Twin gender reveal time! Come learn what Page babies 7 and 8 are from Fun Cheap or Free

You have all been chomping at the bit, so I won't keep you any longer! Our twins, babies 7 and 8, are… (watch the video to find out!)

(Watch online HERE)

Can you believe it?!

Twin gender reveal balloons from Fun Cheap or Free

We are SO excited to meet them and to complete our family! We absolutely love having a big family and can't wait to meet these little cuties.

Twin gender reveal excitement from Fun Cheap or Free

I'm curious to know…was your guess right??

Now, on to try to figure out names! Suggestions are welcome and gladly appreciated! Stick 'em in the comments below so that we can read through them and narrow down our options!

Excited about the twin gender reveal - From Fun Cheap or Free

(Just in case you missed our other announcements, HERE is where we announced we were pregnant and HERE is where we announced that we were having twins!)

Thank you for sharing in this joy with us, we can't wait to welcome these babies to the world in a few months!

Jordan Page Signature from Fun Cheap or Free