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Foodie Tuesday recipe: Tuxedo Soup

Happy Tuesday! Today I have a REALLY simple recipe to share with you. This is one of those… oh-my-gosh-it’s-5:00-and-I-have-nothing-planned-for-dinner recipes. Unfortunately, I need a lot of those recipes lying around.  Working on it. Anyhow… It’s easy because all the ingredients are canned, so you can keep them on-hand in your pantry. Yes, the fact that…

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Foodie Tuesday Recipe: Santa Fe Cheese Soup

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! I my last post I gave you my top secret recipe to my ultimate Easy Cheese Crockpot Chip Dip. Here’s a great recipe to make after your party to use up your extra Velveeta! I made this last night and my husband kept taking a bite and saying, “wow, seriously,…

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Foodie Tuesday Recipe: Easy-Cheesy Crockpot Chip Dip

  Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! Since moving into our new house about 6 weeks ago, we have held more get-togethers than in the entire last year of living in our old house! Can you tell we’re excited to not be homeless any more? 🙂   One of my favorite go-to chip dips is a…


32 simple ways to save thousands as a college student

 I recently got a question from a college reader friend (I love my college crowd!!!!), Erin, that I thought I’d share with you. Here was her question: Q: Hey Jordan 🙂 My name is Erin and I’m a 20 year old college student. Part of my New Year’s resolution is to become more finacial aware and…

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Foodie Tuesday Recipe: Loaded baked potatoes

 Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! Today I’m sharing a really easy dinner idea with you. It’s cheap, easy, and a great way to use up random stuff that you have in your fridge. Gotta love those dinners. Last week I price-matched some great groceries and decided to make: Loaded Baked Potatoes So easy, no recipe…

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Homemade pumpkin puree

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! Seeing as how it’s officially Fall, I’m sure you are starting to smell the cider and pumpkin  EVERYWHERE. While I, personally, thoroughly enjoy taking advantage of the bazillions of amazing pumpkin recipes out there, cans of pumpkin can be expensive and can certainly add up if you are making loads…