Easter Traditions to Start with Your Family Today

Mar 16, 2021 | Family Time, Holidays, Lifestyle

Make memories that will last this holiday season and start some new Easter traditions with your family! We've got traditions for the whole family that are easy AND cheap to keep your day full of joy and stress-free.

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Do you have any favorite Easter traditions you remember from your childhood? We always woke up to a delicious baked breakfast, usually cinnamon rolls, and a small basket full of goodies on the breakfast table. Such sweet memories!

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Are you looking for some extra sweet Easter traditions to begin with your family this year? We've got you covered! We have something for everyone here! These Easter traditions are guaranteed to bring joy to the season for years to come.


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Start some of these Easter traditions this year and give your family some wonderful memories to tell. Worried about how you will fit these into your budget?? Worry not! While the traditions are not all totally free, lots of these Easter traditions are pretty dang cheap and super easy!

  • Plant Jelly Beans – Plant jelly beans in a small patch of dirt with your kids the night before Easter and replace the jelly beans with peeps on a stick before they wake up. Your kids will think they grew a peep garden!
  • Have a Hip-Hop Dance Party – No, not like the music… like the bunny!!
  • Read Easter Books – There are lots of Easter books for kids of all ages. Try the Berenstain Bears, Pete the Cat or Clifford's Happy Easter!
  • Resurrection Eggs – This fun tradition will teach them all about the meaning of Easter with cute resurrection eggs!
  • Buy a New Easter Outfit – Isn't it always so fun to have a brand new, special Easter outfit? Buy second-hand and save a TON!
  • Have an Egg Toss – Boil the eggs first for less mess!
  • Dye Easter Eggs – This good ole' fashioned Easter tradition of dying Easter eggs never goes out of style!
  • Make a Peep House – Attach graham crackers with frosting and make a house for your Easter peeps!
  • Take Easter Bunny Pictures – Find a local Easter Bunny and get your picture taken. Do it every year and watch their progression!
  • Go on an Easter Egg Hunt – Bonus points if you fill the eggs with glow sticks and have a night hunt!
  • Fill Their Easter Baskets – We have some great ideas for easy ways to fill your baskets CHEAP!

Incorporate some of these fun Easter traditions and we know this holiday will be a hit for everyone!


Food does an amazing job at bringing people together and spawning wonderful memories. Add a little extra sweetness to your Easter celebration this year with these fun food traditions!

  • Make a Special Easter Breakfast – Make irresistible homemade pancakes and dye them colors for a special Easter surprise!
  • Host a “Jesus Dinner” – Our kids LOVE this one! We eat with our hands, charcuterie board style, and talk about the resurrection and real meaning of Easter.
  • Bake Cupcakes and Decorate Them – Get everyone in the kitchen together and bake an Easter cupcakes for your holiday dessert! Decorate with icing and colorful Easter candies!
  • Roast Peep S'mores – Mmhmm. Just like it sounds! You can even make s'mores in the microwave.
  • Decorate Egg-Shaped Cookies – Decorate eggs the unconventional (and delicious) way!
  • Make Colorful Deviled EggsMake hard-boiled eggs and allow to cool. Then, simply add the peeled egg halves into bowls of dyed water before filling with that yummy, delicious filling!
  • Create an Egg-Shaped Fruit Tray – Get creative! Find a round platter at the dollar store and arrange your cut fruits or veggies into a cute decorated egg!
  • Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Use white bakers chocolate with few drops of orange food dye, you'll turn those chocolate covered strawberries into adorable carrots!

These unique and meaningful Easter food traditions are going to be a major WIN whether you make them at home for your family or you take them to a large Easter gathering!


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Make this Easter eggstra special and begin one of these incredible service traditions. There isn't much more rewarding than serving others together as a family!

  • Deliver Cookies to Your Neighbors – Try this easy chocolate chip cookie recipe using Easter candy. They'll love them!!
  • “Egg” Someone's HouseWait… this is not what you're thinking! Instead of the traditional “egging,” hide twelve plastic eggs filled with fun goodies in a friend's yard. Leave a note on their porch letting them know what you did! (Leave one empty to represent the empty tomb!)
  • Take Flowers to a Nursing Home – They always love a little holiday cheer!
  • Fill Plastic Eggs for a Community Hunt – Serve the community together as a family by helping to fill the bazillion plastic eggs needed for the hunt!
  • Volunteer to Serve Easter Lunch – Find a local soup kitchen and lend a few hands!
  • Share a Bag of Goodies with the Homeless – Wrap up bags of jelly beans or other Easter candies and tie with a little Easter note about the reason for the season. Visit a local homeless community or hand them out to people you see on the street!

Well, there you have it… some of our favorite family Easter traditions!! There is nothing more special than creating memories with your loved ones while celebrating a holiday with such incredible meaning like Easter.

What is your favorite Easter tradition?? Tell us in the comments below!

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