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Surprise Baby Announcement from Fun Cheap or Free

You might have noticed that this week's YouTube video was a day late. Well, it's because…we’ve been keeping a secret! But we will let our kids do the talking…

Watch the video online HERE, or click and watch below:

It's true! Page Baby no 7 will be coming this April (ish? I think?). I'm sure you have several questions, so let me knock out a few of them right here!


I'm not exactly sure, honestly! My first doctor's appointment is next week, so we will know for sure at that point. But according to the pregnancy app on my phone it will be either the first week of April, or last week of March.


Yes! Our 3rd baby's gender was a surprise, and honestly, I'm such a planner I didn't really enjoy the surprise like I thought I would, ha! So we are definitely going to find out with this one. As for when, I usually wait until at least 20 weeks. I found out early with my 4th baby, and it was the LONGEST pregnancy in the history of the universe! ha! I like to wait until I'm at least 1/2 way, which gives me something to look forward to during the first half of pregnancy.


It's ok, I know you're curious! Believe it or not, yes, this baby was very planned. When Bubba and I got married, I wanted a big family, but never had a solid number in mind. We made a deal with each other and with God that we would be willing to have as many kids as He wanted us to have. My one negotiation was that I would need a SOLID SIGN when our family is done (I don't want to think I'm done, then have an oops surprise baby years later!). As a result, after each baby, I've had undeniable, indefinite signs that our family isn't complete.

After McEwan was born, I had a few special experiences those first few days home from the hospital (when I believe the veil to Heaven is very thin, as a baby is fresh from Heaven!). I knew WITHOUT A DOUBT that there was another baby that was going to come to our family, maybe even two.

I know 7 kids sounds crazy. I know it probably is crazy. I know there are so many children who need adopting. Trust me, I worked for Youth Services for years before having my own kids. I have a soft spot in my heart for adoption, and fully look forward to participating in it someday. (One of my family goals for when our kids get older is to hopefully adopt a pre-teen or teenager; someone of “un-adoptable” age.) I know 7 kids is A LOT. A family of this size costs a lot, makes a lot of messes, and is logistically very challenging. (TRUST ME, I know! *eye twitch*) But I think that's why God prepared our hearts YEARS AGO to get our finances in order, pay off our debts (including our house!), pay cash for things, and learn to manage our money extremely well. So now we can be blessed with a family of this size, without having to rely on others for financial help.

But at the end of the day, I trust God. He has provided a way for our family to not only survive, but to thrive so far; despite all of the challenges that a large family brings. We believe in birth control! In fact, when we know for sure that our family is complete, Bubba will “get snipped”. So that's not it. We just know without a shadow of a doubt that we are supposed to have another baby (or two) in our family, for whatever reason, and that if we trust in God, He will provide a way for it to happen. Not sure why He has entrusted us with so many kiddos, but we consider them all blessings and are so grateful for the opportunity to raise them! (Read more about my family beliefs HERE.)


If I'm being perfectly honest? I feel miserable! I'm super grateful and excited to be pregnant, but truth be told, I'm sick 24 hours per day. I haven't started throwing up yet, but it'll come. (I was throwing up daily so violently with McEwan, it actually put me into labor 16 days early!) I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment next week so I can get some meds to help ease the nausea.

Worse than the nausea, however, is the lack of energy, believe it or not! It's not a sleepy thing, either. I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely nap a lot, ha! But I have severe anemia when I'm pregnant (as well as dehydration and kidney issues but those aren't quite as bad) and I will be walking across the living room and have to lay down on the floor to regain energy. It's the weirdest thing! I'm on prescription iron supplements that I'm sure help internally, but I sure don't feel it externally.

Truly though, you won't find me complaining much. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, and I believe pregnancy is a gift, and one that I fully accept – misery and all.

As for my veins –

Many of you know that I have severe varicose veins and blood clots in my right leg, with my pregnancies. Read all about it HERE. I had some vein work done after McEwan, so I'm hoping they won't be too bad this time. I already have one spot by my knee that is KILLING ME, so I'll have to keep an eye on it and keep it compressed. But I'm crossing my fingers that they won't be too bad this time, thanks to my doc! I'll have to get my veins fixed again after this baby is born, and will have to continue working on them throughout my life. Luckily they are mostly fixable, thanks to modern medicine!


