The best 5-minute hairstyles, perfect for the Holidays! From

As you all probably know by now, I had a baby 2 weeks ago. She is absolutely ADORABLE. Me? Not so much. Though she's my 4th, I forgot how hard it is to find time to 1) take care of yourself and 2) look cute! As a mom, looking fab tends to get pushed to the back-burner of life.

I've spent some time on Pinterest recently, rounding up some adorable hairstyles that only take about 5 minutes to complete. We can all spare 5 minutes to help us look and feel fabulous this Holiday season, right?!

These and many more great ideas can be found on my Pinterest Beauty Board. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!! XOXO

Quick Holiday Hair-Low Side Bun


From Hairstyles-Haircuts

5 Minute Curls


From Kouture Kiss

Twisted Bun


From Lu Lu's

The Criss-Cross Low Bun

The best 5-minute hairstyles, perfect for the Holidays! From

From Latest-Hairstyles

Upside-Down Braided Bun

The best 5-minute hairstyles, perfect for the Holidays! From

From Barefoot Blonde

Twisted Headband 

The best 5-minute hairstyles, perfect for the Holidays! From

This hairstyle doesn't have a specific link. Since it took me FOREVER to find this hairstyle on the website, I thought I'd copy/paste the text for you so you don't have to search for 10 minutes like I did (found HERE):

Now to the second of the tutorials on my beautiful friend Ida for middle length hair! This hairstyle is so adorable and one of my favorites. It works just fine on longer hair too but there is more to tuck away and still make it look nice. This hairstyle is so perfect for a summer party or when you are attending a wedding. Follow these steps to get the look:

1. Put on the headband. Try to find one that is not too tight on your head since it will then slip up easier. Don´t worry if it slips up a bit now, you will fix that later.
2. Take all of the hair (or if you want to leave a few shorter pieces in the front do that) and roll it around the headband. Arrange it nicely and tuck down the hair some more where needed.
3. Secure with bobbypins, especially if you are a bit flat headed like me. This is for extra security so the headband will stay put.

French Braid Tie Back


From Missy Sue

Pompadour Tutorial


From Latest-Hairstyles

Beach Waves for mid length hair


From  Little Miss Momma

Happy Holidays!