Ultrasound Results Are In… Shock Of A Lifetime!

Ultrasound Results Are In from Fun Cheap or Free

Hey Freebs! You've been waiting patiently for more info since I made our fun pregnancy announcement about Page Baby #7… Well, here are all of the details that you definitely DON'T wanna miss!

Click to watch HERE or scroll down to watch below. Keep watching through the end of the video for some incredible back-story and lots of Q&A:

Can you believe it?!? We still can't!

Thank you all in advance for your love and support! Again, be sure to watch through the end of the video for lots of Q&A and back story that will hopefully explain things better.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, @JordanPage. I will be sharing lots more info, and of course, pregnancy progress.

Now if you don't mind, I need to continue celebrating with my family! Have a great week, Freebs!

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  1. AvatarHannah Hoskins says

    Fellow twin mama here! We decided we needed to even out our baby number and when we had our first ultrasound at 14 weeks, we found out we were having identical babies! So we now have 9! Love big families!!! It has been the most challenging experience but also so amazing! I look at our girls and just am still amazed 3 years later! So excited to watch your journey!!! Love from Washington and a fellow big familied, twin mama!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      How fun, thanks for sharing! We’re so excited, but definitely need all of the twin advice that we can get! 🙂

  2. AvatarAlexis says

    Congratulations! I just had Babies #3 & #4 in April. I’m a twin myself, and now I’m raising twins and it is seriously the BEST thing EVER!

  3. AvatarRose says

    Well that just makes perfect sense and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Between you commenting on still wanting one or “two” more babies, and the child blurting out on the way to ultrasound about baby #8 and all the other signs mentioned! Wow, what a true blessing for all involved and how obvious God is in all the hearts to provide each with such “intuition” and love. I wish all the best to an amazingly inspiring family and strength and lots of energy too.

  4. AvatarChristi says

    Congratulations!! TWINS ARE THE BEST!!! HARD, but OH SO WORTH IT! I have 5 boys, and #3&4 are twins!!

    I shared how I survived my TWIN PREGNANCY over on my blog in a 3 part series




    (and i apologize for the double comment…my TWINS distracted me on the first comment…and I somehow posted before i was ready)

  5. AvatarHillary says

    Jordan! Welcome to the Twin Momma Club! Looks like you are having Di/Di – a whole new language comes with these babies! My Twins are 19 months and made babies 3 and 4 for us! I had chills watching your video – it reminded me SO much of when my husband and I found out we were having twins. We were just ….stunned. Just completely overtaken with emotions – and of course, being the planner I am, I immediately jumped to “how are we going to do this?” thinking of all the logistics that would need to change (car, house, GROCERY SHOPPING). Every time you mentioned how sick you were, I wondered if you were having twins – my pregnancy was ROUGH, but I want you to know, because you hear lots of scary stories with twins, that I went 36 weeks and four days, delivered two healthy girls and neither spent time in the NICU. For me, the toughest challenge has been keeping up with my bigs activities with two toddlers in two – so anything that helps making solo trips easier (good double – or tripple stroller) is a life saver. It is completely different from singletons, but I am at a point now where seeing my girls interact is pretty incredible. They are totally different and absolutely their own people – watching them grow together is a gift. Congratulations – now rest and drink protein shakes – those babies need calories!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Thanks for sharing your story! It’s so glad to hear that we’re not alone in all of our emotions, but we’re so excited!

  6. AvatarMICHELLE READER says

    Yay YAY!!! Congratulations on the two new pages!!! Oh momma you are going to need your rest!!! Abundant blessings from S FL

