35+ Fun Indoor Activities for Kids, With or Without Screens!

Mar 7, 2022 | Baby and Kids, Family Time, Lifestyle, Parenting

If your kids are stuck at home for spring break, summer, or sudden school closures, you might be wondering how to keep them busy. Look no further, we've rounded up the BEST indoor activities for kids as well as everyday fun activities for kids so you can stay productive and keep everyone's sanity intact.

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Not sure if you've noticed this or not, but kids tend to get in trouble more when they're not busy. There's probably some science behind the reasoning, but we're not scientists! As mamas, we've seen proof with our own eyes that having fun activities for kids available really cuts down on the bad attitudes and bad days, alike.

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Stress no more, we're here with loads of ideas, both with and without screens, to help ease your mind. Our goal is for you to enjoy this time with your kids at home!


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Whether you choose indoor activities for kids that are educational, active, or messy, is up to you! Just make sure you have a wide variety of things they can do available so you can breathe a little easier knowing they're happy, too! These screen-free indoor activities for kids are a good place to start.


  • Painting – Grab a mix media sketchbook, paints (we like watercolor), paint brushes, and let their imaginations go wild! Don't forget to put down a table cloth to make cleanup a breeze!
  • Finger Painting – Finger painting deserves a section of its own! This DIY edible finger paint is messy, but your kids will love creating with it and they might enjoy sneaking a lick or two of it when they're done. 😉 We also have a non-edible finger paint recipe for older kids!
  • Paper Plate Projects – If you ever search Pinterest at all, you know there are hundreds if not thousands of art projects kids can make with plain white paper plates.
  • Coloring – Grab some coloring books from the Dollar Store (They're SO much cheaper there), print some sheets online, or give them blank paper. Then, set out crayons, colored pencils, and markers and let them start creating.
  • Paper Mache – Get rid of those old newspapers or leftover tissue paper with this fun project! Your kids will LOVE making fun creations out of a balloon and random things around the house!
  • Popsicle Stick ProjectsPopsicle sticks are extremely useful when it comes to art projects. Pinterest will be your BEST friend when searching for popsicle stick projects!
  • Art Kit Projects – If you aren't the creative type, or just want an all-in-one kit, you're in luck! There are several kits available for a wide range or projects that have everything you need to complete what you're making.


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  • Worksheets – It doesn't matter if you pick up a workbook or print these off, a simple worksheet and pencil will keep minds busy and learning.
  • Reading – Entire worlds open up for kids when they read books! They can escape to places only books can take them.
  • Creative Writing – Give them a notebook and a list of prompts and let them write a story.
  • Research – Have them pick a topic and learn as much as they can about it!
  • Write a Letter – Have them write a letter for someone that lives away. Teach them how to address the envelope and let them put it in the mailbox!
  • Measuring Ingredients – Put those math skills to the test in the kitchen and enlist their help with measuring ingredients. This free kitchen conversion chart may come in handy!


  • Indoor Fort – Did you ever make these as kids? They're so. much. fun! Grab some blankets, sheets, and chairs and make the biggest fort possible! Bonus points for letting them eat lunch inside of it!
  • Play a Board Game – Board games never get old! These are some of our favorites.
  • Stacking Cups – They make cups for the sole purpose of stacking, but any plastic solo-style cup will do!
  • Decorate CookiesFun cookie cutters are a bonus, but simple circle cookies work just as well for decorating!
  • Acting – Have them write a play and act it out or act out scenes from their favorite movie!
  • Maze – Set up a maze fit for any 007 agent with crepe paper and let the fun begin.
  • Legos – Not much needs to be said here because almost everyone loves building with Legos!
  • Dress Up – Pull out the old Halloween costumes or clothes you've been holding onto for too long and let them have a blast dressing up.
  • Dance Party Throw on some tunes and dance the day away!
  • Trampoline – A trampoline INSIDE?! Yes!! We have this one in our family room and the kids have a blast with it.
  • Puzzles Puzzles are a favorite for every age!


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As much as we try to avoid them, the truth is, screens are a permanent part of our world. Take a deep breath because it's okay to use screens to fill time with indoor activities for kids! Our clipboard system is a great way to let them earn screen time while also helping around the house! There are even a bunch of educational and super creative screen activities for kids.


  • ABCmouse – If you've followed us for long, you know we LOVE ABCmouse for educational screen time.
  • Adventure Academy – This is made by ABCmouse for older kids!
  • Star FallPhonics skills practice.
  • PBS Kids – The app and website are both great for learning.
  • Educational Apps – There are SO many educational apps that can be played on a tablet or iPad.
  • Educational Shows – Many networks have educational shows that aren't boring!
  • Cooking Shows – This might not be your idea of education, but learning how to cook is valuable for kids (and adults) of all ages!
  • How To YouTubeYouTube is full of how-to videos. Your kids can learn a new skill in no time!


  • “Drive In” Theater – Make cars out of laundry baskets, cardboard boxes, or extra large building blocks and have a drive-in theater in your home.
  • Movie Marathon – Pick your favorite movie series and make a plan to watch the entire series over the course of a week or month!
  • Video Game Dance Party Just Dance on Xbox is a favorite in our home!
  • Stop Motion Film Art – Use the Stop Motion App (free version) and tutorials online to get started learning all about creating your own mini videos!
  • Learn a New Skill – Download an app that teaches you how to play the piano or guitar! Or try out an app that teaches you how to draw!

If you're looking for even more ideas, then check out our resources for kids post that has over 160 ideas!

There ya go! 35+ of our favorite indoor activities for kids all in one place! What are your favorite fun activities for kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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Enjoy your time together inside!


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