As you can see from the video, they were surprised! But again, having a big family and having a baby around is all they've ever known! They are super excited and are dying to find out the gender. Bubba is equally excited. He had similar experiences as I did, which led him to know that our family isn't yet complete. Hutch's reaction CRACKED ME UP! He is so responsible, and is always so helpful! So even his “this is going to be so much work for me!” comment has morphed into absolute excitement. He even wants the baby to sleep in his room with him. *heart bursts open*


Now you know why I've been a bit MIA for the last month. I'm ultimately just trying to survive, ha! Thank you in advance for all your love and support, and for following along our journey!

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  1. AvatarLindsay | Paperclips & Pacis says

    This is so exciting! I love how you are going into an experience of being very sick with a positive outlook anyways. I’ve had three extremely difficult pregnancies (on IV support with the last as I couldn’t keep anything down for 7 months) but they were always worth it! Excited to learn more from you as you grow your family. Feel better soon!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Oh man, that sounds like a rough pregnancy! But I’m with you, they are so worth it. Thank you for kind words! 🙂

  2. AvatarJamerrill Stewart says

    I’m so excited for you guys, Jordan. We have 8 kiddos those far, ages 2 through 19 (6 boys/2 girls), and plan on having all the Lord sees fit to give us. They truly are a blessing and a gift. xoxo

      • AvatarJackie Harrison says

        CONGRATULATIONS! What an exciting time! We currently have 4 with 1 on the way! This pregnancy has been so hard then I read what your pregnancies are like and it sounds like my current pregnancy kidney issues and all (just released from hospital 2 days ago!) Your joy and acceptance of the possible difficult pregnancy is so inspiring! The last 2 days I was seriously considering surgical contraception after this delivery and was so sad and emotional about it because I’m not ready to say no, but after reading this you have inspired me to not give up because these babies are so worth whatever pain and issues I may have in future pregnancies! THANK YOU and CONGRATS again!

        • AvatarJordan Page says

          Thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m so sorry that you’ve been having issues during your pregnancy, it definitely makes it harder on an already tired body. Good luck and God bless!

  3. AvatarCaitlin says

    I think it is so beautiful you continue to bring life to the earth. There is so much sadness out there and this is just precious. I personally have not yet been blessed with a child after 7 years of trying but seeing the joy it brings you and your family gives me motivation to keep trying. I know it must be scary to share this news with all the negativity you must face but I hope you’ll keep strong in your faith it’s the right path for your family and ignore the rude comments of others. Sending you warm wishes of aloha that this pregnancy is a smooth one!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Thank you for your kind words, Caitlin! We have multiple friends who struggle with infertility, so I always feel mixed emotions when I post happy news like this. I’m so thankful for the positivity that you keep going for yourself. Keep trusting in God! XOXO

    • AvatarTania says


      I can relate to how you feel, very happy and inspired for others when there family grows but patiently waiting for God to open those doors for you. We waited about 6 years, I attended many a baby shower, showered other babies with gifts, cuddled babies as a willing sitter, and a lot of times cried in my closet afterwards.

      We were nearing the end of the IVF process and awaiting the big day of an embryo transfer. At church God told me to confront my uncle and cousin who molested me when I was younger; I was not aware that I even needed to do this and maybe how the unforgiveness in my heart was affecting my life. Well, I wasn’t excited about what God asked but I obeyed God, got set free with both my uncle and cousin apologizing, and had a successful embryo transfer literally the next day!! I thank the doctors who helped but I know God is the giver of life and HE made our IVF process a success. I truly believe in my case God wanted me to be free from some issues that would have affected my children in ways I was not aware, for you I’m not sure what God’s plan is but I know He’s trustworthy and IM SO GLAD I resolved that before having children.

      We’re so thankful to have our first IVF daughter who is 3 and right now I’m holding my precious naturally conceived 4 month old son while he’s being rocked to sleep. I just prayed for you and our God is able!! The wait is HARD but He withholds no good thing from His children! I pray you feel encouraged! Hugs and kisses!!

  4. AvatarKaylee says

    Congratulations! I found you a few years ago on YouTube and have my kids close in age like you do. We just had our 6th and also feel there is a 7th, maybe 8th. Not pregnant yet but hopefully in a couple of months. Thanks for being so open and for showing people the fun of having a big family. It is so nice to find people like you out there. 🙂 congrats to you all!

  5. AvatarStasia says

    I’m so excited for you and your family! I’m currently pregnant with our second… I’m due early March! I look forward to following you through your pregnancy. You rock momma!