  7. AvatarChavanne says

    Hi! I just recently stumbled upon your instagram and then saw this announcement! Congrats! I am MoM (mother of multiples). I have 2 year old boy/girl twins. I hope and pray that you have an uneventful pregnancy and that you take them to full term and have two healthy happy babies. With that said my advice would be to go ahead and come up with a plan in case they were to be born early. My best friend has twin boys who are only 7 months older than my babies and her boys were born at 26 weeks. So my entire pregnancy we watched first the struggle of living in the NICU and then the struggles of bringing home 2 premature babies. Because of this we made a plan early on just in case ours came early and I’m glad we did. I went into labor at 28 weeks. However it didn’t feel like Labor. I went in thinking maybe I had a uti. When the nurse hooked me up to the monitors to evaluate me I only had 1 contraction in 30 mins. But when the dr examined me I was already 4cms dilated. I was put on hospitalized bed rest and made it another 2 weeks and the babies were finally born at 30 weeks. We didn’t have any other children so for me and my husband to basically live at the hospital for the 2 weeks while I was on bed rest and then the 3 months our kids were in the NICU wasn’t an issue. But arranging child care is something you will want to consider ahead of time. Also I know most mom’s of singles will often wait later into their pregnancy for baby showers. I had all of my showers done before I was even 24 weeks along. For two reasons. 1. I wanted to make sure we had the showers before the babies were born and 2. I wanted to have their rooms all ready before they were born. I will also add in that up until 28 weeks I had a completely normal pregnancy and never once was told that my twin pregnancy seemed high risk. And even after it was all said and done no one could ever tell me why I went into labor. But at 28 weeks it was as if I already had a full size baby in me so maybe my body just thought it was time. I was told that no matter what I would be delivery my babies in an operating room, even if they were full term and we would deliver vaginal. The reason being that if something were to happen they needed to be ready to do a c-section right away. I really wanted to have my babies vaginally and especially when we realized they were going to be born early I really fought for it because I knew the recovery time would be quicker which meant I would get to be with my babies sooner. My friend had to have a c-section and she had to be on bed rest for 12 hrs before she was allowed to be wheel chaired to the NICU to see her babies. For me what it came down to was this. The dr said the babies had to each be over 1500 grams in weight which is roughly 3lbs and baby A had to be head down and as long as baby B was smaller they could still deliver that one vaginally even if not positioned head down because baby A would have opened the birth canal enough to allow for baby B to be pulled out feet first. So the stars aligned for me and I did get to have them vaginally. Baby A was our boy and he was 2oz bigger than baby B our daughter. He came out head first and then they basically had to fish out my daughter and they gently pulled her out legs first. I tell you all this just to say that if a vaginal birth is important to you just keep talking to your dr about it. I’ll also add that if in the past you haven’t used an epidural and are hoping not to use one with this pregnancy I do highly recommend getting the epidural. My dr and I had a long conversation about this because I was really considering not getting one. But she explained that if I didn’t have one and baby A was born naturally but then there was a complication and baby b went into crisis and they needed to do a c-section they wouldn’t have enough to give me an epidural they would have to put me out. So I would miss the birth of the second baby. The other thing was that even with mine both being born vaginally if I didn’t have an epidural them reaching in to pull my daughter out would have been excruciating. I mean she had crawled up under my ribs so I’m sure you can imagine how far in they had to reach (sorry for that visual). But point being I’m really glad o had the epidural. Next I’ll say that there is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for the moment when they wheel your babies out in incubators and leave you alone in the OR. Especially since you’ve already had children and had the regular experience of them staying with you this can be traumatic when you don’t get to keep them. But having a vaginally birth I was with my babies 3 hrs after they were taken to the NICU. Basically just once my epidural wore off I was allowed to be wheeled down. Now if in the NICU you will also want to consider pumping for your babies. And the only thing I’ll really say about the NICU is that it is a roller coaster. Some days are great and some are terrible. So just be prepared for any twists and turns. Again I pray this does not happen to you but I feel it’s better to be prepared.

    Some good resources are go follow @twinversity on Instagram. And the woman who does that page also wrote a great book that was by far my favorite resource for my twin pregnancy and after. The book is called what to do when you’re having two by Natalie Diaz. It’s like the twin bible lol.

    I also had terrible nausea all the time with my pregnancy and the only thing that worked for me was a prescription for Diclegis. And then once my nausea finally went away the babies were compressing my stomach so much it was hard to ever eat much. So I just smacked throughout the day and also regularly woke up at like 2am would eat a bowl of cereal and then go back to bed.

