It's that time of year again…GRADUATION.
High school.
Nursing school.
Law school.
Cooking School.
School of the hard knocks.
Whatever it is, this is the time of year to commemorate surviving it! WOO HOO!
Here is a whole list of clever ideas for a graduation party, from way back when. Hope it helps inspire some ideas for YOUR celebration. Happy graduation!

I recently got an email from a reader frined, Lynne, asking for party ideas. Here's what she said:

Q: Do you have any ideas of how to do a graduation party on the cheap? Invites are taken care of but looking for food ideas & decoration ideas. I don't want the reuse ideas so much because I am moving soon & need to declutter as it is. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Oh boy, this was fun! I created a board on Pinterest for Lynne, I found that to be the best way to compile all of the fun things I found. Click HERE to see the board. Here are a few teasers of the ideas:

I found resources with free printables, so you don't really need to buy materials or take extra time to make up your own…just print and go!
Since you don't want to make new decorations or hold onto the ones you buy, use things you already have as centerpieces. Here are some beautiful examples of how you can use books as centerpieces for your table.
Here are some other cute favor and treat ideas.
Check out the rest of the ideas I found HERE.
And of course, what's a party without food?! Head over to this post where I teach you how to feed a crowd for cheap. 
Also be sure to check out my party ideas page for lots more!