5 Daily Activities That Will Strengthen Your Family!

May 22, 2020 | Family Time, Lifestyle

We're all striving for strong and happy families! These daily activities will help you to form good habits for your family. Add them to your daily routine and watch how they help to strengthen your family!

Start doing these 5 daily activities from Fun Cheap or Free and see how they strengthen your family!

We're huge believers in the importance of strong family connections, so we're always looking for fun activities and good habits to improve family relationships. We love a good family night competition and finding fun things to do at home!

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While those are fun, we've found that instituting daily activities will also strengthen your family! As you do these things daily, you'll form good habits that your kids will hopefully carry on for years to come. They’ll also add structure and stability to the home, which is important for kids and helps to create a strong family dynamic. And the best part? They’re all free!

This post was originally contributed by Britney from Color My Happy! It's since been updated with even more family fun ideas.


Kitchen dance parties are some of our favorite daily activities to do as a family! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Who doesn’t love a kitchen dance party? Music + relieving some stress + spending quality time with the people you love most? Sounds like a perfect combo to us!

An easy way to make this one of your daily activities is to connect it to a meal. Turn on music and dance while you clean up breakfast, after eating lunch, or while you set the table for dinner. Tying it to something you’re already doing makes it easier to add to your list of good habits.


Create a fun Spotify playlist for your family. Be sure to include everyone’s favorite songs! You can take things up a notch by adding a small disco ball or a party light speaker system for your daily dance parties.

Don’t forget to let loose and be a little silly! Your kids will love it and it’ll help you bond as a family. Family dance competitions, or chanting a family member’s name to get them grooving, are great ways to do this. Adding kitchen dance parties to your list of daily activities will bring you one step closer to that strong family bond we all crave!


It's important for kids to develop a good exercise habit. We have three favorite ways that we like to get in a daily movement as a family, besides our normal dance parties.


When the weather is nice, we love to get outside with our kids and go for a walk. We love to explore, breathe the fresh air, and get our blood pumping! Turn on some music while you walk, come up with a nature scavenger hunt, or simply enjoy one another's company. Going for a family walk is the perfect thing to add to your list of daily activities.


Work out as a family. This teaches your kids that exercise is fun and important! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Pick out an exercise, like push-ups, sit-ups or planks. Then do that exercise every day and try to beat your personal bests. Try to do one more push-up than the day before or hold a plank for a couple extra seconds.

It’s a fun way to cheer each other on and create a strong family connection, all while promoting good habits and pushing yourselves a little further everyday. This activity only takes a few minutes and can easily be added to any night routine. Do it after cleaning up for the night, but before bedtime stories and family prayer.


Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as getting outside and playing together as a family. Play a sport. Run around the playground. Play tag. Just get up and move! The most important thing is that you’re taking the time to make it one of your daily activities.


Reading together opens up a whole world of imagination for your family! Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

There is so much power and importance in reading to our kids, even (and perhaps especially) after they’re able to read on their own. Make reading to your kids one of your daily activities and your kids will grow in multiple ways.

Some of the best times to read are during or after meals, or before nap or bed. These are events that happen every day, so they make it easy to turn reading into a habit.


Our biggest tip for reading aloud is to go with the flow. Lower your expectations of what reading time will look like and follow your kids’ moods. Some days they’ll be able to handle a longer reading session and other days they might only make it through a page or two. That’s fine! You want to make reading a positive experience for them, so don’t push it.

Another tip is to let your kids do something with their hands while you read. If your kids are anything like ours, they can’t sit still for more than about ten seconds. With this is mind, don’t expect them to just sit quietly and listen.

This is why meals are great times to read. Their hands (and mouths) are occupied, so they’re better able to listen. Other ideas include coloring, playdough, Legos, blocks, puzzles, and art projects. If you give kids something to do while they listen, they’re going to love reading even more!


We love talking with our kids! It’s super important to take the time to talk to and listen to our children. We want them to feel valued, understood, and know that they matter. Nothing will create a strong family bond faster than talking as a family.

Family dinner is the perfect opportunity for family chats. Turn it into a game. Ask “Would You Rather” questions. Play the emotions game – each family member chooses two emotions they felt that day, then shares why. Create a structured chat, focusing on what’s most important to you as a family. In our home, we play “Sweet, sour and service.

  • Sweet – Share something sweet that happened that day.
  • Sour – Share something sour that happened that day and how it made you feel.
  • Service – Share something kind you did for someone else or a kindness that was shown to you.

Dinner chats don’t have to be structured. What matters most is taking the time to talk and listen to one another. We have a huge list of dinner conversation starters that will help you out if you're drawing a blank on what to talk about with your family!


Have the whole family pitch in to help clean up when there are messes around - Daily activities with Fun Cheap or Free

Cleaning up as a family is a great way to bond, make chores more enjoyable, and instill good habits in your kids. Cleaning isn’t always fun, so you have to find a way to make it more exciting because it has to be done. Teaching our kids to make this one of their daily activities is important.

Here are some tips to make cleaning fun!

  • Turn it into a GameSet a timer and see if you can beat the clock!
  • Make it Fun – Take turns using this Turbo Sweeper! It's fun to use and easy enough for most ages to make dinner clean up quick and easy.
  • Make it a Competition – See who can put away the most toys.
  • Use Music – Turn on some music while you clean. The louder, the better, in our opinion!
  • Give a Reward – “If we can get this room cleaned in ten minutes, we’ll read an extra book tonight!”

Turn cleaning into a family activity and make sure everyone is involved! Even kids as young as 2 can start helping out in certain ways. Use this list of age appropriate chores to know what all your kids are capable of doing! Turn cleaning into a bonding experience that will make your family stronger.

These five activities will help you to create a strong family. They’ll also teach your kids good habits and important life skills. Choose one of these habits to try and add it to your list of daily activities.

Do you have any good habits or daily activities that help create a strong family? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Daily activities to strengthen your family from Fun Cheap or Free

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