  6. AvatarTina says

    Congratulations! I can’t help hypothesizing that you are having twins because of your mention of a baby (or two)!!! Are you willing to confirm or deny my twin theory? ?

  7. AvatarKristen Osborne says

    All of your children are beautiful and smart. I am so happy for all of you, I’ve been following your blog/Instagram/YouTube since Mory was a baby. And being there for snippets of your pregnancy with McEwan and seeing him prosper and grow into such a cute little guy has been amazing. As I started reading this post my eyes filled up with tears (and as I type this) it’s beautiful to know that you are continuing your amazing caring loving family and it brings true joy to my heart. God bless ??

  8. AvatarInes says

    Congratulations Jordan! I’m pregnant with my first child and due early april! I’m so excited that I’ll get to follow your pregnancy and surely get some great tips from your videos and posts! Sending you lots of love from Argentina! XXXX

  9. AvatarRachel says

    I’m in the middle of severe morning sickness right now (10wks), pregnant with our 4th.
    Hope you can keep well. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be unwell while having 6 other kids. You’re amazing x

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Congratulations to you on your 4th! I’m so sorry that you’re not feeling well, morning sickness is the worst! I’m so ready to get to my doctor’s appointment so that I can get some medicine to help out with mine. XOXO

  10. AvatarKatie says

    Congratulations! Our #7 came 14 weeks early and my body was not too happy with it all…which was our sign that we were done. We were very similar in our thoughts about family size! Seven is a lot…but oh so wonderful!

  11. AvatarAnnie! says

    I’m so happy for you guys. i cried watching that video! i’m pregnant with baby #4 and our friends tell us that we’re crazy! but like you said you know when your family isn’t complete! and i totally agree with you on that! If you can raise one kiddo, then others will just follow! Congratulations guys!

  12. AvatarLaura says

    Congratulations!! Would love a video on what you and bubba experienced as signs from heaven that your family wasn’t complete. So amazing the connections babies and young kids still have to heaven!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. AvatarOlesya Golyaka says

    Hi! Congratulations!! ? I have 8 kids, oldest 11 and baby 11 months (close to Your baby Mac) I’m also having baby number 9 mid September!! It’s really exciting to know that our babies are so close in age and that you also have a big family. Me and my husband also decided to have a big family when we got married. Good luck to you and God Bless you with this pregnancy and may it be better than last time!

  14. AvatarMaureen says

    Seven is a good number–I am the oldest of seven.

    IF you have had issues with veins and blood clots hopefully you are wearing compression stockings (I wear compression stocking every day due to a prior DVT).

    Are you on an anticoagulant?–just not warfarin.

  15. AvatarJannette Palermo says

    How exciting!! Congrats! Pregnancy is weird. Mine was completely smooth and effortless, and I never felt ill at all. I felt pretty smug until my daughter was born and had severe colic for months!! (She’s now 11). Thanks from CA (originally from Wyo); love your videos!!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Thank you! And man, I feel for you! Colic in babies is the worst, I feel so bad for them when they’re going through it. I hope all is well in Cali! 🙂

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      It’s fairly personal and hard to explain in a single comment. But we just felt that someone was missing from our family and was waiting to join us!

  16. AvatarAlicia says

    Thrilled for you and LOVING your bold faith in God! We had boy #5 in March and it’s just amazing and sad how many people are convinced that having large families is crazy. You are rocking it and I am totally inspired by all you’ve accomplished in the midst of nonstop pregnancy and baby life! I am loving your laundry tips and the dot trick on the shirts is totally priceless!!! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome tips!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Aw, thank you Alicia! Large families are the BEST! I’m so glad that my tips are helping you and your family out! XOXO

  17. AvatarDene says

    Congratulations! After reading this I can feel how great your calling is! I admire you for being so trusting and willing to do what you’ve been asked to do.
    Much love and blessings to you and yours!

  18. AvatarKim says

    Congratulations to you all on your expanding tribe. Kudos to you Mumma. 3 is all I can handle and I’m in awe of you managing 6 already and still having brain cells left. wishes for smoother sailing this time

  19. AvatarLauren says

    Congratulations on baby #7!! I really believe God will give you what you can handle! We have 6 kids and I can’t imagine not having a large family. My husband is one of 12! We would have loved more babies but we are done due to medical issues. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us other moms of lots of littles!

