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Feb 25, 2022 | Lifestyle, Marriage, Relationships

You don't need fancy cars or diamond rings (cue old country love song!!) to show your love. This “10 Things I Love About You!” printable is the perfect way to do just that. Plus, it's EASY and FREE!

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Do you ever get stuck in the monotony of busy, everyday life and forget to stop and tell your favorite people you love them? It's a common struggle! Sure, they know you love them… but it's nice to be reminded of why sometimes, isn't it!?

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February is Focus on Relationships month and we aren’t just talking marriage! Use our 10 Things I Love About You printable list to show ALL your loved ones you care. We'll even give you some tips on how to use it! Let's get started!


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Our family, friends, spouse, and kids each hold a special piece of our heart, so why is it so hard to put those feelings into words?? Making a list is a great practice to help you express love in a meaningful way. This is a great activity for the whole family. You might be surprised to learn what some of your kids love about you!

Use our 10 Things I Love About You printable to make it super easy!

We are confident this list will help you stay focused in 2021 and put your feelings on paper in a way that will create special memories for your loved ones! Want to know the best part? You only need two things! Grab a pen, our printable, or a piece of notebook paper and get started!


Our most treasured relationship… our spouse! Use these ideas and then come up with some more on your own to really make it unique to your relationship. Dig deep—it doesn't have to be anything major, just personal!

  • You know how to keep me calm when life gets crazy.
  • I love when you turn the seat warmer on the in car before I get in.
  • You make me laugh so hard I spit my drink out!
  • I love your eyes.
  • You are the best parent to our babies!
  • You make me feel safe when we snuggle.
  • I love the way you lead our family to Christ.
  • You always listen when I need to talk.
  • You never complain when I take control of the radio.
  • I love the way you kiss me goodbye before you leave.
  • You are a smokin' hot hottie!
  • You always thank me when I cook—even when things get burnt!

Try to think of some really specific things that only your spouse would know. Do you have a favorite song or share a silly inside joke nobody else would get? Put that on the list!


Although our relationship with our parents goes through many changes over the course of our lives, they seem to always be there for us! Let them know you're thinking about them with our fun love printable. We promise it'll make their day! Here are some ideas to get your list started:

  • You have always been there for me.
  • I love the way you love each other.
  • You pick me up, even on my lowest days.
  • You believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.
  • Your hugs will always bring me home.
  • You still take care of me when I get sick.
  • You taught me truth and value growing up.
  • Your famous chicken pot pie will always be my favorite!
  • You always know how to make me laugh.
  • You are the best grandparents to my children!

Try to think back to a time when your parents really came through for you when you were in a rough spot, then think of your most cherished, fun memories together! Include all of these things in your list. It doesn't have to be recent; you can even mention something from your childhood days!


It's been said best friends are like a great bra… supportive, flexible, and always there to lift you up! We all know how hard it is to find a really good bra—uh, friend—so take some time to pour into those relationships and keep them close to your heart! Here are some great ideas to add to your list!

  • I love when you laugh at all my jokes.
  • I love that we are as close as sisters!
  • We have common goals.
  • You're always there when I need someone to listen.
  • We have the most fun on girls' night out!
  • You take my kids out when I need a break. I appreciate that so much!
  • I love our morning walks together!
  • You bring my favorite coffee over just so we can talk.
  • I love that our kids are best friends, too.
  • We share a love of Jesus.

Let your friends know just how much they enhance your life and bring you joy!


One of the greatest responsibilities of being a parent is to bring your children up as strong, confident, and loving. There really isn't any better way to do this than to speak these truths to them daily! Surprise them with this fun printable, telling them exactly all the ways you love them. Talk about a boost of confidence!!

  • I love that you are brave.
  • You have the BEST laugh!
  • Your imagination is incredible.
  • You are always so kind to others.
  • You have the most amazing smile.
  • I love how much you love to read!
  • You are determined and can do anything you set your mind to.
  • I love it when you hug me so tight!
  • You look for ways to serve everywhere you go.
  • I love how you always want me to kiss you goodnight.
  • You look after your siblings.

We promise your kids will be beaming with pride after reading all the things you love about them. Even those grumpy teenagers won't be able to resist flashing a smile!! HA—gotcha, kids!


This printable is a great way to show those around you just how much and why you care about them, but while you're at it, make a list for yourself, too! It is okay to celebrate yourself and remind yourself why you are loved, even if it's written by you. Go ahead… DO IT!

Hang your list up somewhere you will see it every day and you'll have a constant reminder of all the positive things you appreciate about yourself!

However silly or cheesy it may seem to you when you're making your lists, we promise this WILL strengthen your relationships. Even if we don't all admit it, words of affirmation are powerful and we all love a little cheesy sometimes!

Share some of your favorite things you love about your spouse, family, or friends in the comments below. We would love to hear your stories!

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