My ‘Day in the Life with 8 Kids’ Must-Haves: Links, Codes, and Life Hacks from One Busy Mama to Another!

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I’m assuming you’re here because I just shared my “Day in the Life” over on Instagram reels…well, parts one and two anyways. (If you HAVEN’T see it yet, head over to Instagram and check it out! This post will make a whole lot more sense afterwards.) 

Hey – eight kids, two dogs, and a whole lotta #reallife ain’t easy to fit into 90 seconds! I’ll be posting part 3 (and 4, and 5, and 6….who knows!) shortly but I know so many of you are interested in what I had going on in that video. Yes there are a LOT of products and systems that help keep our crazy train chugging along! AND give us a little sparkle along the way 😉 

This was a highly requested glimpse into the Page household, and we get it – we’d be curious of the life of a family of TEN too! I had so much fun making these reels, but I also wanted to create this resource for you with alllllllll the links, codes, videos and blog posts that were referenced. However for even MORE resources on productivity, time management, and budgeting, check out:



PRODUCTIVITY PLANNERS (my favorite are our new faux leather ones!)

Okay, here’s the deets from my Day in the Life reels & of course we’ll be updating this list as more reels are shared!





  • Shark vacuum that I keep in a kitchen cabinet. 
  • Laundry room: My laundry system can be described as “unconventional” but it can also be described as GENIUS. Here’s how I do my laundry
  • Age-Appropriate Chores for Littles: You saw sweet little Dev helping clean up his mess. It’s all part of raising #capablekids! Here’s a great list of age-appropriate chores for your little ones.



I'll be sharing more Day in the Life reels in the coming days, and adding to this same list. So bookmark this page if you want to come back and see what other tips, tricks, hacks, systems, and codes I've got for you!

Looking for a few more of my mom life hacks?

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  1. Rita Olsson

    “Family and kids bring immeasurable joy to our lives. The bond shared within a family is irreplaceable, creating cherished moments and lasting memories. Whether enjoying quality time together or navigating the beautiful chaos of parenthood, the love within a family is truly unparalleled. Embracing these precious moments is the key to building a strong, connected family unit.”


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