  20. AvatarMakenzie says

    I am the youngest of 8, and I wasn’t around for the crazy years of a kid filled house (a big gap then my brother and me) but what a party now that we are all adults!!! I literally have so many siblings (including in-laws) that I always have someone to turn too. I’m sure your soaking up all the kid stages, but sister lunches and and big camping trips where I get to hang with my siblings while their older kids play with my little ones, it’s where I am so grateful for such a big family. 🙂

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      I know, isn’t it great to be able to always have a listening ear for some great advice? I love big families!

  21. AvatarKendra says

    SO happy for you all! I know this baby will just be so loved ? Also can’t wait for the baby name! I love all the names of your children! I have 2 girls, Cailin Odessa & Scarlett Reign. Much love from Alabama ❤️

  22. AvatarDahlia Mpetsi says

    Hi Jordan, Congratulations to your family!! I just want to say that you don’t owe anyone any explanation or justification for wanting or having more kids… it’s your life, you and Bubba know what’s best for your family. Society will always judge. I am so inspired by your family and it gives me the strength to keep on going as a single mum of 3. My kids and I watch your family videos and we love it!! I have also taken on board some of your advice on Debt, savings and finances, recently got divorced and I now have to manage my money wisely for myself and my kids’ future. Thanks for being so a Blessing in my life. God bless you


    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Hi Dahlia! Thank you for your kind words, they mean so much to me! I’m so glad that I’ve been able to help you out. You’ve got this, mama! XOXO

  23. AvatarTanya Klimova says

    Congratulations! What wonderful news! I wish you a smooth and uneventful pregnancy and lots of health. You are a rockstar.

    And truth be told, i am totally jealous. We have 5 kids; I’d love a couple more, but it’s not to be.

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Thank you! I’m sorry that you can’t have any more, but I’m sure that you have a wonderful family!

  24. AvatarJames says

    Hi my name is james I’m an otr truck driver and my wife is a stay at home wife with our 2 children she has been following you for quite some time now and has really been trying to meet you guys at your book signing you had but you never came to the atlanta area. I am messaging to see how we can contact you guys and reach out it would mean the world to my wife to be able to see you guys in person or hear from you personally

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Stay on our email list! We will let you know of any opportunities! However…with our recent announcement, I likely won’t be traveling much at all this year. That being said, we will try to find more opportunities for digital connections, Q&A’s and conferences online to reach a larger audience. Stay tuned!

  25. AvatarMegan says

    Jordan, I found you years ago because I was googling getting varicose veins fixed between pregnancies! (Thanks to you I found a doc who was willing to fix mine in between kids, and I’m SO THANKFUL!). That’s how I came upon your blog and have purchased your Budget Boot Camp and Productivity Planning programs. I’m actually about to have my 7th baby too and also at the end of March! I HAVE to tell you something incredible I have discovered this pregnancy. With all my other kids I had awful all day sickness. This pregnancy, because of autoimmune issues I’m continuing the carnivore diet which I started months ago. No joke, if I stick to eating meat and fat I have a ZERO nausea. I thought it was just a fluke, but I gave into cravings a few times for sugar and carbs and BAM – full on nausea. If I only eat high fat (any fatty cuts of meat or eggs) I feel almost no sickness. Seriously, with the anemia too you should try adding in some red meat. Just wanted to pass it along. I have been researching and apparently there is a big correlation with blood sugar and carb consumption during pregnancy, so I was pleased to find out I wasn’t imagining it all. Lol. So excited for you and congrats!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Oh wow, I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for sharing! Congrats on your 7th, it’s fun that we’re due close to the same time!

  26. Avatarmandy says

    Congratulations Jordan that’s so exciting!!
    I’m curious did you have any pelvic veins that bothered you? And if so did hey repair those? My 6th baby is 5 months old and my veins get worse each time. I have bad veins there and also in my legs. I just went to have be a consult done and they said they wouldn’t do those. I was hoping for more kids but those veins are rough. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth getting veins fixed they only bother me monthly when not pregnant. Like you all we consider babies a gift and a blessing. Congrats again!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Yes, my vulvar veins are so bad! And I’m still on the hunt for a doc that can fix them. I’ll keep you posted!

