Tips and Tricks to Help You Save on Your Water Bill

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Since your water bill is probably NOT one of your more pricey expenses, it is often overlooked when it comes to finding ways to save a buck! Take advantage of these money saving tips and you may be surprised what an impact they have!

Tips to help you save on your water bill from Fun Cheap or Free

Okay, Freebs… we asked and you answered—big time!! We took to Facebook to find out just what you guys do to save money on your water bill and maaan, you guys came up with some pretty ingenious ideas!! From running only a full load of laundry to using a rain barrel to water plants… these tips are SURE to save you money on your next water bill.

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We are alllll about helping each other on our journey to financial freedom, so we have compiled some of the BEST and most effective ways for you to save money on your water bill, right here, all in one place! Well… what are you waiting for!? Let's get started!


Don't miss a second of savings! Use these super easy and totally FREE tips to start saving money on your water bill today. Every penny counts!

  • Turn off the Water When Brushing Teeth – It's been said you waste 200 gallons a month when you don't turn the water off!! Whaaat!?
  • Take a Short Shower – Skip the relaxing bath. If you just gotta have it, commit to only taking 2-3 baths a week and shower on the other days!
  • Save the Extra Water – While you are waiting for the sink water to warm up, fill a pitcher and stick it in the fridge for an ice-cold drink later! Genius!
  • Stop Hand Washing Dishes– Using a dishwasher is actually more efficient than hand washing. While a normal dishwasher uses between four and six gallons per load (depending on how efficient it is), water flows from a faucet at a rate of about two gallons per minute. You do the math!! BONUS! Use JetDry to help speed up the drying process and save electricity.
  • Skip the Flush – Okay, so this one is not for the faint at heart!! Obviously this does not apply for EVERY trip to the bathroom (you know what we're saying) but skipping a flush or two a day can really add up!
  • Fully Load the Washing Machine – This one applies to clothes and dishes. Don't waste water on a small load when you could use the same amount and get twice the cleaning done! BONUS! Wash clothes with cold water using a good detergent like Tide to save money on your electricity bill!
  • Reuse Your Towels – Don't toss that towel into the hamper just yet. Hang it to dry and use it twice—or even three times before you toss it into the wash!

These free and simple tips are a fantastic way to start saving money on your water bill today—but that's not all, folks!! Keep reading for some other awesome ways to save even MORE!


Invest in a few products to save on your water bill - tips and tricks from Fun Cheap or Free

Once you've implemented those FREE ways to save money on your water bill, it's time to look into even bigger ways to save for years to come! While some of these may cost more upfront, we promise they will have a major impact that will last!

  • Buy Energy Star Appliances – Replace those old water guzzlers for a more efficient appliance.
  • Use a Faucet AeratorThese handy little devices are relatively cheap and can cut back on water usage by a few hundred gallons a year! They work by mixing air with the water coming from your faucet so you don't feel like you are losing any water pressure but you're actually using less.
  • Use Low-Flow Shower HeadsThese shower heads still provide great pressure without the excessive water usage!
  • Buy a Rain Barrel – Sooooo much of our water goes to watering gardens, flowers and lawns. Save big time by investing in a rain-catch system and use the FREE rainwater to do all of those jobs!
  • Landscape with Drought Resistant Plants – If you love to fill your garden beds with flowers every year, look for drought resistant varieties that will require less water to thrive. Consider a succulent garden!

Although some of these come with a pretty hefty upfront cost, many of these are relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. Make a budget and determine if it is worth it to start saving for the larger, more expensive swaps. We are all about saving money, but it's important that you don't break the bank to save a few bucks!


Here are a few additions tips and ways to save on your water bill each month.

  • Have Your Meter Re-Read – If you get an unusually large water bill one month, have your meter re-read. You may have a leak or your meter reading may have been inaccurate!
  • Inspect Your Appliances – Any leaks or drips (even small ones!) can really add up over time.
  • Never Let a Drop Go to Waste – Pouring half-empty glasses of water down the sink at night? Use that to water plants and fill pet water bowls. Even those dropped ice cubes can be put to good use!
  • Mow LESS – Leaving the grass at least two inches tall helps to shade the roots, allowing them to hold more moisture. Less water needed to keep it green and healthy!

While there may not be an opportunity to save HUGE on your water bill each month… every little bit counts when you have big financial goals! Even a savings of $20 a month adds up to an extra $240 in your pocket at the end of the year. Wahooo!

How do you save money on your water bill each month? Share with us in the comments below!

Finding ways to save money on you bills can go a long way! Check out these tips and tricks to save on your water bill! Fun Cheap or Free

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  1. evi

    Water your lawn less often does not only save water – it makes the lawn prettier and more sturdy, too – by watering every day, the roots stay close to the surface, thus needing more water from up-and-above. By not watering too often, the roots grow deeper into the ground, thus getting water from the soil. The grass therefore waters itself from the ground, stays green and lush for longer, and you save water.

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Great tip!

  2. Theresa

    Hello and congratulations on your beautiful twins. My question is about a clip I saw with you on a show talking about home made dog treats. It was just a flash, it didn’t go into detail and I couldn’t find the recipe on your site. Do you remember what it was, or where I might find it?
    Thank you in advance for all your tips and making me laugh but most of all for being the strong woman and mother we all aspire to be. You’re the best❣️

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Thank you! I don’t remember which recipe it was, but I know that Pinterest has lots of them! XOXO

  3. Nancy

    Congrats on the twins, they are so sweet. Thanks for the save water post! My fam kind of makes fun of me at times about that. I have been saving water in jugs for years! My kitchen sink is a long way from the water heater, so I jug it till it reaches the sink. We use it to fill the kettle on the wood stove. for cooking noodles, dog water, just about any thing that we need it for. I have also reduced my levelized electric bill by $34 a month this year by being proactive in shutting off lights, computers, and Tv’s when not being used! It works and that’s proof. Thanks for your videos I do the budget systems and meal planning I learned from you as well. YOU ARE AWESOME!! P.S. march 8th is my birthday too!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Birthday twins! 🙂 That’s such a smart thing to do with saving the water to use for other things besides just letting it go down the drain! Way to go. So glad you’re getting some good info from the site! 😉 Keep up the good work!

  4. Christina

    I have a well! No water bill for me!

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Oh nice!!!


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