15 Last Minute Father's Day Ideas- Quick, Easy, and Cheap!

True confessions time… I am THE WORST gift-giver on the planet. No really, like, it's a miracle I'm still married, bad. So naturally, I break into cold sweats as Father's Day approaches, stressing about what to do for my husband, Dad, FIL, and Grandpa. Add in my tendency to procrastinate and I’m a wreck just thinking about Father’s Day! Thanks be to the creators of Pinterest because it is my GO TO for last minute gift ideas. (If you’re doing some last minute online shopping be sure to use Ebates for cashback at qualifying stores! And yes, Amazon is on Ebates! )

Here are some of my favorite last minute Father's Day Ideas:

(P.S…find them all and more HERE).


One of the best parts of a celebration is the decorations! (…says people who are actually good at decorating…). For those of you who are way better than I am, here are some simple and easy last-minute decoration ideas:

15 Last Minute Father's Day Ideas- Quick, Easy, and Cheap!


Gifts don't have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, the best ones AREN'T! But what they should be are fun, meaningful, and show that you love someone. Here are some easy gift ideas to make on your own, or do together as a family:

  • Make a special Father’s Day photo book just for him! Pick your favorite photos of him or create it around a theme. Whatever you decide to do make sure you use Chatbooks, it’s so easy! Use code FUNCH145 to get your first Chatbook FREE!
  • I wrote an entire post all about The Best Things Kids Can Do For Father’s Day, That Dad Actually Wants!
  • Don't forget how easy it is to make a special gift in a tin can! (Ummmm and please don't judge how old that post is. It was one of my first few from way back in 2012! Crazy right?! Don't worry, maybe one of these days I'll get my bootaaay in gear and will take some new pictures and update it…#DoubtIt #ButMaybe)
  • Get some ideas and cute printables from this Meaningful Gifts for Guys Kit from The Dating Divas. I tell ya, these ladies are brilliant!
  • Popcorn DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea from Live Craft Love
15 Last Minute Father's Day Ideas- Quick, Easy, and Cheap!


…aaaaaaaaand the treats (my personal fave). Show Dad you love him by making him something extra special! (If you’re heading to the store don’t forget to use Deals to Meals to save a TON on your groceries!) Here are some of my favorites…

15 Last Minute Father's Day Ideas- Quick, Easy, and Cheap!


Again, see all these ideas and more on my Father’s Day Pinterest board.


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Happy Father's Day…


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