Money-Saving HACKS that will easily save you a bundle!

So…did you know I like teaching people how to save money? (uh………………….duh.) It's true! I just can't help it. I find such joy and satisfaction for teaching people how to find what works for THEM, and stretch every dollar to the absolute breaking point! A big part of that is finding quick and simple money saving hacks and tips that take little to no effort, but save big bucks in the long run! This week my Millennial Moms video is all about some of my BEST, quick and easy, money saving hacks! (Because let's be honest, the word HACK makes us get all warm and fuzzy inside since it implies easy peasy awesomeness.)

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And now… Money Saving Hacks!

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For anyone who doesn't want to listen to my voice for 5 minutes straight, here are the tips written out for you:

  • Don't throw out your newspaper ads! 

easy way to sort junk mail and coupons!

I know, there are a TON, but seriously, don't throw them away! Skim through them, and weed out what may not apply to your shopping habits. Grab an accordion file, and organize your coupons quickly with some simple categories – here are mine:

  • restaurants (including fast food),
  • places (things to do, events, fun places),
  • services (home, auto, cleaning, etc),
  • stores (clothing, grocery, toy stores, decor, craft stores, etc).

If you don't have time to sort through them right away, tuck them in the front pocket of your file, and get to it when you can! Voila! Mess-free, and you won't miss out on big savings! Now, the best part of this tip… keep your file in your CAR! You can organize them while you're waiting to pick kids up from school, during soccer practice or the like. I promise, you're going to thank you for this one!

  • Budget by WEEK, not by MONTH! 

Who can keep track of a month's worth of budgeting totals?! Would you count your calories by month?! HECK NO! Break it down, and keep it simple! You have a better chance of keeping on-budget when the totals are more manageable, which means more money saved! See my Simplest Budgeting Technique EVER for more info on this!

  • Price adjustments – JUST ASK!

Did you know, most businesses and credit card companies, will refund you for items purchased that may go on sale quickly after? It's true!! For instance, Costco will refund you the sale price difference, within 30 days of original purchase! Check out, it's a site that can help track your online spending, and get you a refund if things drop in price. SCORE!

  • Keep your shopping list on your PHONE!

I literally don't go to the bathroom without my phone, so you can guarantee I wouldn't end up going to the store without it! Ditch the paper list that is bound to be left behind on accident, and keep it in your phone so you're never caught shopping without that all-too-precious list!

While you're at it, check out my 5 simple grocery shopping tips that will save you thousands, see How I grocery Shop for all my secret sauce, and my quick and easy meal planning video for more tips!

  • Sell what you don't need!

Here's a challenge! Walk through your house, and find 5 things you don't need, use, or want anymore. Clothes, shoes, toys, you name it! Sell those things via your online-classifieds (KSL, or Craigslist for us Utah people), and make some money! See How TO Sell Your Stuff for tips of mine. You can even through your own yard sale, see How To Throw a Successful Garage Sale for all my best tips!

  • BONUS TIP! Organize your punch-cards!

Simple money-saving hacks! Put your punch cards on a paper ring and keep them in a makeup bag in your purse!! Genius hacks at (VIDEO!)

Don't let them overtake your purse… because we all know they can! Grab a small makeup bag, and keep all your cards in there… or if you're extra organized, grab one of those metal binder rings, and a hole punch! I punch all the cards, thread them on the ring, and then they are always organized! (You can usually tuck the hole punch inside the makeup bag too, then you have all your tools in one place!)

What are your best money-saving hacks?! Share with me in the comments below!

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Happy Saving 😉