  27. AvatarAmy Karney says

    7 is a great number! We have 7. Love it! As for being done and having signs I hear ya! Wealways take it a year at a time. We use The Creighton Model FertilityCare System. That way we can always keep it in prayer. I let a woman once who lost 4 of her teenage children in a car accident and she ended up having another baby late in life. That baby brought so much joy to their family after heartbreak. Of course that little girl didn’t replace their other children, but she did bring healing. That woman told me she was so happy they had not done anything permanent to their fertility. I took that to heart. Creighton is 99,5% effective in avoiding pregnancy and we have used it to space our kids 2-4 years apart. If and when we have a serious reason to not get pregnant we will still use Creighton. There is a50% increase risk in prostrate cancer for men who have had vasectomies. They are also more likely to develop autoimmune issues. Creighton was a better answer for us. I love everything you do! You are a light and a gift. God bless you! Oh, and read “Dirty Genes” for tips on how to stop that nausea. Dr. Ben Lynch is amazing!

  28. AvatarDay says

    Congrats guys! This is so exciting!

    Also Jordan looks like our apps have us due around the same time! I’m aa first time mommy and have been taking notes from your vlog!

    Lots of love!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Oh yay, congratulations to you on your first baby! Your world is about to be changed for the better 🙂 XOXO

  29. AvatarStephanie says

    Yay! So happy for you guys! I too, get super sick with each pregnancy which is miserable and have to get on meds to keep it under control. How do you stay in such great shape? Being sick daily leaves me unmotivated to work out.

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Thank you! It all just depends on the day on if I feel like I can make it to the gym. Today I tossed my cookies on the way to the gym, so I felt like I could at least get through a work out without being sick. But let’s be honest, that workout kicked my booty! 🙂

  30. AvatarVivian says

    Congratulations! That’s amazing ? I love the families reactions. Priceless memories to treasure!

    In regards to your nutritional needs, I wonder if you have had mentioned to you about the extra support natural supplements and essential oil can be? I’d encourage to research into them.

    Our bodies are so wonderfully made but our fallen world lets us down. So we need to give it some extra support especially when we are sharing our bodys resources with our baby.

    Iron in particular is tricky for our body to absorb if we dont have the right minerals and nutrients in our system. No matter how much iron we take in our body will only absorb so much according to its supplies.

    If you would like more specifics or links im happy to share.

    God bless

  31. AvatarAshley says

    Seven kids wow. Sounds so fun! We are working on baby number 4. Due in October. This one is our surprise and I’m really not sure if I will do it again. We shall see. Wish you an easy care free and healthy pregnancy ?

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Congratulations on baby #4! You’re getting super close to finally getting to hold them in your arms! I hope that your delivery goes well 🙂

  32. AvatarSusan says

    Hopefully next year after the baby you will update your About Me page. Can’t wait to see the adorable baby pictures!

  33. AvatarStephanie Gonzales says

    I guess my other comment got deleted. I wanted to know how u do the cooking and cleaning while feeling miserable? I hope I get a response like everyone else.

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Hey Stephanie! I feel like I responded to this, but I can’t find it anywhere, either! Who knows what happened, technology is weird sometimes 😉 I basically do the things that NEED to get done when I’m feeling ok, but let some things wait until later when I’m feeling better. My kids and husband are also really big helps when it comes to cooking and cleaning, so I have lots of help 🙂 But I know that I can’t do it all and I need to take care of my body, first.

  34. AvatarRonee Malama says

    We are also pregnant with number seven. We are due in December. With our baby before turning one in December. This new addition wasn’t planned per se. but we knew we weren’t done. And by the time we decided we would start to try, we were already pregnant. I wish we were as money stable as y’all but it’s a process. I do too believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for us. And his plan for us is so true and real. We too know that the veil is so thin at the arrival of our children, that we often ask our newborns if there is someone up there waiting for us. I too am sure that I will receive a distinct sign that our family is complete. Everyone finds us crazy. I am 43. Our oldest is about to be 24. Then we have two 17s. A 16. A 10. Then the baby at eight months. So I’m here supporting you. Cheering you on. I too have taken a nap mid family room travel. xoxo

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Congratulations on baby number 7! That is so exciting for you and your family. I bet that your baby right now and your baby on the way will be best friends since they’ll be so close in age! XOXO

  35. AvatarTasha says

    Hurray!! My husband and I have nine kids. We have a similar approach to welcome all the children that God would like to send to our family. I feeling like being the mother to many is such a privilege!

  36. AvatarH says

    Hi Jordan, I’ve been so impressed and grateful to find your inspirational vids!! Honestly they’ve been life savers!! I love watching your family and your journey through life!! I pray for you and your family. I felt impressed to share something I found while during research. I Wish I had known this during my pregnancies… Research is showing that sickness with pregnancy is due to a deficiency in magnesium! I hope this could help you with your situation! Congrats and God Bless you!

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