FREE Printable Food and Fitness Log!

Free fitness and food log printables

As we gear up to get healthy for Focus on Fitness Month, one thing to understand is that LOGGING YOUR PROGRESS is very important! How in the world will you know how you're doing, if you don't keep track? You don't have to write it on your mirror and post it online for the world to see like I did, but however you choose to do it, write it, baby!

Enjoy these free oh-so-adorable fitness and food log printables to make tracking oh-so-easy!

Download this food/nutrition log HERE:

Nutrition Log - Free printable

Download this fitness log HERE:

Free Fitness Log Printable

Thanks to my dear friend and former FCF teammate, Lindsay, for making these for us (be sure to check out her new blog!).

Happy tracking!




  1. AvatarCarrie T says

    Thank you so much for posting these printables! Since I got married last year I’ve done nothing but put on weight and, although I feel like I’m not eating more, I probably am and I really need to keep track of it. It’s worse since I work from home so I don’t really eat properly during the day even though I always cook in the evening when my husband gets home. I’ve tried using an notepad in the past but I think that this one pager I can pin to the board in front of my desk will keep me more on track. Thank you. And I love this months focus 🙂

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Carrie! I’m so glad you are on board for this month’s challenge. Let me know if these printables were able to help you!

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