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My best Christmas ever.

Bubba and I (and the kids) pulled off an epic sub-for-santa this year. I took pictures and keep reciting in my head exactly how I want to blog/tell you all about it…but I can’t. We chose to do it anonymously and the problem with blogging is…you just never know who is reading! It’s killing me….

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Our DIY Christmas Cards…cute, and cheap!

Every year I’m tempted to order fancy, adorable, easy-as-pie, one-click-and-you’re-done Christmas cards. I got so far as to actually add them it to my shopping cart online this year, but I always end up backing out because, as cute and  as they are, the cost kills me. Almost literally. We order 75+ cards usually. Even…

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To get you in the Christmas spirit…

I’m a choir nerd. It’s true. I was in two different choirs in high school including a jazz group. I even won a soloist award at a jazz competition in Canada. (No really guys, I’m the most random person ever.) I love music for the feelings it can create in us. So naturally I couldn’t…