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You might have noticed that this week's YouTube video was a day late. Well, it's because…we’ve been keeping a secret! But we will let our kids do the talking…

Watch the video online HERE, or click and watch below:

It's true! Page Baby no 7 will be coming this April (ish? I think?). I'm sure you have several questions, so let me knock out a few of them right here!


I'm not exactly sure, honestly! My first doctor's appointment is next week, so we will know for sure at that point. But according to the pregnancy app on my phone it will be either the first week of April, or last week of March.


Yes! Our 3rd baby's gender was a surprise, and honestly, I'm such a planner I didn't really enjoy the surprise like I thought I would, ha! So we are definitely going to find out with this one. As for when, I usually wait until at least 20 weeks. I found out early with my 4th baby, and it was the LONGEST pregnancy in the history of the universe! ha! I like to wait until I'm at least 1/2 way, which gives me something to look forward to during the first half of pregnancy.


It's ok, I know you're curious! Believe it or not, yes, this baby was very planned. When Bubba and I got married, I wanted a big family, but never had a solid number in mind. We made a deal with each other and with God that we would be willing to have as many kids as He wanted us to have. My one negotiation was that I would need a SOLID SIGN when our family is done (I don't want to think I'm done, then have an oops surprise baby years later!). As a result, after each baby, I've had undeniable, indefinite signs that our family isn't complete.

After McEwan was born, I had a few special experiences those first few days home from the hospital (when I believe the veil to Heaven is very thin, as a baby is fresh from Heaven!). I knew WITHOUT A DOUBT that there was another baby that was going to come to our family, maybe even two.

I know 7 kids sounds crazy. I know it probably is crazy. I know there are so many children who need adopting. Trust me, I worked for Youth Services for years before having my own kids. I have a soft spot in my heart for adoption, and fully look forward to participating in it someday. (One of my family goals for when our kids get older is to hopefully adopt a pre-teen or teenager; someone of “un-adoptable” age.) I know 7 kids is A LOT. A family of this size costs a lot, makes a lot of messes, and is logistically very challenging. (TRUST ME, I know! *eye twitch*) But I think that's why God prepared our hearts YEARS AGO to get our finances in order, pay off our debts (including our house!), pay cash for things, and learn to manage our money extremely well. So now we can be blessed with a family of this size, without having to rely on others for financial help.

But at the end of the day, I trust God. He has provided a way for our family to not only survive, but to thrive so far; despite all of the challenges that a large family brings. We believe in birth control! In fact, when we know for sure that our family is complete, Bubba will “get snipped”. So that's not it. We just know without a shadow of a doubt that we are supposed to have another baby (or two) in our family, for whatever reason, and that if we trust in God, He will provide a way for it to happen. Not sure why He has entrusted us with so many kiddos, but we consider them all blessings and are so grateful for the opportunity to raise them! (Read more about my family beliefs HERE.)


If I'm being perfectly honest? I feel miserable! I'm super grateful and excited to be pregnant, but truth be told, I'm sick 24 hours per day. I haven't started throwing up yet, but it'll come. (I was throwing up daily so violently with McEwan, it actually put me into labor 16 days early!) I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment next week so I can get some meds to help ease the nausea.

Worse than the nausea, however, is the lack of energy, believe it or not! It's not a sleepy thing, either. I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely nap a lot, ha! But I have severe anemia when I'm pregnant (as well as dehydration and kidney issues but those aren't quite as bad) and I will be walking across the living room and have to lay down on the floor to regain energy. It's the weirdest thing! I'm on prescription iron supplements that I'm sure help internally, but I sure don't feel it externally.

Truly though, you won't find me complaining much. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, and I believe pregnancy is a gift, and one that I fully accept – misery and all.

As for my veins –

Many of you know that I have severe varicose veins and blood clots in my right leg, with my pregnancies. Read all about it HERE. I had some vein work done after McEwan, so I'm hoping they won't be too bad this time. I already have one spot by my knee that is KILLING ME, so I'll have to keep an eye on it and keep it compressed. But I'm crossing my fingers that they won't be too bad this time, thanks to my doc! I'll have to get my veins fixed again after this baby is born, and will have to continue working on them throughout my life. Luckily they are mostly fixable, thanks to modern medicine!


As you can see from the video, they were surprised! But again, having a big family and having a baby around is all they've ever known! They are super excited and are dying to find out the gender. Bubba is equally excited. He had similar experiences as I did, which led him to know that our family isn't yet complete. Hutch's reaction CRACKED ME UP! He is so responsible, and is always so helpful! So even his “this is going to be so much work for me!” comment has morphed into absolute excitement. He even wants the baby to sleep in his room with him. *heart bursts open*


Now you know why I've been a bit MIA for the last month. I'm ultimately just trying to survive, ha! Thank you in advance for all your love and support, and for following along our journey!

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