Score this (free!) year-long program with monthly themes, printable calendars, and weekly challenges to help you budget, get organized, stress less, and have the best year of your life. Focused calendar and challenges, here we come!

Can you believe it's almost 2022!? The year 2021 was one of mixed emotions, for sure. Now we're looking forward to the upcoming year and we are stoked to bring back our FCF year-long campaign for positive change in our lives.

We've been sharing this free program since 2014 and we've had over 70,000 people sign up to join us over the years! Pretty amazing, right? Keep on reading to see what all our Focused in 2022 program is all about and get all the deets on our fun and purposeful focused calendar and challenges!


For the last two years we've stepped up our game… We took our little monthly calendar and turned it into a full-fledged wall calendar that you can purchase and hang on your wall! And guess what? We did it again!! We've put our blood, sweat, and tears into this small project because we want to help YOU make this the best year yet! It sold out crazy fast last year, so don't miss out on our super cute wall calendars!


However, you don't need to purchase the calendar to get involved (that's just a small perk, if you're interested). All you need to do is sign up here to opt-in to the weekly emails with FREE printables!

Now you can truly take control and get proactive as we work together to make 2022 the BEST year ever!


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I don't typically make New Year's resolutions (if you DO, check out this post on how to set goals and actually keep them!) because that brief spark of energy and motivation seems to run out real quick! I love to break things down and think about my goals, however, because I want to make sure I keep up that motivation all year long! That's why I'm taking it one month and one week at a time!

I like to start by planning ahead! You know how much I love planning an entire year ahead. It helps me stay focused and the accomplishment it brings is astronomical. But hey, no need to reinvent the wheel and no need to do it alone! We've got everything you need.


Our Focused in '22 challenge is simple. Each month has a theme, something to work on in YOUR life that will make you an absolute rockstar! And guess what!? We email you and send you all the details you need to know to get started, plus we send you straight to a post with even more weekly challenges and ideas focused on the theme to help you conquer your goals.

The great news? The challenge is completely free, all you have to do is follow along and reap the rewards! SIGN UP HERE to join the Focused In 2022 program for free. It's that simple! No strings attached!


We encourage you to try the challenges! Do them! Get your friends and family involved! Trust me, they will be fun and they WILL make your life better if you give it the good ol' college try! For real… We've seen these challenges change lives for the better.

We'd love to see how you're doing each month! Don't forget to use the hashtag #Focusedin22 to share and see who else is joining in! Let's do this!!


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January: Focus on Finances

Help your wallet recover from the Holiday Hangover! We'll focus on simple budgeting, do a cash system for 1-month, get back-to-the-basics, go over debt vs savings, and participate in a week-long spending freeze challenge!

February: Focus on Relationships

It is the month of love, after all! We'll work on being more selfless, spend quality time with those we care about, learn ways to be a better friend, find fun, cheap, or free date ideas (you know how we do!), give you ideas for affordable ways to show love (platonic and romantic), and more.

March: Focus on Fitness

By now, most of us have fizzled out of our New Year's resolutions, but not over here at FCF! It's time for a reboot on our health. Work on all your health goals with a little extra encouragement from the Fun, Cheap or Free family!

April: Focus on Organization

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The birds are chirping, the weather is warming up, and spring is in the air! With it, we've got that spring cleaning itch so let's open up those windows and get to work. It's time for a 30-day organization challenge, where we'll share quick and easy ways to clean and organize ALL THE THINGS!

May: Simplify

This month is chaos with graduations, class parties, programs, and everything else that goes into wrapping up the school year. So we are going to make space in our lives to breathe, reflect on what matters most, figure out what we can get rid of (mentally and physically), and just simplify our lives a little bit more. Breathe, mama! You've got this!

June: Focus on Positivity

It's time to look for the light and BE the light! Your goal for this month is to make it a habit to look on the bright side. We're going to work on some self love, create fun memories, focus on gratitude, celebrate the small things in life, and spread positivity! Summer is here and it's time to enjoy it!

July: Focus on Family

Family is forever and they're worth fighting for! We're going to create stronger family bonds this month. Discover new foods together, learn new things together, be tourists in your own city, and get creative by exploring new hobbies together! Family time has never been so fun.

August: Back to Productivity

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Summer is ending and it's time to get back into the swing of things! This month we'll shake off all the cobwebs and tackle those to-dos. Look forward to some productivity tips and tricks, ease your family back into routines, and set things up for school year success! Let's encourage ourselves to keep our brains fresh and active, just as we encourage our own kids. And of course, we will cover lots of back-to-school tips and tricks!

September: Focus on Shelf Cooking

This month, it's time shop from your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Let's all try new recipes, share tutorials, get creative with our food, and even use this time to get some cleaning done. This month is going to have some really exciting things in store, including a giveaway, so be on the lookout!

October: Focus on Finances

We thought this was the perfect time of year for another month to focus on finances to prepare for the holidays! Don't let them sneak up on you! This year at FCF we are going to be ahead of the game. We'll have some challenges to help you save enough money for Christmas in one month!

November: Focus on Gratitude

‘Tis the season for thanks and giving, after all. Let us work on finding gratitude in everything. We will also have plenty of tips and tricks to get you ready for Thanksgiving, and lots of fun, cheap or free ways to show thanks to others.

December: Focus on Others

It's the most wonderful time of the year. This month will be completely focused on those around us. Gift-giving, random acts of kindness, service to others, hosting parties, playing hostess to visiting friends and family, we'll cover it all.


So what do you say? Are you in??

Focused in '22 is coming at you so get excited to make the most out of this year and take it one day at a time! It's going to be a blast and even better, we get to do it together!

Again, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletters so you can follow along without missing anything. You can also keep up with us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more great ideas!

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