    Twin pregnancy is definitely much harder on your body than a singleton so just be prepared to have other people do things for you like heavy lifting and such and take time to rest as often as you can. Cause at 28 weeks it was like I was already carrying a full grown baby. I can’t imagine what I would have done if I had gone longer.

    I feel like I could write so much more but I don’t want to overwhelm you. I’m sure lots of other moms will give great advice as well. Feel free to reach out if you would like to know more! Twins are amazing but it’s definitely not like getting two for the price of one. It’s more like 2 kids and 4 times the work. Cause they will both want diapers changed at the same time and will want to eat at the same time and if their sleeping schedules get off then you don’t get any sleep. So the key with twins is to come up with a schedule and work the schedule. For the first year we were religious with the schedule and that is the only way we survived.

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Oh wow, thank you SO much for all of that advice and info! I need to wrap my head around it all, I may be back later to ask you more questions 😉

  8. AvatarMarissa says

    Congrats! We have a family of 4 but we race dirt bikes and often go on “cousin trips” to the zoo with my sister-in-law and her kids so a total of 6 kids (2 adults) and we bought a ford transit. Sprinters are EXPENSIVE to fix (Mercedes-Benz makes them) and the Ford Transits have so many options! Here is the video that helped us decide on the Transit.

  9. AvatarErin says

    Holy cow!! My twins were also due on March 28th and before I even knew about them I received several messages and signs that I was expecting twins. God bless!!

  10. AvatarKatherine says

    My twins are number 3 and 4! My oldest who was 3 when we found out we were expecting, told us the night before the first appointment/ultrasound that I had two boys in my tummy. She was right! My next oldest was 19 mo old when they were born. All I can say is that I am glad I had other kids first (I can’t imagine learning to parent on two!), and everything just works out! You will learn how to scoop up babies one handed so both can be retrieved at the same time. You may discover putting blue nail polish on a toenail of one baby helps you tell them apart. You may also discover that you are tougher and stronger than you realized, and that it is all thanks to Heavenly Father. Good luck! You will do awesome!
    (Twins are now Seniors in HS – time flies!)

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Oh wow, isn’t it amazing how kids have that intuition? That blue nail polish trick sounds like something that I may have to try! 😉 Thank you for your kind words! XOXO

  11. AvatarAllie says

    Congratulations!! I’m a twin mom with fraternal baby girls. They turned one on July 27. I also have a 3 year old boy. Watching your video brought back all of those emotional memories when I found out we were having twins. We also planned for a baby, but never in our wildest dreams thought we would have twins (obviously I don’t have very wild dreams, haha!).

    Yes, my pregnancy was brutal but I belong to a Facebook group of other multiples’ moms (we all had July/August delivery dates) and there were a number of women who had fantastic pregnancies. Luckily I never needed bed rest or got gestational diabetes and the girls came at 38 weeks. Just know if you do need bed rest, or get gestational diabetes, or have the babies early, it is pretty much out of your control and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Again my group had a wide variety of experiences.

    I did have a c-section, after having a vaginal birth for my son. The girls were transverse. But many of the women in my Facebook group had successful vaginal deliveries. Some had both (called a double whammy – not ideal).

    The products we loved were the Table for Two and twin boppy. Twiniversity and Lucie’s list were helpful resources.

    We really found our groove at about 5 months and are having a lot of fun. I am so excited for you!!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Oh, congratulations on your twin 1 year olds! 🙂 Thank you for all of those tips – we need all of the twin advice that we can get! XOXO

    • AvatarAshley says

      Congratulations! I have identical twin girls that will be 2 on Sunday. They are so much fun and have been generally good babies. People are amazed all the time that I can handle 3 kiddos. I have a feeling you will just step into this new role with ease. Watching your video brought back so many emotions we had. I too cried when I found out feeling just as you and I was only going from 1 to 3. And we had the same conversations about getting a new car, haha. 7My best advice is to have them on the same schedule as best you can and prepare for when all the “help” goes away. I didn’t want people helping when I first came home because I knew they wouldn’t be there forever and I wouldn’t have been able to hold the girls all the time after they got used to being held. I was induced at 38 weeks with my only pregnancy complication being a little high blood pressure the last week. I did hemorrhage after, scary. But it was handled well and I am fine of course. I hope you have as uneventful pregnancy as possible. Enjoy this time with your 6 and prepare for the adventure ahead. Each baby is an incredible blessing and it’s great to know you have a double blessing ahead. You’ve got this!

