20+ Ways To Save Time Every Day: Life Hacks For Busy Moms

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With a few strategic time-saving tips and a dash of organization, you can master the art of balancing it all and still carve out moments of well-deserved “me-time.” Here are some invaluable time-saving strategies to help you reclaim your schedule. 

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Life as a mom is a never-ending juggling act. Between caring for your children, managing all the chores, and perhaps a job in or out of the home…finding time for yourself can seem like an elusive dream. That's why PRODUCTIVITY is one of our number one passions around here! We've spent YEARS teaching the tools that are guaranteed to make you better at time-management and freeing up more time in your life. We have dozens of other blog posts on the topic, as well as our Productivity Boot Camp that has already helped thousands of families. You can get started today with these 20 quick ways to give yourself some extra time throughout your day!

Morning Routine:

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  • Prep Breakfast the Night Before: Prepare easy breakfast items like overnight oats or a smoothie the night before to save time in the morning. For smoothies, you can put together all of your ingredients in a ziplock bag, like pre-washed berries, peeled banana, and a handful of greens. Keep it in the freezer to pull out in the morning and add to your blender with a scoop of yogurt or some liquid for a breakfast that comes together in a minute!
  • Set Out Clothes: Choose and lay out your outfit for the next day before going to bed to make sure all of the items you need are clean and ready! Better yet, plan the whole week in advance and have them hanging in order in your closet so you can save yourself a decision each morning. 
  • Use a Programmable Coffee Maker: Set your coffee maker to start brewing before you wake up. If you're a coffee drinker, it makes getting out of bed in the morning that much sweeter when you know your favorite morning drink is already waiting for you! 
  • Wake Up a Bit Earlier: Waking up just 15 minutes earlier than normal can have a SIGNIFICANT difference in your morning pace! Giving yourself a few minutes can help you feel less frazzled and rushed, and maybe even provide you enough time to get an extra task done like emptying the dishwasher or starting a load of laundry!
  • Opt for a Quick Shower: Keep your morning shower short and efficient. We like to use timers on our phone to keep us on track. Set that timer for 5-10 minutes to keep from procrastinating while standing under that water!

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Work and Chores:

  • Prioritize Tasks: Start your workday by identifying the most important tasks and tackling them first
  • BLOCK SCHEDULE™: This system of planning out your day combines your schedule and your to-do list into manageable chunks of time to always keep you on task. If you haven’t started using a Block Schedule™ system yet, read how it works and grab a free printable here
  • Batch Similar Tasks: Group similar tasks together and tackle them in one go to minimize context-switching. This could mean timing all of your weekly errands into one big trip, or using the time you are cooking dinner to also chop and prepare the foods you'll need the following day/putting together lunches & prepping the next day's breakfast. 
  • Limit Email and Social Media: Set specific times to check and respond to emails and social media to avoid constant distractions. Better yet, learn how to use email rules and filters to automate your email inbox to send spam to the trash, and send priority emails to the top!
  • Set Alarms or Timers: We use the timer app on our phone all day long to keep from getting sidetracked or going down a tidying rabbit hole. Give yourself 15 minutes to speed clean you kitchen and watch how much you can get done when you know you are racing the clock! 
  • Delegate and Outsource: If you've been around here long, you know that we are Raising Capable Kids! That means we are teaching our young ones the value of responsibility and encouraging them to take part in family tasks. There are TONS of age-appropriate ways that every member of your family can help out, and not everything should fall on mom! Check out our list of age-appropriate chores for raising capable kids here and thank us later. 

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Home and Chores:

  • Use a Robot Vacuum: Consider a robot vacuum to clean floors while you attend to other tasks. They can be pricey, so look for deals and wait for sales like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Days. 
  • Meal Plan & Prep: This really does save you so much time! From running to the store for last minute ingredients or resorting to a restaurant for dinner. Plan and prepare meals for the week in advance to save time on cooking daily.
  • Declutter Regularly: Regularly decluttering your home will reduce future time spent searching for things! We aren't minimalists by any means, but trying to keep things in a general space they belong cuts out so much unnecessary “searching” – aka wasted time. 
  • Implement a “Two-Minute Rule”: If a task takes less than two minutes, do it immediately. That means if you unbox that Amazon package, break down the box and put it in the recycling bin right now instead of letting it sit in a pile for later. Or on your way up the stairs, grab something that needs to be put away with you! 
  • Carpool or Share Rides: Setting up a carpool with fellow moms in your area is a major WIN in our books – less gas, less time spent in the car, and time for your kiddos to bond with their friends!

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Technology and Automation:

  • Use Voice Commands: Use voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant to set reminders or send messages hands-free.
  • Automate Bills: Set up automatic bill payments to avoid the hassle of manual payments.
  • Use Mobile Banking: Use mobile banking apps to check account balances and make transactions on the go.
  • Smart Grocery Shopping: Use grocery delivery services or apps that allow you to create shopping lists, favorite items, and reorder items easily.
  • Navigation Apps: EVEN IF you know exactly how to get to your destination, it's still smart to utilize GPS and navigation apps because they account for real-time traffic updates and can identify options with less traffic that can save you time!

Productivity Resources:

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First off, the BEST way to set you and your family up for success are our Block Schedule Planners for parents and our Capable Kid/Capable Teen PlannersCapable Planners are so helpful with screentime, boredom, responsibilities and teaching great habits.

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