Fixing your hair is not only a good way to kick off your day, but it's also a great confidence-booster! We've rounded up the best quick and easy hairstyles for all lengths of hair that'll have you ready in no time! Hair we go!

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There's something about getting ready for the day — even if you're going to be staying at home — that starts you on the right foot and jumpstarts your productivity. If you've been around for about five seconds, then you know we're all about the quick and easy way around here! Only have a few minutes to put your makeup on? Boom, you have a full face in only 10 minutes.

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The same goes for your hair. We've rounded up tutorials for the cutest quick and easy hairstyles to have you lookin' fly and feeling fabulous in no time at all. Perfect for working from home, running errands, working in an office, the holidays, special occasions, and any other reason you may have. Before we get to those easy hairstyles, let's first go over…


When you're styling your hair, there are a few go-to products you'll need in order to be able to complete the look! Keep in mind, you won't need every single one of these items for all the quick and easy hairstyles we're bringing to you today. So don't throw in the towel because you think it's going to be expensive! These are just the different tools you'll need to try all the styles.

Not too crazy, right?! You can also use quite a few of these products in your daughters' hair as well, so you'll get more bang for your buck when you're sharing items. And it's totally acceptable for an adult to wear a bow scrunchie… Trust us, we know! 😉


Short hair doesn't have to be difficult to style! Sure, you may not be able to fully complete a look you're going for. But that doesn't mean you can't do it partially and it won't be just as cute! Try out these super cute, easy, and versatile hairstyles for short and medium hair.


Twist Me Pretty's bubble ponytail is the perfect look for when you haven't washed your hair in a while but still want it to look like you tried. She makes it look so easy! It would also be cute as a half-up, half-down style if your hair is too short. Or even do it into pigtails to pull that short hair back easier!


Jess Hallock shared one of our favorite easy hairstyles with tips to help keep your curls from falling out. We don't know about you, but that has definitely come in handy for us! You can never go wrong with curls, and they're a great look for all lengths of hair.


Jamie Lyn is killing us with these hacks to cut down on your styling time! Talk about cuuuuute. It's so much easier to braid your hair next to your face where you can easily see, versus trying to braid it behind your head. Make life easier! Once again, make the styles work for your hair length and they'll work out perfectly for you.


Are there any Freebs who just can't get the hang of braiding your own hair, either because it feels impossible or you always have flyaways escaping? Enter one of our new favorite easy hairstyles that has a great hold all day long and is a cute look for moms and daughters alike! We love that it's so versatile for pretty much all lengths of hair.


Alright, all you long-haired goddesses, these are for you! Whether your hair is naturally long or you have extensions in, these will work no matter what. They're perfect for those post-gym days when you really need to do something with you hair, but didn't quite have the time to wash it. Nobody will be able to tell! #MomWin


Sometimes, you just need to wear a simple, yet elegant bun. They're the perfect answer to an event or a wedding. But really, who says the couch isn't also the perfect place for one?? They take hardly any time at all to do and you can be out the door (or on your couch for date night) in no time!


Dani Marie has got it going on with a super cute hairstyle that can be turned into multiple easy hairstyles with the snap of your fingers and a few elastics. It's such a cute style that makes it look like you tried, without actually trying too hard!


We're so thankful messy buns are a thing, because they're a way of life these days! To whoever decided they were cute and not sloppy, we love you and we thank you. 😉 But seriously, they're the best! And thankfully, there are at least 5 different ways to wear a messy bun from Twist Me Pretty.

Know what that means? You can wear one every day of the week and still look like you put thought and effort into fixing your hair without it looking the exact same every time!


This simple updo is perfect for those times when you need to look a little fancier without trying too hard! You can easily do it yourself and it'll turn out fabulous every time. All it takes are some elastics, bobby pins, Hairitage Magic Dust texturizing hair powder, and a pretty clip to fancy it up a little bit.


Whether you have extensions or just have long hair, you'll love these half-up, half-down styles! They're great because you can still wear your hair down and show off those glorious locks, while also getting it out of your face. Don't forget to dress them up with a cute scrunchie or clip!


Can you really love a hairstyle any more?? Seriously, this super cute braid is so adorable and is a different take on a bun. Perfect for that unwashed hair that's getting some dry shampoo lovin' today. Top off the cuteness with a bow scrunchie and you'll have a look to turn to time after time!

Alright, well there you have it! If these aren't the cutest easy hairstyles around then we must not know what “cute” is. 😉 Which one are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below!

Woman fixing her hair in the mirror, from Fun Cheap or Free

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