      • AvatarJordan Page says

        Thank you! I do feel like God has been preparing me for this, but I know that you can’t be prepared for everything! 🙂

  12. AvatarAmy Faulkner says

    OMG I love it. I pray for you to have a smooth, relatively uneventful pregnancy. I know you don’t know the genders yet, but were you able to see in the ultrasound whether they’d be identical or fraternal? Just curious. So excited for you.

  13. AvatarAngie Morris says

    Oh my gosh!! So exciting. Congratulations!! I have boy girl twins who are 19 and in college!! I also had a 20 month old when they were born so I feel you somewhat- but these are my only kids! I had 3 in diapers which was crazy and now I have 3 in college ?
    Anyway- my advice is to hire a night nurse/sitter if there is anyway you can afford it. Even if it’s just for 5-6 hours. My twins were not on the same schedule no matter how hard I tried. And we tried everything. For example, one would wake up at 1 to eat and I would get them back to sleep and then I would get back to sleep for about 30 minutes and the other would wake up to eat, and that cycle continued all night. I did not hire help and I regret it. It was a rough year!
    Anyway congratulations and I look forward to watching your journey ❤️

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Oh gosh, 3 in diapers and then 3 in college!!! Thank you for that advice, I need all of the twin advice that we can get! 🙂

  14. AvatarBrittany says

    Identical twin AND raising identical twins! My boys turned two in June and baby sister just turned 5 months old so we have 3 under 3! I loved the book “What to do When you’re Having Two.”
    My boys were born at 36 weeks and were totally healthy needing zero time in the NICU. Heck, my Singleton was born in March at 35 weeks and she did even better than they did! My biggest advice is to get them on the same feeding schedule otherwise all you’ll be doing day and night is feeding babies! Praying for you guys! Twins are tough but man, they’re awesome! Congratulations to you and your beautiful growing family!

  15. AvatarJessica Saint says

    Congratulations!!! We, too, found out 10 yrs ago that we were having twins! Instead of going for our sonogram for our 5th baby it was for #5 and #6!! We were sooooo shocked because there were no twins in our immediate family! I was immediately elated, my husband not so much. It took him about 24 hours to warm up to the idea. All he could think about was that we would need to get a bigger car and a bigger house! Ha! By the next day he was excited too. Our twin girls had their own sacs and their own umbilical cords and they are identical! Our #4 daughter was only 18 mos when they were born. It rocked her small little world and ours! We are so thankful though for them, they are now 10 yrs old and the best of friends. We nicknamed them the twinners:). Lots of fun years ahead for you all! They are the best 2 for 1 deal you could ever get!!??

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Wow, that must’ve been such a fun surprise for you! We are definitely excited about this 2 for 1 deal 😉

  16. AvatarYvonne says

    Congratulations!! I can understand the shocked feeling; I would have been shocked for weeks if I had ever had twins. My kids are singletons so I have no advice but know that I’m praying for you. Praying that those precious babies will stay inside you as long as possible and praying that you find relief from the nausea soon! As someone who threw up on herself, in the car, I know how brutal it is to be so sick during pregnancy. I can only imagine how much worse it would be with twins. You’ve got this!!

  17. AvatarRiina from Estonia says


    It is not so bad, I have to say. At least at my point of view. I am #7 and my twinsister is #8. So we know what is going to happend. 🙂 we are so happy for You and we wish you all the best. <3

  18. AvatarNicole says

    Hey Jordan! I just want to say you’ve been my mentor here for awhile, and being a mom of twins, I can sympathize with what you may be going through now and in the coming months and years. It can be super challenging, but if anyone has been blessed with the gifts and talents to take it on, it’s you. You are definitely more prepared than I was ten years ago. (Wow, that makes me sound old). You are going to rock this!

