for this birthday list. love it. Love this Birthday FREEBIES

  8. Jennifer Glover

    I love the idea of using your calendar to set reminders about time sensitive deals! I’m going to start doing that!!

  9. Ashley L Smith

    Happy birthday!! I didn’t know that about Walt Disney World. That’s awesome. Our daughters birthday is in October and that would be perfect! Thanks Jordan!

  10. Allison Gnesa

    For frugal birthdays in our family, with 4 kiddos, we don’t do a huge event out. We let our kids invite one or 2 friends over and we have the birthday kiddo pick what meal they want, movies, snacks, and we just have fun. This makes it fair since one of our kiddo’s birthday is in the summer, so we would avoid any thing out, like the plague. We live on the beautiful coast of NC which means summer time is full blown tourist season. ?

  11. James Walker

    Papa johns pizza gives you a free chocolate chip cookie (8 slices and size of a small pizza iirc) on your birthday when you sign up for the rewards program.

  12. Paul Numora

    Cold Stone Creamery offers a buy one creation, get one creation coupon for your birthday if you signup for their My Cold Stone Club

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Oh that’s so cool! Thanks for sharing, we’ll get this updated in the post! 🙂

  13. Article beats

    It’s wonderful message, thanks for the blog

  14. yanger

    NOTE – Starbucks will only work if you’ve gotten at least 1 star before your birthday.

  15. Abriel

    Thank you for the article<3 Freebies can be so fun!

  16. oscar 2023

    Really good collection of freebies, very informative and useful


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