50+ Ways to Connect with Your Spouse and Keep the Spark Alive

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A happy marriage requires time and effort. It can be difficult to find time to connect, but it’s worth it to invest in your sweetheart! Fill your spouse’s love bank with these exciting ways to connect with your spouse daily!

Use these ways to connect with your spouse from Fun Cheap or Free to keep your marriage healthy and strong!

Whether your marriage is rockin’ or you feel like you and your spouse are living on two different planets (don’t worry, we’ve been there, too!!) you need to make time to connect with your spouse. Between jobs, kids, hobbies, chores… life can get crazy! Sometimes the first thing we put to the side is our relationship with our most trusted friend, our partner.

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No matter how crazy life gets, connecting with your spouse each day is a surefire way to keep the bond in your marriage strong. Wherever you are in your marriage, we promise these simple ways to connect with your spouse will keep the flame burning or spark a new one even during the everyday hum-drum moments. And the best part, it is so EASY!

With these tips and a little intentionality, you’ll be ready to set off on a second honeymoon in no time!


There are lots of ways you and your spouse can connect. It doesn’t all have to be touchy-feely. (Although we are ALL for that, too!!) Here are some great ways to connect with your spouse intellectually! 

Connect with your spouse and cook together so that you can talk while getting it ready - Fun ways to connect with your spouse from Fun Cheap or Free.
  • Cook a meal together, like this yummy fajita bowl recipe!
  • Watch a documentary. 
  • Grocery shop together and show him how it’s done!
  • Build something together with your hands.
  • Plan a date night in full detail.

When you’re doing these things, take each other’s expertise into account and really try to learn from and understand each other. You may even gain a whole new respect for your spouse in the process!


Open yourself up and become vulnerable with your spouse. Sharing your faith and deepest held beliefs can connect you in ways you have never experienced before! 

  • Pray together. 
  • Pray for each other, even when you’re apart!
  • Read Scriptures out loud to each other.
  • Serve someone together. 
  • Serve each other without being asked.
  • Talk to each other about your faith. 

Find a time each week or even daily to share a favorite scripture or hold hands and pray together. You’ll feel that connection deepen almost instantaneously!


Emotional connection is something we crave with our friends and with our spouses. It’s a bond that holds people together, a lot of the time, in a way we don’t even fully understand. We want to feel understood by our closest loved ones! Here are some great ways to connect with your spouse emotionally. These may seem simple, but trust us, they will have a big impact! 

  • Ask about each other’s day and listen to the response.
  • Look at picture books of your family, maybe even bust out the wedding photos!
  • Ask how their project or hobby is going.
  • Tell them why you are thankful for them.
  • Be interested in what the other is saying, even if you couldn’t care less about that game last night! 
  • Get ready for bed together. This is a great way to come together at night no matter how hectic the day was!
Get ready for bed together so that you can chat about your day and you go to bed at the same time - Different ways to connect with your spouse from Fun Cheap or Free!
  • Smile at each other for no reason.
  • Celebrate each other’s victories.
  • Keep a marriage journal. Do it together or write each other secret notes in a journal and leave it for your spouse to find. Take turns writing in this journal until its a book full of love notes!
  • Cheer each other on. Church softball, tennis match, or a big meeting at work? No matter what it is, be each other’s biggest fan!
  • Flirt with each other… Tickle fight, anyone!?
  • Listen intently and put down the phone

In everything you do, really try to take a stance of celebrating each other! Think about all of the reasons why you fell in love and root for your spouse to succeed. Sometimes, when we put our spouse’s needs above our own, we end up having our own needs met in abundance as well! 


If you’re feeling disconnected from your spouse, you may be tempted to skip this one. DON’T!! You cannot stay connected to your spouse without physical touch. It is SO. IMPORTANT. 

If you’ve found yourself in an intimacy rut, it’s okay! Almost every marriage goes through at least one phase (probably a few) when physical touch is a challenge. Use these simple tips to get your groove back quick! You can thank us later! 😉

  • Snuggle up on the couch. All you need for this one is each other… and a couch!
  • Hold hands in public. It’s like a public declaration you belong to each other.
  • Have a staring contest. Practicing regular eye contact can help you feel relaxed and comfortable with each other.
  • Shower or take a bath together. Add some bubbles and light those candles!
  • Hug for 2 minutes straight. Hugging actually increases levels of the “love hormone,” oxytocin. It’s science!
  • Dance in the living room. Who needs music? Hum a tune! 
Use these ways to connect with your spouse physically! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free
  • Exercise together. Make it extra fun and try out Zumba!
  • Take a stroll around the block, hand in hand!
  • Kiss each other goodnight every single night, no matter what!
  • Share a 6 second kiss. Kissing can actually help boost each other’s immune systems by passing germs to each other… Romantic, huh!? 
  • Be intimate. You don’t always have to feel like doing it, but we promise you’ll be glad you did! 
  • Take turns giving each other a massage, clothing is optional! 


Do you travel often or have a long daily commute together? Long car or plane rides can be terrible and are notorious for leaving people grumpy and irritated. They are a true test of marriage! Next time you take a trip, even if it’s just to the grocery store, be intentional and use these tips to help you connect with your spouse, even on the road or in the air. You may even find your time passing by a little more quickly! 

  • Jam out to your favorite throwback music.
  • Discuss your dreams. How many kids do you want? What kind of house will you buy? Do you want to travel the world?
  • Hold hands, SAFELY! If you can’t, put your hand on his knee!
  • Plan your future. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
  • Make memorable stops. World’s largest ball of yarn ahead on the right? Pull over and make some silly memories!


Long distance relationships are hard work. Whether you’re apart for a single night or an entire year, here are some simple, fool-proof ways to keep you connected and keep that passion burning strong even when you’re miles apart! 

  • Text each other good morning and goodnight. 
  • Count down the days together. Send a simple “28 days” text to let them know you can’t wait to reunite.
  • Write letters to each other, handwritten! 
Write handwritten letters to each other when you're apart to keep the love and connection alive - Fun ways to connect with your spouse from Fun Cheap or Free
  • Play online games together. HELLO, Words with Friends!
  • Talk on the phone every single day.
  • Make each other a special “missing you” playlist. 
  • Tell each other where you are. This keeps you both engaged with each other throughout the day!


Date night is crucial to a marriage! However, sometimes it’s hard to fit it in. Guess what!?! Even the busiest schedules have to make time to eat. Use this time to intentionally connect with each other over a quick bite. You’ll be glad you did! 

  • Eat by candlelight!
  • Order for each other. Try something you’ve never had before.
  • Share your food with each other.
  • Take a walk down memory lane. Do you remember the day you met?
  • Dance in the kitchen. 
  • Hold hands and pray over your meal together.
  • Have a dessert date… After the kids are asleep, of course! 

When you’re dealing with a busy life and hectic schedules, you have to make the most of every moment you are given. Use the small, insignificant moments during your day as an opportunity to connect with your spouse! You may be surprised to find how quickly those small gestures make a big difference!

Commit to implementing these simple ways to connect with your spouse every single day, and we believe your marriage will be stronger than ever! Before you know it, you’ll be using these ways to connect with your spouse naturally without even thinking about it. 

What’s your favorite way to connect with your spouse? Let us know in the comments below!

Use these 50 fun ideas from Fun Cheap or Free to help keep the spark alive in your marriage!

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