GNO = Cheap Therapy

Nothing like a good GNO!

Nothing like a good GNO!

If any of you are following along with February's “Focus on Relationships” calendar, then I hope you all followed my oh-so-strict instructions to have a night out with friends this week. (I'm really a slave-driver, eh? ;)) I have to set the example here, right? So – twist my arm – I got some of my besties together for some good GNO therapy tonight. And boy, was it needed!

I believe life is too short to surround yourself with anyone who doesn't uplift you, inspire you to be better, and make you feel good about yourself. As I've said before moving to our new house was hard, I was lonely for a long time. But I have found a good group of close friends that I don't know what I'd do without! (See how I made friends HERE). I am a firm believer that a good GNO with quality friends is some of the best therapy…cheaper than the real stuff, that's for sure…

I try to make sure we do a GNO at least once a month. I'm usually always the one that plans/instigates it, and it's easy. I just send out a text proposing a day, and we decide on a restaurant and time, and BAM. Planned. Our go-to lately has been Thai food (cheap and delish…and we all had coupons – BINGO!).

Couldn't start the night without a proper car-selfie...

Couldn't start the night without a proper car-selfie…

Usually we talk about anything from kids, to a shirt we saw at a store that we like. Tonight was the best GNO we've had, like EVER. Everyone was going through their own sets of trials or stresses in our lives, and we were all able to unload some of that stress, and get love, support, and advice from everyone.

Get off the phone Corinne, GNO is starting!

Get off the phone Corinne, GNO is starting!

It's so nice to have a “no-judgement zone” where we can talk about things that we can't really talk about with anyone else. I think relationships like that are so important!

Rule #3: You can only come if you bring a super duper cute baby with you...

Rule #3: You can only come if you bring a super duper cute baby with you…

Sometimes GNO's are fun with a  huge group of girls. Tonight, it was perfect to have just a few of use closest friends so we could really dish out the heavy stuff and have some quality conversation.

Serious indecision issues over here...

Serious indecision issues over here…

I hope this post and the Focus on Relationships challenge encourages all of you to call up a few besties, new friends, or good friends that you want to make great friends, and get together! Bond! Have some quality time! And of course, going somewhere with great food is a huge plus… (Just be sure to find a restaurant that's open late, because we may or may not have sat at our table until 10:34pm…)

Thanks for a fun night, ladies!

Don't mind the creepy raccoon eyes over here…

The best part about this GNO was that we all left having asked each other what we can do for each other, and leaving with thoughts of serving each other. We even talked about our Love Languages and how we feel loved (are you all reading along with the Book Club this month???).

I think the most important part of a relationship is not what you're RECEIVING, but what you're GIVING, and what kind of a friend you are to other people. These ladies inspire me to be a better friend and to be more selfless. Thanks for the example and the good times, ladies! Love you to pieces!

Cheers to good friends-




  1. I was at Thai Siam last night on a blind date and kept watching your group thinking that was you. I almost said something but didn’t want creep you our nor my date ! You’re just as gorgeous in real life!!!

    • You are KIDDING!!! Small world! You totally should’ve said hi! And I hope you didn’t hear any of the ridiculous conversations we were having, ha! 😉 XOXO

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