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How to put on fake eyelashes (…and make them look good!)

Recently I posted a “Frugal Minute” tip on Instagram/Facebook talking about how I wear $5 fake eyelashes (that can be reused again and again) instead of doing expensive (and damaging) eyelash extensions. The response for me to do a video on how to put on fake eyelashes was OVERWHELMING. So…you ask, I deliver! The list of benefits of wearing…

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How to make mascara last 2x longer!

Here’s a simple trick for how to make mascara last 2x longer! But first, some rambling. Why? Because I’ve been sick, I miss you, and I think the DayQuil has gone to my head. So humor me, will ya? My eyes are huge. I know this, not only because I have sight and live in…

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Saving Money on Hair Care + hair tricks and tips

Today’s tip(s) are given by Lauralee from Hair Tips and Tricks. She’s going to teach us all about saving money on hair care…and you might be surprised at what you learn! Enjoy 🙂 Source As a cosmetologist I have had friends and clients ask me how to save money on hair care without sacrificing quality. So…