Pregnancy is such a blessing, but it can also bring about challenges you don't normally face like a lack of sleep, wardrobe problems, and tummy troubles, just to name a few. Well, we're here to help, friend. Check out our list of 20 pregnancy must-haves to help you get through!

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As much joy as pregnancy brings, it also brings on a few other things… Fatigue, nausea, heartburn, aches and pains, dry skin, and so much more. Really, who knew one person could pee so much?!

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There may not be anything to stop your body from changing, but there are a few things you can do to help ease the discomfort! Whether it's something to help you get better sleep or an outfit to make you feel good in your skin again, we'll show you our favorite pregnancy must-haves that will help you ease the bad and focus on the good!


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Sleep can be pretty hard to come by when you're expecting. Between the nighttime bathroom breaks, the crazy pregnancy dreams, and the aches and pains that keep us up, things can get rough! Here are some of our best pregnancy must-haves to help you get a night full of restful sleep… At least in between the potty breaks. 😉

  • Pregnancy Pillow – This PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow has been a lifesaver for us! It gives a soft, yet supportive place for your growing bump to help you stay in a comfy position all night.
  • Bedtime Routine – A consistent bedtime routine is so important when it comes to sleeping well, pregnant or not! Try to go to bed around the same time each night so your body is ready for sleep and create a nighttime ritual to help you wind down.
  • Cut Water After Dinner – This one isn't a must-have, but more of a must-do. Drinking too much water right before bed can make nighttime potty breaks even more frequent. Try to get all your water in for the day a couple of hours before you go to bed to help!

No matter what you do, pregnancy can make it difficult to get a good night's rest. Hang in there, mama, and remember, it will all be worth it!


Ahh, the dreaded morning sickness that isn't really limited to the morning at all. Here's a list of our go-to items and methods for stopping that preggo nausea in its tracks!

  • Ginger Candy – We love Gin Gins ginger candy. They offer almost immediate relief when you feel a wave of nausea coming your way. They come in hard candy form or in a chewy candy!
  • Ginger Tea – Noticing a theme here? Yep, ginger is a great tool for combatting nausea, pregnant or not! Sip on a warm cup of ginger tea to help settle that tummy.
  • Preggo Pops – If you don't love the taste of ginger, try Preggo Pops or Preggo Pop Drops instead. They come in several flavors so there's bound to be one you and baby approve of!
  • Peppermints – This is a super affordable option! Grab a bag of peppermints from the dollar store and pop one anytime you feel queasy.
  • Flavored Sparkling Water – We all know how important hydration is during pregnancy, but sometimes water just does not sound appetizing at all! Some people can even develop a metallic taste reaction to plain water during pregnancy making it downright nasty. The solution? Sparkling water! Grab a flavor you like and get those ounces in, mama!

Try one or all of these pregnancy must-haves for nausea and kick morning sickness to the curb!


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Don't break the bank on a whole new maternity wardrobe! Here are what we love and our go-to maternity clothing must-have items.

  • Tank Tops – Maternity or not, tank tops are a must-have in pregnancy. They're stretchy enough to cover a bump and are perfect for layering under sweaters or jackets. Plus, tank tops are great for nursing when the baby comes!
  • Supportive Bra – A good supportive bra in pregnancy is a must, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Buy a comfortable nursing bra with room for a little growth so you can wear it now and after baby is born! Double whammy!
  • Maternity Underwear – We may or may not wear maternity underwear several months into postpartum. What can we say, they're comfortable!
  • Stretchy Dresses – Maternity clothes can be pricey for sure and despite what the five thousand social media ads are telling you, they really aren't necessities! Invest in some tops or dresses with a good amount of stretch in them and you'll be able to wear them comfortably postpartum, too.
  • Maternity Jeans – While you can get away with some oversized tops and stretchy dresses for most of your pregnancy, a good pair of maternity jeans is a must-have. There really isn't anything more uncomfortable than a regular pair of jeans trying to fit over a growing bump!
  • Leggings – Legging, leggings, leggings! Seriously, this is our go-to pregnancy outfit on any given day. They don't have to be “maternity,” but they need to be comfy and plenty stretchy!

Don't wait until you're uncomfortable and then try to buy it all at once. Work it into your budget and get a piece at a time early on so you're not spending a small fortune when your clothes no longer fit! Thrift stores and consignment shops are great places to start your search.

More Pregnancy Must-Haves

These pregnancy must-haves will make your life a whole lot easier when you're expecting!

  • Coconut Oil – Forget those pricy stretch mark creams and grab yourself a jar of coconut oil. It's a great moisturizer and will do wonders to prevent and help ease stretch marks without breaking the bank.
  • Gummy Prenatal Vitamins – Never underestimate the power of a gummy prenatal! Seriously, they seem to be so much easier on the tummy than the others.
  • Cold Compress – For whatever reasons, headaches are one of the early products of pregnancy and they can last through the whole nine months. Grab a head wrap or soak a washcloth in cold water and place it over your eyes for relief!
  • Bath Soak – With hormones raging and emotions high, sometimes you just need a warm, relaxing bath to calm your nerves. Try adding in some Epsom salt or some Pink Stork Bath Soak.
  • Water Bottle – A good water bottle can go a long way in encouraging you to drink enough throughout the day. Grab some reusable straws to go with it so you can easily sip water on those extra nauseous days.
  • Liquid IV – If you're finding it hard to get in enough fluids, try some Liquid IV to get in the electrolytes you and baby need!
  • Pregnancy Journal – This one is just fun! Whether it's your first pregnancy or your tenth, keep a journal of how you feel and it will be a cherished memory to look back on for years and years to come.

The best part about these pregnancy must-haves is they don't have to cost a fortune. While some may take a little planning and preparation, others are totally or almost free!

What are your go-to pregnancy must-haves that have helped you the most? Share it with us in the comments below!

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