  19. AvatarAmy says

    Congratulations! New follower here. Love the tips and tricks I’ve learned from you! Appreciate your openness. Will keep you and your family in prayer for a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery. Side note: where do you get your cute hair ties?

  20. AvatarTK says

    Congratulations! What a surprise and blessing! Our babies 4 and 5 are fraternal twin boys, so i can relate to a lot of your feelings! 😉 They are a huge joy and keep us all laughing.

    You can do it! Risks are higher, and worry and shock are very normal! but it sounds like you have a good provider who will keep you in proper care, and there certainly are good chances of everything going splendidly. You are in lots of people’s prayers, I’m sure.

    I hope you get something for the nausea! And join some twin groups – they are so helpful, and you can score cheap/free gear from local twin moms 🙂

  21. AvatarM. Hudson says

    CONGRATS!!! Such an emotional video. 2 more lives to love. Praying for the best outcome and the most gentle pregnancy!

  22. Avatarregan says

    Congrats to you and Bubba and the kiddos! Twins are awesome. Mine are 5 and getting ready to start kindergarten.
    Honestly, the best advice I can give you is not to stress too much. (Laughable right?) I carried to 39 and 5 days and was induced but delivered vaginally both. Both girls were over 6 lbs and came home with us less than 12 hours later. You can do this too! Rest as much as you need to!
    The other thing, we did not separate the twins until they got too big for the same pack and play and started moving in their sleep. They slept better and were more content being snuggled right next to each other. God bless!!


    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Thank you for all of those tips! That’s so amazing that you were able to carry yours for so long and go home so quickly! Those are some twin mom goals right there 🙂

  23. AvatarJillian Grosely says

    The far away look in your eyes when you talk about the future of your family with these two in it is the sweetest thing. God has made you to mama these sweet souls. Sending good vibes n prayers your way from Pennsylvania.

  24. AvatarM says

    I am a twin (fraternal) with a brother – we were not planned or a result of fertility hormones (I am 41 years old) and now there are so many twins because of fertility treatments, although twins were more rare when I was grow up. It was great to hear your story! What irony and humor to have twins as #7 and #8! So if you have fraternal twins, it’s genetically from your side. It is a genetic anomaly for a woman to produce 2 eggs within the same cycle and tends to be passed down through the mother line. If they are identical, tends to be more likely from the male side and/or environment and hormonal factors.

  25. AvatarSheli Z says

    You guys just made me cry again❣️ I can’t believe it, TWINS! What a gift from God, and how very exciting❣️ God bless your whole family, and I look forward to this journey. Thank you for sharing your news… healthy and happy vibes for everyone ???

    -Sheli- ?

  26. AvatarSilvy says

    Congratulations! I’m a adult twin myself and a mom of two beautiful girls (no twins). From my own twin perspective, I love to have a twin sister. She is my best friend! But true the years I’ve experienced that even thou we look alike, we are not alike. And I guess that having have had al lot of the same clothes, gifts, friends (not boyfriends!), name (our family calles us “twins”) etc.. made it subconsciously feel like we where one person. At the time we experienced this as normal and we love our family. They raised us well. But at this stage in our lives it’s difficult for me to except the different life’s we have. So my advise to future twin moms would be to talk to and listen to them individually from time to time. This way you can help them to find there own voice.

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      That is so true, I totally understand! I’m sure that it’s easy to think that twins would just want to do the same things and be the same person, but we’re all so different! Thank you for your advice. XOXO

    • AvatarMandy at Making Home Simple says

      That is so EXCITING! I have often thought how wonderful (albeit rather difficult at first) it would to have twins and have secretly wished for twins myself. I was a little disappointed my last baby #6 was a singleton and not twins (am i nuts hahaha-have 6 oldest just turned 9). I can’t wait to follow along!

  27. AvatarOlive says

    It may have already been mentioned, but did you hear what your daughter said @ :15? “No, baby number 8!” She had a wee bit of intuition herself! Congratulations!

