How to Plan a Fun & Easy Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids (Free Printable Included!)

May 7, 2021 | Baby and Kids, Lifestyle

Are you running out of ways to keep your kids busy? Looking for screen-free activities? This outdoor scavenger checks all the boxes! Send the kids on a quest for backyard treasures with this free printable!

outdoor scavenger hunt for kids printable, from Fun Cheap or Free

Mamas, we get it. Finding ways to keep the little ones busy and away from screens is easier said than done. This is a mom-guilt-free zone, so if you need to play Frozen on repeat three days today, we say go for it! But, if you're looking for something new to do, we've got an easy idea.

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Grab this FREE SCAVENGER HUNT PRINTABLE and get ready for an afternoon of backyard bliss! Get some fresh air, have some fun, and enjoy those long spring and summer days with a friendly challenge. This outdoor scavenger hunt is a free and easy boredom buster! It's even perfect for both readers and non-readers alike. Let's do this!


little girl playing outside with a magnifying glass, from Fun Cheap or Free

Okay, here's the good news about this activity. You really don't need much in the way of supplies. In fact, once you print the printable, you're golden. But if you're feeling ambitious, or want to make this scavenger hunt just a bit more fun, try adding one of these props to the mix:

  • A Magnifying Glass – This is strictly for fun! Let the kids get into playing the part of a detective. Magnifying glasses are a great way to spot ladybugs and the like.
  • Glass Jar – Grab a mason jar or an old pickle jar and let the kiddos use it to collect their loot.
  • Prizes – Half the fun of a scavenger hunt is the adventure, but the other half? #Winning! Especially when you're planning a scavenger hunt for kids, prizes can be a fun idea. We're not talking about anything fancy or elaborate! A small candy bar or a toy from The Dollar Tree works miracles.
  • A Phone/Camera – Have your kids snap picks of all their finds. When they come back inside, they can make a scavenger hunt scrapbook or video. #BonusActivity
  • Sun Block & Bug Spray – Last but not least, don't forget to apply some sunscreen and bug spray before you send the kiddos off on their adventure!

That's really about it! Fire up the printer, gather your other optional supplies, and get to it. This is also a fun idea to leave with grandparents, the babysitter, or nanny.


outdoor scavenger hunt printable for kids, from Fun Cheap or Free

Want to know the first rule of this fun outdoor scavenger hunt? There are no rules! No, really. This is not complicated, which is exactly why we love it!

If you need to fill up an hour or two, have your kids find every item on their scavenger hunt card. Looking for a quick activity to occupy a few minutes before dinner or bedtime? Then abbreviate the game by asking your kids to find one row of items. We told you this was easy!


family at the park, from Fun Cheap or Free

Want to reuse this printable again and again? There are SO many ways to make this scavenger hunt feel brand new each time, so be creative. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get the Whole Family Involved – This scavenger hunt is a perfect weekend or staycation activity for the whole family, and your kids will love it if mom and dad play along!
  • Make it a Team Event – If you have a large family or your kiddos have friends over to play, divide everyone up into two or three teams and turn your scavenger hunt into a race. The team that finishes first can either win a prize or bragging rights. Your choice!
  • Head to the Park – Try a different part each week and recycle this scavenger hunt several times over without risking boredom!
  • Give Your Hunt a Holiday Twist – With a little creativity, you can bring a holiday twist to your outdoor scavenger hunt fun! For example, on St. Patrick's Day, see how many extra green things you can find. Easter? Hide a few eggs amongst the other hidden treasures.
  • Play Bingo Style – You can easily turn this scavenger hunt into a DIY “I Spy” or bingo game. To challenge the older kids to put their thinking caps on, call out a clue like “I spy a garden tool that rhymes with rose.” Have them point out the garden hose, then mark it off on their card. Keep it going until someone has “bingo.”

You can also create your own list of scavenger hunt items! Ask your kids to brainstorm objects and then draw or create their own scavenger hunt cards. Why not incorporate a little art?


Well, there you have it! You're ready for an outdoor scavenger hunt. All that's left to do is print your free scavenger hunt printable. Have fun, okay?

What's your favorite free outdoor activity for kids? We'll take all the ideas you have, so leave a comment below and help a mama out!

Little girl holding outdoor scavenger hunt printable, from Fun Cheap or Free

Looking for some more fun things to do at home?

Happy hunting!


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