Secret laundry tips to keeping your clothes looking great...even the "cheap" ones!

Before baby Daivy was born I put a call out on social media, asking for questions that YOU want answered. Boy, the questions came rolling in! (Psst…Got questions of your own? Drop them HERE.) One genre of questions that was interesting to me was about our wardrobes: How we've been able to afford so many clothes, how we find such good deals, and how we keep our clothes looking so good – even if they were bought at a yard sale or thrift store (see a tour of my closet HERE. It's an old video, but gives you an idea). My true clothing secret?

I'm a laundry snob.

I'm SUPER picky about how I do my laundry, and it makes all the difference! Regardless of how old your clothes are, where you bought them from, or how much you paid, if you wash them the SMART way they will last – and look great – for years. So today I'm (literally) airing my dirty laundry and sharing how I do our laundry, in case it helps any of you! My method(s) are slightly unconventional, but hey, do I ever do anything normal? (P.S I apologize in advance that the video is long, poor quality, and boring, but I figure you're all smart enough to fast-forward if I'm boring any of you :). And please ignore my bad outfit/hair/makeup, I was literally in the middle of chores when I decided to make this video on a whim. That's how I roll, after all.)

Enough chatter! Without further adieu, I present…


(watch the video online HERE or click and watch it below)

Again, long and boring, I know…but hopefully there are some nuggets of wisdom in there to help! Here's the info on all the products and blog posts I mention in the video:

Hope that helps. Happy washing!