Countdown to Halloween: Fun, cheap, free, and CREATIVE Halloween costume ideas!

LESS THAN 2 WEEKS until one of my most favorite holidays!
So much to do, so little time…

For those of you…unlike myself…who wait until the last minute to plan out your costumes, I thought it was time to refresh and invigorate your minds with a bajillion ideas for fun, cheap, and (not even lying…) FREE Halloween costume ideas.

One thing to note…
(though amazing, super fun, and reeeeally exciting…)
is only one day out of 365. 
So, please, for Heaven's sake, 
do NOT spend more than a few dollars on a costume.
It's just plain dumb if you do.

Here are some clever costumes from our annual Halloween Parties from a few years ago…
We were bank robbers and a “million dollar baby”. I bought the bunting costume online (because I don't sew, otherwise it would be pretty simple to make) for under $20 (just search Billion Dollar Baby costume and you'll find it). We just wore black clothes we had lying around, and I cut some pretty crappy eye holes in black fabric that we tied around the backs of our heads to form a mask.
Even our dog represented Halloween spirit by acting as our sherrif, sporting an old Speedo with a badge pinned to it. Poor guy.

Friends of ours went as:
Princess, knight, dragon. Props bought from the kid isle at a store, clothes they had on-hand, dragon costume from Costco for less than $20.

Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, mostly thrift store finds.

Flo (the Progressive girl!), an old baseball player, and a tourist. Flo got her outfit printables online and made the apron herself with iron-ons.

Black-eyed P's, a classic.

Farmers and their chicken, using things they had around the house and a store-bought chick costume.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Arrrg!

So, you see? If you open your closet or your Good Will giveaway box, you might just find everything you need for a creative, cheap or free costume!

Click HERE for my HUMUNGO list of creative costumes, 
and a list of tips and tricks for finding a costume for cheap. It will get your creative juices flowing for sure.
What are YOU going as this year?

Happy Haunting!

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  1. Last year my daughter wore a cow costume that we found on clearance after the previous Halloween and before she was even born. With some items from the closet and Goodwill my husband and I were farmers. After last year, we found a monkey costume for $5 at Old Navy. I added a bow to the cow costume last year and the monkey costume this year to "girlie" it up a bit. I borrowed a hat from someone and with some items from the closet I am going to be a zookeeper (husband is out of town).

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