I did a fun segment for Studio 5 today that I thought I'd share with you!
(…and aren't you proud that I didn't barf on live TV?? -story HERE-)
By nature I'm a saver. I have a hard time throwing things away until I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE we have no further use for it.
(We had to get reeeeeally creative when we fell on tough financial times, especially.)
I thought it was about high-time to highlight some of these creative uses, and really showcase the ones that are WORTH saving, that really work, and might actually save you a buck or two!
Hope you enjoy!

Click HERE to watch it online, or click to watch below:

Creative uses for things you would otherwise throw away:


  • Stale bread: Make croutons. Spread butter on the bread, cut it into squares, bake. (see HERE)

  • Stale bread or heels of bread: Homemade bread crumbs for cooking. Dry out the bread, blend in food processor, freeze and use for baking.

  • Halloween pumpkin: Pumpkin puree. As long as it wasn’t carved, you cut it in half, bake it until soft, puree it, and you have a year’s worth of pumpkin puree. (see HERE)

  • Bread bag ties: Organize and label your cords. (see HERE)

  • Old pot holder: Curling iron holder. Cut it in half, sew it, and use it to carry your hot curling/straightening iron when traveling. (see HERE)

  • Empty egg cartons: Organize/protect Christmas ornaments. (see HERE)

  • Empty baby food jars: Storage containers, food servers, great for crafts, organizing, spice containers, containing small things like bobby pins and buttons, and even for freezing your own homemade baby food (see HERE for one example)

  • Parmesan cheese lid: Fits onto a mason jar. Great for repurposing. (see HERE)

  • Leftover turkey carcass: Homemade stock. Instead of throwing out your Thanksgiving turkey carcass, boil it with veggies and water and you have homemade stock. (see HERE)

  • Leftover Holiday candy: Make into new treats. Melt down chocolate from Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, or Easter, put it into a new mold, and voila! Candy for neighbors for the next holiday.  (see HERE) Or simply bake the candy into new treats (see HERE).
  • Jar lids: Use to move heavy furniture. Put the lid of a jar under the furniture legs, and watch it glide over carpet easily, regardless of how big the furniture is. (see HERE)

  • Empty tin cans: Clever surprise treats. Take pop-top tin cans, and open them from the bottom with a safety can opener, clean out the can, fill with candy, then hot glue the bottom back on. Make a cute label and use it for clever treats and favors for holidays, baby/bridal showers, etc. (see HERE)
  • Baby formula canisters: Flour/sugar (baking) containers. Remove the label, carefully wash out with hot, soapy water (don’t let the water sit inside too long since the cartons are made of a material similar to cardboard), let dry, then fill with flour, rice, sugar, and any other baking needs. Wrap in scrapbooking paper to brighten up your kitchen:


  • Lucky penny: Keeps your flowers lasting longer. Drop a penny and a pinch of sugar into a vase of flowers and they will last much longer. (see HERE)

  • Cardboard: Use to organize your fabric. Cut a cardboard box into rectangles, wrap your fabric around it, pin securely with a straight pin, becomes functional and organized just like the bolts of fabric at the store. (see HERE)

  • Empty spool that held blank CD’s: Toilet paper holder for camping. (See HERE)

  • Empty TP or paper towel rolls: Organize your cords. (See HERE)

  • Empty wet wipes container: Store plastic shopping bags. (see HERE)

  • Shower caps: Protect your clothes from your shoes in a suitcase. You put your shoes inside the shower cap so the soles of your shoes don’t get your clothes dirty. (See HERE)

  • Old newspapers: Keep weeds away. Wet the papers and lay on top of the soil, weeds can’t get through. (see HERE)

  • Junk mail return envelopes: Use for monthly budgeting. Pay your bills online, and keep the envelopes. I can show how I write on mine to track my spending for the month and hold all my receipts. (see HERE)

  • Old tomato cage: Christmas tree decor. Wrap the cage in white lights and it looks like a christmas tree (see HERE)

  • Empty makeup containers: Dress-up toys, organizing. When you finish a container of eye shadow, foundation, powder, blush, jars of lotion, etc. clean it out (you can run on the top shelf of the dishwasher) and use it to contain jewelry when traveling, make faux makeup for your kids to dress up with (see HERE), or use it for crafting/organizing containers.  

  • Empty pill bottles: Organization, and party favors. (See HERE)

  • Old sweaters: Leg warmers (see HERE). There are TONS of uses for old sweaters (see HERE).

Toys/Athletic Equipment:

  • Golf tees: Use inside stripped screw holes. Hammer a wooden tee into a stripped screw hole, then simply re-drill the screw into the tee. (see HERE)

  • Broken pool noodle: Boot supports. Cut the noodle, insert into boots, keeps them standing tall and not toppling over in your closet. (see HERE)

  • Old deck of cards: 52 things I love about you gift. (See HERE)


  • Ribbon scraps: Topiaries. Save your mismatched or scrap ribbon. Pin them to a styrofoam ball to make a gorgeous topiary. (see HERE)

  • Ribbon, fabric, or felt scraps: Hair bows. All you need is a tiny amount of ribbon to make an awesome bow. (see HERE)

  • Leftover Christmas ribbon and/or old picture frame: Hair bow holder. (see HERE)

  • Ribbon/fabric scraps: Baby tag blanket. (see HERE). Great gift idea!

  • Old magazines or used Christmas wrapping paper: “Styrofoam ball”. Instead of buying those expensive styrofoam balls to give a project form, tear out old magazine pages, wad them up, wrap in packing tape, and use hot glue to secure your project to it. It works just like a styrofoam ball! See next bullet as an example of a project to make. (see HERE)

  • Ripped tissue paper from a gift: Pomander balls. Roll the ripped tissue, glue it to a magazine core, gorgeous decor for home or party. (see HERE)

  • Scraps of scrapbook paper: Baby mobile (see HERE). You only need small amounts of paper. Punch circles in the paper, sew in a strand using a sewing machine, and you have adorable garland (see HERE) for decorating or to make a baby mobile.

    Wow, didn't I tell you you can do great things with trash? Happy repurposing!