  28. AvatarMaren says

    Momma of 5, twins at the end. We found out at the gender appointment. GASP! I understand the shock quite well!

    Twins shook my world, but with all the older siblings, you will have great help. Mine were born at 38 weeks and I found a baby willing to deliver, even though the second baby was in breech position. I was thankful for that!

    I have two suggestions.
    #1–Purchase 2 swings (my sanity saver).
    #2–Realize that the newborn fog lasts longer than with singletons. It took me a solid 3 months before ever getting into routine and feeling like I could handle it. I felt zombie like for those three months because feeding, diapering, etc was doubled (and I love my sleep). Newborn twins were the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but you’ll make it through and when you get past the crazy stage, they are SUCH a blessing and SO much fun! I am not sure if you breastfeed. If you do, buy a My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow. It’s like the Cadillac of nursing pillows, but made nursing possible with 2.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Thank you for all of that advice! We’re definitely so excited but still needing all of the tips that we can get! 🙂

  29. AvatarGina says

    Wow what a surprise! Congratulations! I somehow stopped getting posts from FCF for several months so when this popped up today I was blown away!

  30. AvatarRebecca says


    I’ve just had my first baby (amateur hour over here!) and found your blog (and re-found your YouTube channel) today.

    It has honestly felt like a friendly little hand-hold at a wonderful but sometimes tough time so I just wanted to stop by and thank you for brightening my day!

    All best wishes for your new little ones and all the family!

  31. AvatarCarrie Kysar says

    Congratulations!!!! My twins were 10 & 11…15 & 16? they are the most wonderful gift from God. I will give you some of my tips.
    #1 always take care of mom 1st
    #2 time for mom & dad together
    #3 hire help(cleaning or taking care of babies while you sleep) or for business..for a time
    #4 anyone who wants to help find them something to do
    #5 buy the lightest car seats you can find
    #6 enjoy it!!! It’s busy and lack of sleep is there but you guys will and can do it!!!!
    So excited for you!!

  32. AvatarAmber says

    Hi Jordan! I just watched the video on Saturday. I’m really excited for you because I know you can handle twins. My twins are my first children (2 1/2 years old: one boy and one girl) and it was the hardest thing ever. I’ve followed the blog since Daivy was a baby but I don’t know if any of your children have been in the NICU. My water broke at 34 weeks and 2 days so I went to American Fork Hospital for my C-section b/c my best friend loved her experience there. I actually lived in Draper at the time (in your stake) but I was seeing the AF Valley OB group. Important note: AF has a Level 2 NICU and you can deliver twins there as long as you are 34 weeks along. However, two days after birth my son had to be transferred to IMC for a higher level of care. (IMC has a Level 3 NICU.) I’m hoping you’re at IMC. Don’t risk going to a Level 2 NICU. Having our twins separated was the worst. If either of your babies spends time in the NICU at IMC seek out a Primary Care Nurse immediately. This is a nurse who will maintain special interest in your baby’s case. My son was in the IMC NICU for weeks before anyone ever told us about the Primary Care Nurse program and then none of the nurses would take his case because they already had too many cases. We often felt overlooked. You’ll need lots of time in the hospital to be your baby’s/babies’ advocate. Plus, no minor children are allowed in the NICU during RSV season. I believe that runs through May. My son was finally released after 7 weeks in the NICU. I found out afterward that statistically “white baby boys” do the worst of all children in the NICU. “White baby girls” do slightly better and girls of color do the best. I don’t know why. All in all I would say prepare for the NICU and then thank your lucky stars (aka Heavenly Father) if you bypass it. I pray you’ll be able to take home healthy, full-term babies when you’re ready to check out of the hospital.

