How to budget on a…

How to budget on a commission-based or inconsistent income!

Welcome to my new series, Q&A Tuesday! Each Tuesday throughout the summer I'm going to take a money/budget/frugal living question from my blog, YouTube, or social media, and

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How to store groceries, choose…

How to store groceries...Food Hacks! |

  Happy Thursday, Freebs! If the carrier pigeon never delivered the message, I'm posting new videos every Thursday over on the ol' YouTube. This week's is one I filmed

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Where do I even start with…

  Happy summer, Freebs! As you can imagine, I get hundreds of comments, messages, and emails asking me for personal financial advice. Many of the questions are amazing, and

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Simplest Budgeting Method…

5 Years ago I sat down at my kitchen desk, turned on my computer's (horrible quality front-facing) camera, and recorded (on impulse) my simple budgeting method; how I track my

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Freebs Night Out #4 Recap:…

Super fun ladies night out in Utah!

Hey Freebs! We are currently enjoying a fun family reunion, but I wanted figured it was 'bout time to show you how much fun we had on our last Freebs Night Out! When I heard

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My favorite…

ADORABLE swimsuits for under $30!!

Freebs! Stop what you're doing and listen to Mama J! But grab a snack first. No one should ever read a blog on an empty stomach. I am at a family reunion but wanted to pop in

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The Gift Of Presence: That…

With July 4th approaching, I couldn't push down the nagging urge and inkling that pops up every year…telling me I need to share my story with you all. My horrifying, embarrassing,

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My favorite baby must-haves!…

Baby MUST-HAVES! What's worth the splurge, and how to pick a stroller. Such good info!

Hey Freebs! Holy smokes, there's lots of Buzz going around my new Disneyland E-Book that I just launched the other day. I thought I'd take a quick Disneyland break and focus on

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My Ultimate Disneyland Ebook…

Oh my gosh the BEST DISNEY GUIDE EVER!!!! 57 pages of EVERYTHING you'd ever need!

Ok Freebs! The anticipation has been building for days. Now it's time to finally announce the super secret, painstaking passion project me and my team have been working on for the

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How I speed clean my kitchen!…

clean your kitchen in 20 minutes or less! I can do this!

Oh hi, disaster of a kitchen. On Instagram I asked you Freebs what you'd like to see/hear from me. It's interesting how many of you have asked about how I keep my house "clean"

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EASIEST EVER Sunday Roast…

Lately, one of my most common requests is for posts/videos about our favorite quick and easy meals. I'm certainly no Rachael Ray but I do believe in cooking for your family

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How to stay motivated…

How to stay motivated (...and motivate your spouse!) |

  Raise your hand if you absolutely LOVE BUDGETING!! (...awkward cough...) Right. Exactly my point. I don't really know anyone who thinks budgeting and cutting back on

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