If you've known me for 30 seconds or longer, you know we LOVE to host parties and entertain at our house. We have learned how to entertain without breaking the bank (see loads of cheap entertaining ideas HERE) but a lingering challenge that anyone faces when throwing a party is…what the heck do you do with all that leftover party food?? Sure, you can eat it as leftovers, give it away to party guests, and even to neighbors. BUT today I wanted to share several clever ways to reuse party food so you can eat them again and again, in different ways, without wasting a single morsel!

Thursday is New Video Day over on my YouTube channel, so todays tips are coming to you in video form. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, that's really where a lot of attention and focus is going lately since y'all have voted to see more videos! (Ask and ye shall receive, eh?)

Now, onto the tips!

Watch the video online, or click and watch below:

See? SO. STINKING. MANY ways to reuse food! Hopefully that gives you some confidence to get creative, and try some for yourself. Here are some links and resources to the ideas and recipes I mention in the video:





  • Freeze it! Cut into individual portions first, so you aren't committed to the whole thing when it comes time to thaw.
  • Make cake pops! Since you already have a frosted cake, just blend it together. I had to add a little bit of flour to get mine stiff enough to roll into balls.


  • There are SO MANY RECIPES that call for potato chips! Just google “recipes that use potato chips”, or go to Allrecipes.com and do an ingredient search.
  • Make “Walking Tacos”! You can make them right in the mini bags of chips, or put some chips in the bottom of a bowl, top with anything you would normally put on a taco, and eat like a delicious…chippy…taco bowl. Just trust me on this!


  • Use it to make a cake! All you need is 12 oz of soda and one boxed cake mix. That's IT! Mix together, and bake as directed. If you use light soda (like Sprite), use a light cake mix like vanilla or yellow. Dark soda (like Coke), use chocolate or a dark mix. Easy peasy! (But HERE's a recipe in case you're nervous.)


Those are some of my ideas, what are yours?? Be sure to share below, and good luck at your next partaaaaay!

Hope you enjoyed!

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