The gift of self-reliance is one that will keep giving for generations to come. It’ll have a profound impact on your life and your kid’s lives! Break the mold of how the world says we should spend our money and gain a financial freedom worth more than gold itself. 

Work toward financial self-reliance and give your family a gift worth more than gold with these tips from Fun Cheap or Free!

I love speaking to groups. I love seeing your faces, making eye contact, and feeding off the energy of the audience. Screens are so cold! (Literally and figuratively. They don't even laugh at my jokes…) As much as I love talking about helpful tips and tricks, one of the most fulfilling things I focus on is finding peace through financial self-reliance.

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I love showing people you CAN have the life of your dreams! It's possible! It's ripe for the taking! And along with that, you can help others. You can grow and learn and conquer. We all were given the gift of life and existence and we are still here because we still have a purpose. We each have a light that isn't meant to be hidden…it's meant to be put on a hill to light the way for others.


Many of you know the story about how we found ourselves drowning in ($15k) credit card debt, hopeless and fearful. Well, we turned it around in 13 months on just a $31k income and have never looked back. The greatest blessing we have ever given ourselves and our children is the gift of self-reliance. To be debt free (except for a mortgage) is an indescribable feeling (said arms wide on a magic carpet, of course…)

Do yourselves a favor and just try it. I'll triple-dog-dare you if I have to! Be brave and do what it takes to get your debt out the door for good. Join our $100 Million Dollar Debt Challenge and start paying down your debt fast! Do whatever it takes to build up your savings and reach your financial goals.

Not everyone can do it. Not everyone is brave enough, or patient enough, or gritty enough. It takes major cajones to say no… to sell a car, pull your kids from dance or soccer, move to a more affordable area, to go back to school, to apply for a promotion, or to start that business you've always dreamed of! 

Whatever it is for you, it takes guts. Not everyone can do it, but YOU can, and WE can help! And I can promise you it is SO worth it. Now, let’s get you started on your journey to self-reliance! 


Start your journey toward financial self-reliance with these EASY budgeting tips from Fun Cheap or Free!

If you are currently struggling financially, living paycheck to paycheck and barely making ends meet, hear this… IT’S OKAY! You have to start somewhere. Begin by going back to the basics with these tips for creating a budget when you live paycheck to paycheck. You might just be amazed how far you can make your dollar stretch.

If you are doing okay financially but you are just ready to take control of your money, check out these great budgeting tips to get you organized and right on track! 


Becoming self-reliant is a journey well worth the effort… but it ISN’T EASY! In fact, it may require major sacrifices for your family. You may have to deem things “nonessential” that you never thought you could live without. Maybe it’s television, your vehicle, or even your cell phone service. 

We did it. We sold our car, and couches, and stopped eating out, and shopped second-hand, and did whatever it took. It was HARD, but we got out of debt and have since achieved every single financial goal we have ever put our minds to. 

If you think this sounds impossible, just remember it’s temporary. These major sacrifices you make today will help you get out of debt and experience the financial freedom self-reliance can reward you with. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is SO bright! 


There are so many benefits to being self-reliant, but here are just a few that make it worth it!

  • Better Relationships – If you're married, the journey to become self reliant will make you stronger through teamwork, sacrifice and dedication. Finances are one of the biggest stressors in a marriage. If you can learn to communicate and eliminate some of the stress associated with money, you're definitely going to come out ahead.
  • Confidence – You will know that you can provide for your family, in good times and bad! During a crises, you will not have to panic, you'll know that you can depend on yourself.
  • Freedom – …to spend your money however you want! You want to buy a boat? Save up for it! Maybe you're saving up for a family cabin. Being completely deft-free will help you get there. Perhaps you just want to save up for retirement or travel? You will have money to be able to reach for the stars and make your dreams come true!
  • Help Others – If you are financially fit, you can provide assistance to others in need. We find joy in serving and blessing others, so this is a huge benefit for us!


Make your financial dreams happen and find peace in self-reliance with Fun Cheap or Free!

So just do IT. Whatever it is! What's stopping you? Are you afraid it's going to take too long to get out of debt, sell your house, set a budget, learn to cook, or finish school? News flash…the time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well grab the wheel and make some magic happen.

Whether it's my blog, Budget Boot Camp, Dave Ramsey, the Tooth Fairy, just start making changes in your life, small ones if nothing else, and in time you will get exactly where you want to go.

Self-reliance is a gift. One that I am DANG proud of fighting for. In fact, it's the greatest gift we could ever give ourselves and our 8 beautiful little copycats. At the end of the day, I don't care if they inherit my dance moves or sarcasm, or Bubba’s athleticism or happy personality. I hope they look back and emulate our self-reliance and pass it along to their kids. (But, hey… if they happen to be self-reliant while busting out some wicked dance moves, I wouldn't be mad about that!)

The gift of financial freedom is the most that you could ever want from your life! Let Fun Cheap or Free show you how.

Is budgeting a foreign concept to you? Budget Boot Camp is a super fun video program that makes money SUPER easy to understand. All you need is a screen and you're set!

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