HOLY AMAZING - 2 weeks of food for a family of 7 for under $200, NO COUPONS! This is genius!

Happy STOCKTOBER everyone! The last week of August, just before #Shelftember started, I did a grocery shopping trip. Before putting all the groceries away I thought “…this may come in handy in October, I'll record this.” I'm so glad I did! With #Stocktober in full swing, I've had so many questions about how I grocery shop, how I build a stockpile in my freezer, fridge, and pantry on a budget, and how to feed my family of 7 healthy meals, while on a tight grocery budget.

Have no fear, Freebs, today's video covers it all!

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I'm not going to blab long, because the video definitely speaks for itself. So without further adieu…

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What do you think? Doesn't seem too tough, right? With a little creativity, and a lot of trial and error with freezing things, you can master the art of Shelf Cooking and save at least HALF on your grocery bill each month.

Much of what it comes down to is

  1. Buying extra of something when it's a good price. I like to say, “Buy 3…one for me, 2 to freeze” (or store, if not freezing). That way the next time you need it, you don't have to run out and pay full-price!
  2. Only going to the grocery store ONE TIME per week…NO MATTER WHAT. If you go to the store for one item, it will cost you at least $50 in impulse buys. Stay out of the store! Keep your own “store” at home, so you can grab what you need quickly, eliminating expensive impulse trips to the store.
  3. Using what you ALREADY have to make a full meal! Often times you only need one or two fresh elements to make a complete dish. Everything else can from from your freezer, pantry, or spice drawer. Plan your meals based around what you ALREADY have and need to use, not the other way around. If you are buying 100% of the ingredients for every meal, you might as well just eat out because you are spending through the NOSE to cook.
  4. Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan! Waiting until 4:30 to figure out dinner will result in pizza or takeout. Or loads of frustration and fist-shaking. No one likes a shaken fist. Get my best meal planning tips HERE.
How I grocery shop + stock up on a budget!

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HOLY AMAZING - 2 weeks of food for a family of 7 for under $200, NO COUPONS! This is genius!

Keep all of these tips in mind when going to the grocery store next, and I promise your wallet (and family!) will thank me. Happy cooking, Freebs!

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