How I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at

(Warning: this is NOT a sponsored post! I'm just so excited I peed myself a little, and felt like I needed to share the love.)

Freebs…you need to press pause and focus for a second! I have exciting news! I was scrolling through my (extremely crowded and overgrown) email inbox and saw a subject line that actually made me stop and read it:

I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at

Any time someone uses the phrase “big fat check” out of the blue, I'm bound to stop and at least entertain the notion. I opened my email, thinking it was spam, and saw this baby:

I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at


Guys…this is LEGIT! I just got paid $130 from Ebates! Out of the blue!! for doing nothing.

I'm so excited I literally jumped up and down in my chair. $130 is a ton of money! (Especially when you don't have to work hard for it.) It's going straight into our slush fund to help us save up for our next big trip (and don't worry, Europe On The Cheap post series coming soon, I promise!).

I'm still not exactly sure what I did to earn $130 because I didn't even realize I was using Ebates (no joke). But I've done some investigating and am now educated on the subject.

Here's how Ebates works, and how YOU can earn money too:

1. Use it any time you shop online.

I've been doing the majority of my shopping online since baby #4 graced our family. It's just easier than shlepping the hooligans into a store for every little thing. You install this little magic button into your web browser (it took 1 click), and it automatically tracks all the shopping you do online…and AUTOMATICALLY gives you cash back for shopping at stores! You don't even have to click on anything.

How I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at


I was browsing through stores Ebates is partnered with (which is about every store on the planet), checking out how much cash back they pay. It varies per store, but many of them are 6% or 8% cash back which is HUGE! (especially for not doing anything different than you are already doing.) I even saw a flower company with 20% cash back. Perfect for Mother's Day:

How I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at


Dudes, even Sephora offers 8% cash back. B-I-N-G-O.

2. Refer your friends!

If you use Ebates and like it, refer your friends. For example, I use Ebates and like it, so I'm referring you with MY LINK. If you refer 3 friends and they'll pay you $75! That adds up quick. I figure heck, if you use it anyway (which I do) and you like it and trust it (which I do) then might as well tell your friends about it (like I'm doing now) to help them earn some bash back while earning a little yourself!

3. Use their coupons and discounts.

I google “coupon for ___” any time I shop at a store. Rather than using Google, just search directly on Ebates' site and use their coupons. They are the same ones you'll find anywhere else (if not better) but you'll also get cash back for going through them!

How I got paid $130 for doing NOTHING! See how at

There you have it. Ebates didn't pay me to write this post (well, not directly anyway?…), I just thought I'd share this easy way to earn money doing what you're already doing!

Now, if you don't mind me, I have some online shopping to do…