    • AvatarJordan Page says

      Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story! Having babies in the NICU is hard, but I can’t imagine having them in two separate places. You’re one strong mama. Thank you for letting me know about all of this, these are the kinds of tips that I need! XOXO

  33. AvatarBecky G says

    My b/g twins are 13 now. The day they could hold their own bottles and the day they could riddle from the car to the house were glorious days. My only advice would be to think about how you feel if they are referred to as “The Twins.” I know that might sound silly. I didn’t know that it would bother me until they were a couple months old and started really developing different personalities and having different needs. Suddenly “The Twins” seemed dismissive of their individuality but the whole extended family was already in the habit of that moniker. Just something to think about! Good luck with your pregnancy!

    • AvatarFun Cheap or Free says

      Oh, that’s definitely something to think about, thanks for that suggestion! Kids are so different, so I can see how it would be difficult to have them referred to as “the twins” instead of by their names. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! 🙂

  34. AvatarLaura says

    Congrats!!! My mom had triplet girls when I was four turning 5, and it’s been an exciting adventure. One tip from a teen (aka me) is to make sure that your twins don’t take up all your time, and that you still have time for your older kids. I felt like my sisters took up quite a lot of time away from my brother and myself, so that’s something to definitely consider.

    Also, with being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (I’ve grown up in it), make sure that you’re incorporating the church and making an effort to go each week because when I was 5 and 6, we became quite inactive and went to church maybe once or twice a year, so I’d make that a higher priority.

    Other than that, just good luck and enjoy the experience!!!?

    • AvatarFun Cheap or Free says

      Oh wow, triplet sisters! I can see how that could take up a lot of her time. But I agree with you, I definitely don’t want my older kids to feel like time is being taken away from them. Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

  35. AvatarPam Fitzgibbons says

    Hi Jordan! I found you online recently and I’m so grateful for all of your awesome info! I’m a mom of 5 3 girls followed by twins boys! My babies are 6 now, but it feels like yesterday that we got the got the (awesome)shock of a lifetime in that ultrasound room! Sono tech: “Wait, how many babies are in here?” Us: What do you mean how many?!!”
    I wanted to give you my little nuggets of twin wisdom. Twinsdom?! Here they are:
    1) DO NOT LIFT ANYTHING after 30 weeks. Seriously. I wish I had known this. Your body gets to the same size it was at 40 weeks with a singleton pregnancy at about 30 weeks with twins- and it doesn’t want to stretch any further which is why most twin mamas go in to labor early. I know 5 other moms of twins and none of us made it past 32 weeks without going into labor. Luckily the hospital managed to stop my labor, but then I was on strict bedrest until my boys were born at 37 1/2 weeks. Carrying the groceries in from Costco was what put me into labor at 32 weeks. Don’t lift those groceries!!!
    2) Don’t worry! Everything is going to be fine! I think there are a lot of advantages to having twins. There are some aspects that are even a little easier than singletons. For instance- they entertain each other from the get go! Even as tiny infants, they were happy to be together (we kept them in the same crib until one was climbing on the other!) which meant when they woke up from a nap they would look at each other and coo instead of screaming, so I didn’t have to rush up and get them right away! And, they were so used to being together that when one of them did wake up screaming the other would just go right on sleeping!
    3) Make them do everything at the same time. Feed them at the same time, change them at the same time. They’ll follow a schedule just like you other kiddos did! I breastfed my boys simultaneously. This pillow made it doable: https://www.amazon.com/My-Brest-Friend-Nursing-Slipcover/dp/B00PC3KVTU/ref=asc_df_B00PC3KVTU/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309993934465&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6114802578039930608&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1018539&hvtargid=pla-576677024327&psc=1
    4)Ask for help! If you wind up on bedrest you will have to have someone who can step into your shoes to take care of other kids. My amazing mom dropped everything and lived with us while I was on bedrest and for almost 6 weeks after the boys were born. It was wonderful! I still remember those weeks as one of the happiest times of my life! You can survive from the birth on by yourself, but if you’re on bedrest there’s no way of getting around needing help!
    Okay, I don’t want to overwhelm you with unsolicited advice, but if you have any further questions about anything, just ask.

  36. AvatarPam Fitzgibbons says

    Oh, forgot to say, after my bedrest, both of my beautiful boys were born healthy, with a totally normal vaginal delivery and no time in the NICU- we went home together two days later!

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