If you've known me for 30 seconds or longer, you know we LOVE to host parties and entertain at our house. Food, family, friends and fun—what's not to love? But, when the party is over… what the heck are you supposed to do with all that leftover party food!?

Learn how to repurpose that leftover party food and don't let a morsel go to waste with Fun Cheap or Free!

We've learned how to entertain and feed a crowd without breaking the bank, but a lingering challenge we face when throwing a party is what to do with all those leftover party foods? Today we are sharing several clever ways to reuse party food so you can eat them again and again, in different ways, without wasting a single morsel!

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Now, onto the tips!

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See? SO. STINKING. MANY ways to reuse food! Hopefully that gives you some confidence to get creative, and try some for yourself. Here are some links and resources to the ideas and recipes I mention in the video:

Repurpose that leftover party food with these hacks and don't let a bite go to waste with Fun Cheap or Free!


Don't let a single thing go to waste! Use these tips and tricks to repurpose and reuse that leftover party food without having to eat the same thing over and over again.


Sandwiches may seem like a simple leftover, but who wants to eat sandwiches day after day, just trying to use them up before they go bad!? Not us! Here's how we get creative and use them in different ways.

There are SO many to reuse those handy little sandwich trays without wasting a single bit.


Reuse that leftover veggie tray and make something delicious with Fun Cheap or Free!

Veggie trays are great for a party because they are affordable and they offer a variety of healthy snacks for all your guests to munch on. Well, guess what… they make GREAT leftover party foods, too! Here's what you can do with all those leftover veggies.

There are so many options when it comes to leftover veggie trays. Incorporate them into your meals for the week and save on your grocery budget.


Party chips may be one of the easiest things to repurpose and not let go to waste. You can simply put them into your kids' lunch boxes or save them as a snack… OR you can take those giant bags of leftover party chips and repurpose them into something even better! Here's how we do it.

  • Incorporate Them Into Recipes – There are SO MANY RECIPES that call for potato chips! Just google “recipes that use potato chips”, or go to Allrecipes.com and do an ingredient search.
  • Make “Walking Tacos” – You can make them right in the mini bags of chips, or put some chips in the bottom of a bowl. Top with anything you would normally put on a taco and eat like a delicious…chippy…taco bowl. Just trust me on this!

Cooking with chips is SO yum. Seriously, try it!


Repurpose your leftover party food with these yummy ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

Ahh, cake… the pennacle of the birthday party! As delicious as that cake is, what on earth are you supposed to do when you have half a cake left after everyone has gone?? Here are a couple of tips to get it off your counter and out of sight without wasting that yummy deliciousness.

  • Freeze It – Cut into individual portions first, so you aren't committed to the whole thing when it comes time to thaw.
  • Make Cake Pops – Since you already have a frosted cake, just blend it together. Add a little bit of flour to get them stiff enough to roll into balls.

These tricks will help you divvy out that leftover cake in a perfectly respectable way. Sometimes we all need a little something sweet, right?


So, your party is over and you have a bunch of half empty two liter sodas. Don't throw those babies away! We've got a way to reuse those, too.

  • Bake a Cake – All you need is 12 oz of soda and one boxed cake mix. That's IT! Mix together, and bake as directed. If you use light soda (like Sprite), use a light cake mix like vanilla or yellow. Dark soda (like Coke), use chocolate or a dark mix. Easy peasy! (But HERE's a recipe in case you're nervous.)

This trick will elevate that cake to the next level, we promise!


Reuse your leftover party food with these delicious hacks from Fun Cheap or Free!

We love when there is leftover fruit after a party because there's so much you can do with it! Eat it as a snack or use one of these hacks to repurpose into something new.

Alright! Next time you have a party, don't let a single crumb go to waste. Use up your leftover party food like a pro!

Those are some of our ideas, what are yours?? Be sure to share below, and good luck at your next partaaaaay!

Find creative ways to reuse leftover party food without wasting a bit from Fun Cheap or Free!

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