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6 Things That are WORTH the Investment (and How to Find Them Cheaper!)

6 things that are worth the investment, and how to find them cheaper! From

Truth be told, I’m cheap…but I’m no cheapskate (yes, there is a difference!).  While “cheapskates” will focus only on bottom line cost, being “cheap” means finding a way to get a valuable item you want and need…and not pay full-price for it! For the most part, most of what I own is second-hand, clearance, closeout, floor…

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Travel must-haves (part 2)

It’s time for part 2 of “My favorite things – travel edition”. Excited? You should be 🙂 Click HERE for part 1. When traveling with adults and/or kids entertainment is key! (Especially for the plane and car.) Here are a few entertainment must-haves that I like to travel with: iPad 2 Ok, I know it’s…