The Newlywed Game Challenge - 9 years in! See the shenanigans at

Well Freebs, I am so happy to announce that I am officially not pregnant anymore, and that Baby Page #5 is here! Baby Mory June was born last week, and is as snuggly, and perfect as we dreamed she'd be.  Don't worry, her birth story (minus the gross parts) and picture overload coming soon.I'm knee-deep in sleep deprivation and baby bliss so I wanted to just pop in quickly to let you know that 1) I haven't died and I have lots of fun posts I'm hoping to get up very soon, and 2) I wanted to share a quick post and video with you to purely entertain you in the meantime!

We are now a family of 7 (yes! 7! How did that happen!) and the only way I've been able to handle it without going straight to the looney bin is because I married an amazing man. Bubba, of course. Duh.

Bubba and I celebrated our 9th anniversary a few weeks ago, and as a fun celebration, challenged each other to a Newlywed Game face off. As compatible as Bubba and I are, it's a known fact that we are both the WORST at the Newlywed Game! Every time we play we get last place. Time to stop the losing streak! Last week we decided to challenge each other and settle, once and for all, who the Newlywed Game weak link is.

The Bubba vs Jordan Newlywed Game Challenge!

So there you have it! Looks like Bubba is the reason we lose every time. Ha right! I just got lucky this time. Oh well, at least I Have temporary bragging rights, and a back rub to show for it. 🙂

Stay tuned for Mory's birth story! Coming soon(ish) I promise!

The Newlywed Game Challenge - 9 years in! See the shenanigans at

How would you and your spouse do with a round of the Newlywed Game? Share with us in the comments below!