My pregnancy must-haves! From #FindYourHealthy

If you haven't heard, I'm 13 weeks along with baby #5! As much joy as that brings, it also brings a few other things…fatigue, nausea, heartburn, aches and pains, and dry skin, and frumpiness among other things. I've been asked quite a bit lately what some of my favorite pregnancy must-haves are, so I thought I'd do a post on it! CVS and their #FindYourHealthy campaign is supporting this post and making it possible. But, of course, every product and idea listed was 100% my idea. I am just so grateful for brands like CVS that make it possible to give you continual content at no cost to you. I hope some of my ideas help any of you with your own pregnancy joys…and woes.

Without further adieu, here are:

My Pregnancy MUST-HAVES!

First up has been a total game-changer for me…

Gummy Prenatal Vitamins

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.39.06 PM

I was so. stinking. sick. with my first 3 kids. With my 4th I wasn't sick at all. Like, not even for a single minute! It was weird. I spent much of my pregnancy contemplating what the difference was. I concluded it was a few things, one of them being I switched to gummy prenatals! For whatever reason it really helped curb the nausea.

…and it doesn't hurt that they taste pretty darn good, too.


Sparkling Flavored Water

My pregnancy must-haves! From #FindYourHealthy

I don't know about you, but water tastes like dirty pennies when I'm pregnant. It's hard for me to choke down! Yet, my kidneys hurt because I never drink enough. My OBGYN suggested flavored water, Gatorade, Crystal Lite, or anything other than soda. I have found sparkling waters to be my jam. They help settle my stomach and are just sweet enough that I actually enjoy drinking the whole thing.

Coconut Oil

My pregnancy must-haves! From #FindYourHealthy

If it wasn't wrong, I would straight-up drink this stuff. Forget lotion, I BATHE myself in coconut oil! I use it on my dry skin, stretch mark prone areas, as a hair mask, on my dry lips, on my dark under-eye circles, natural makeup remover, you name it. It's pure and safe, and again, it smells like you've been transported to the tropics.

Find your healthy!

Melatonin Sleep Aid

My pregnancy must-haves! From #FindYourHealthy

Am I the only one who has CRAZY pregnancy dreams? Between only being able to sleep on my left side, pregnancy dreams, and having to get up to pee every 30 seconds, quality sleep seems to go down the tube. Someone suggested melatonin to help me sleep. It's non-habit forming which is important to me, but just helps on those nights when you'd sell your right leg for some good sleep.

Hard Candy

My pregnancy must-haves! From #FindYourHealthy

I've learned that sucking on something sweet seems to really help when I'm feeling nauseous. I keep a stash of hard candy and suckers, even an assortment of sugar-free,  on hand. It also helps with fussy kids when you just don't have the energy to do anything other than bribe them. High five.

Puffy Eyes and Headaches

The BEST eye gels for puffiness and headaches! Use the code FUNCHEAP to get 10%  at

We all know water retention and swelling is a lovely side effect of growing a human. I also get some pretty heft migraines when pregnant. I love Honest Hazel eye gels for under-eye puffiness AND headaches! (Use the code FUNCHEAP for 10% off!)I leave them in the fridge, pop them under my eyes, take a tylenol (which is safe when pregnant as long as it has no Asprin in it!) and I feel so much better.

Comfy Dresses and Leggings

My pregnancy must-haves! From #FindYourHealthy

In terms of style, I get asked ALL THE TIME where I shop for maternity clothes. I could count the maternity clothes I have on 3 fingers…and that includes 3 pairs of maternity pants! (1]H&M clearance, 2] Page Maternity from a yard sale, 3] Motherhood Maternity.) I buy loose-fitting, comfy, stretchy clothes that can be worn pre AND post-pregnancy as well as while pregnant.

The dress I'm wearing in the (terrible! Sorry!) picture above is a perfect example. I got it from a yard sale for a few dollars. It's an athletic material that isn't stiff or itchy, it's long enough that my booty isn't hanging out, but short enough that it looks good with leggings. It's loose fitting enough that I'll be able to wear it for most of my pregnancy, and though it feels like I'm wearing PJ's, I look semi-put together and stylish! The leggings were given to me forever ago from Agnes and Dora I believe.

Depending on the time of year, sweater dresses are a MUST.

My pregnancy must-haves! From #FindYourHealthy

My last pregnancy…sweater dresses all day err day!

I get them for $15 or less from Ross typically, but you can find them at Target, as well as just about anywhere else in the fall/winter. Just buy them in a large or extra large. Cinch them with a belt under your bra line at the beginning of your pregnancy for a more fitted look.

My pregnancy must-haves! From #FindYourHealthy

I also love stretchy pencil skirts for church or fancier outings. They fit nicely under a big belly πŸ˜‰

Pregnancy fashion

Please ignore the fact that I look like a witch in this picture…

So there you go! Nothing too crazy, but that's really what helps me in my pregnancy.

What are YOUR favorite go-to products? Do you want to know anything else about my pregnancy/babies? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great week, everyone!