If you're anything like me, by now your health resolutions are probably suffering—let's focus on fitness this month and recharge our personal batteries this month with exercise, extra sleep, and healthy eating habits!

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Let's recap our Focused in 2022 challenge so far. First, our finances were whipped into shape in January. Then, in February, our relationships got a little boost.

Now, let's focus on March: improving our personal health. Don't roll your eyes or groan… we get it! Health challenges can be daunting, and staying disciplined is exhausting. But how can we take care of others if we're not taking care of ourselves?! That's why we're developing a few healthy habits this month.

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Set your own health goals! Go at your own pace! You decide what's important for you to accomplish this month. Now, let's get on to the challenge!


Step 1. Print the Focus on Fitness Month calendar – if you're not already on the mailing list, SIGN UP HERE to get the March calendar emailed to you. The easiest way to stay updated to do is to get on the email list and follow along on the blog, YouTubeInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest. I'll post lots of helpful tips and how-to's there!

Step 2. Follow along! Each week there is a theme to help you focus on a different aspect of your health. Then of course, we always suggest wrapping up the week with a simple date or family night to help keep you focused on the people that matter most.

Step 3. As always, adapt the calendar to work for your needs and help you get the most out of the monthly challenge.


Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a little less than enthused about the whole “working out thing” (slowly raises hand), this month's theme is going to have something for everyone. In a nutshell, we are here to encourage a little more health and fitness overall.

Pro Tip: If you struggle to make health challenges stick, my best advice to you is to do it with a buddy! Accountability partners, whether it's your spouse, friend, or family, are so important to help keep you on track.


To finish off your busy week, plan an active date night! You deserve it! If you can get outdoors, even better. Check out our big list of fun active date night ideas to help you have fun!


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Commit to setting a few health or fitness goals. It doesn't necessarily need to be weight loss or running a marathon. It can be as simple as drinking more water, getting more sleep, or stretching more. The point is to challenge yourself and above all, HAVE FUN! Break your goal down into weekly goals to help you be successful and celebrate the little wins!

It's important that you set goals and follow through with them, so set goals that you'll actually be able to hit! We've even got a free printable nutrition log and fitness tracker to help you stay accountable.


Here's a good challenge for ya! Remove the temptation so you can work on making healthier choices and eating healthier. Clean out your fridge, pantry, and cupboards of any super tempting junk foods, then set yourself up for success by stocking up on healthy snacks!


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Every day this week, make it a point to do ONE extra thing that gets your body up and moving a little more! Need a few ideas to get you started? Hold a dance party in the kitchen, take the stairs instead of an elevator, go on a walk with your family, or take a back-row spot in a parking lot.

Working out at home doesn't have to be hard or expensive! Whatever you do, get up and moving. Share your own ideas with everyone on social media using the hashtag #FocusonFitnessMonth so we can all inspire each other!


Looking for ways to connect with others? Use Facebook or Google to help you find fun things near you, such as workout programs in your community! It's super easy to do and you can usually find a fun, cheap (or even free) option. #Winning


For 7 days, drink NOTHING but water! No soda, coffee, alcohol, Crystal Lite, Gatorade, Propel. Zilch, zero, nada. Just straight h20. Most of us don't get enough plain water. Our water-only challenge will help us hydrate, keep our skin feeling great, and does our bodies good!


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We've been exercising and eating better this month. Now it's time to learn the why behind what we've been doing! Listen to a nutrition podcast or find a good book or website to learn more about why it's so important to eat healthily and work out! This is a great way to educate yourself a little more and find a little extra motivation.


This is hands down the hardest week for me, but sugar is addicting and sometimes our bodies just need a break! So for seven days, do your best to avoid ALL SUGAR! How extreme you go on this no-sugar challenge is up to you, since sugar seems to be in everything.

Decide for yourself what your goal will be. For me, I'll mainly kick sugary cereal, candy, desserts, sugary snacks, etc. I won't worry too much about the sugar that's baked into my bread, taco shells, etc. This week is going to be tough, but I'm glad we're in this together. (Cue the High School Musical song!) Don't forget to share your wins with us on social media! #FocusonFitnessMonth


Can I get an amen on getting more sleep? I'm a night owl by nature and used to stay up late for work and projects. After adjusting my schedule and getting more sleep, I found it had a HUGE impact on my life. There's definitely a correlation between getting better sleep and being more focused and productive!

This week, commit to going to bed early and waking up earlier. Also, turn off electronics at least an hour before bedtime. Work on a nighttime routine that'll help you get better sleep.


We made it! Phew! Now go weigh yourself, measure yourself, check your goal sheet, look at the steps you took, and just think about how much better you feel overall…after that, share your success with the world!

We want to see how you're doing! Post your progress on Instagram and/or Facebook this month using the hashtags #Focusedin2022 and #FocusonFitnessMonth.

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Let's crush this month!

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