20+ Halloween Activities for Kids at Home

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Feel all the Fall vibes with these fun Halloween activities for kids! These spooky ideas are all fun and affordable, if not free! We'll show you how to make memories and get the kids' excited this season without breaking the bank.

Light up haunted house halloween activity from Kiwi Co from Fun Cheap or Free

Break out the sweaters and the pumpkin spice, y'all, because Fall is officially in the air! With the cooler temps and the changing leaves, Halloween is just around the corner! It's time to grab your kids and make some unforgettable memories. In fact, we've compiled a list of 20+ fun Fall and Halloween activities for kids that you can do without even leaving home!

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In true Fun, Cheap, or Free fashion, these Halloween ideas are affordable, easy, and so dang fun! Thanks to KiwiCo for sponsoring today’s post. We absolutely love when KiwiCo projects come in the mail and the kids get so excited to complete them. Just take a look at their cute faces as they gear up to innovate and create with true Halloween spirit. Check out more deets below!


Kids putting together Halloween Kiwi Crates from Fun Cheap or Free

Have you ever tried a Kiwi Co project? They have some incredibly spooky STEAM projects for Halloween that help your kids create, problem solve and develop critical thinking skills all while having fun! Each box comes with everything you need, so no last-minute runs to the store for supplies.

Our kids love these projects and work together to read the detailed instructions that come with each project in an educational magazine—these are kid-friendly with pictures AND words so all ages can be successful! We love that they provide a great environment for teamwork and the kids develop confidence when they create something fun together. It's a great way to bond with the kids, however, they're totally capable of completing a project on their own, too. KiwiCo has a variety of boxes to choose from and they focus on giving kids new experiences with science, technology, engineering, art and even math in a super hands-on and exciting way! Kids beg to complete these little projects and they don't even realize they're learning. We loooove it!

Check out a few of their activities below, and be sure to go check out all their Halloween projects, they are available for a one-time purchase and usually sell out! If you love these projects, you'll definitely want to check out their subscription line with projects you can do all year long.

*Activities with an asterisk are from KiwiCo*


Puking Pumpkin Halloween science activity from Fun Cheap or Free

Hands-on, sensory Halloween activities are the best for kids of all ages! Here are a few interactive activities that you and your kids will love.

  • *Puking Pumpkin Science This is a super cool hands-on project from KiwiCo that you will love! Who doesn't love a a fizzy, bubbly chemical reaction? Science + Halloween = Spooky Fun! Grab a pumpkin and you'll be set.
  • Dancing Worms – This is such a fun science activity with dancing Frankenworms. Get your Halloween on!
  • Make Orange Play Dough – Use this cheap and easy play-dough recipe and make it orange. You can even kick it up with some pumpkin spice to make it smell delicious!
  • Ghost Rockets This is a fun way to combine some science and the great outdoors. Launch your own ghosts and see how far they fly.
  • Spooky Slime – Grab a bottle of glitter glue and some of your favorite Halloween figurines for some interactive fun.
  • *Light-Up Haunted House Combine some electronics with a Halloween favorite and you get a ghostly haunted house created by your very own kid-engineers. The detail included in the educational magazine makes it possible for kids of all ages to be successful!
Boy holding Light Up Haunted House from Fun Cheap or Free

Last year, KiwiCo’s Halloween crates completely sold out. Don't wait to join in on the fun, click HERE to get your own before they are gone!


Excited kids with Kiwi Co Activity boxes from Fun Cheap or Free

Get crafty with the kids this Fall and watch their imaginations (and yours!) come to life. From DIY scarecrows to pine cone bird feeders, we've got something for everyone to get their hands dirty with on this list!

  • Build a Scarecrow – Grab some old Fall flannels from the back of the closet or hit up the thrift store for a dirt cheap find!
  • Leaf Rub Art – Grab a leaf, a crayon, and a piece of paper. Put the paper on top of the leaf and rub it with the side of a crayon for beautiful leaf rub art!
  • Make Nature Collage – Scavenge the backyard for leaves of all colors, shapes, and sizes and glue them to a piece of paper for a beautiful Fall collage!
  • Make Pinecone Bird Feeders – Grab a pinecone (or a toilet paper roll) and cover it in peanut butter. Roll it in birdseeds, tie a string to the top, and hang it in a tree!
  • *Make a Trick-or-Treat Tote Check out this fun tote from KiwiCo and make your bag glow in the dark! How fun is that? KiwiCo supplies everything you need, so you don't have to make any trips to the store… easy peasy.

Not feeling too crafty, mama? No worries. These Halloween activities for kids are so easy, no crafty bones required, we promise!


Girl with cup of cocoa, decorating haunted house from Fun Cheap or Free

Do you have a foodie in the house? Then they'll LOVE these food activities for Fall this year! Even better, grab a KiwiCo project to complete with one of these treats. The perfect bonding experience for the whole family.

  • Make Caramel Apples – Who doesn't love a caramel apple? Grab our easy caramel recipe and get to dipping!
  • Bake Pumpkin Muffins – These pumpkin chocolate chip muffins are ah-ma-zing!
  • Oreo Spider Cookies The perfect Halloween tradition. These spider cookies are as tasty as they are cute.
  • Have a Hot Chocolate Date – Our kids get SO excited for a family hot chocolate date! Grab our yumm-o-licious Mexican hot chocolate recipe here!
  • Make Candy Corn Cookies – Try this yummy cookie recipe, but use candy corn instead of Easter candy! Mhmm.
  • Bob for Apples – Grab a cheap plastic bin from the dollar store and fill that baby up! When you're done, turn those apples into a tasty apple crisp.
  • Roast Pumpkin Seeds – Carve a pumpkin but don't throw out those seeds. Roast them instead! Trust us, they're amazing.

Fall has so many delicious and comforting foods to offer. Get those kids in the kitchen and let them help every step of the way!


Girl holding Kiwi crate Halloween tote, trick or treating from Fun Cheap or Free

Breathe in that Autumn air and make some memories outdoors this year. These are some of our favorite outdoor activities to do with our kids in the Fall. Check them out!

  • Make a Leaf Pile – Then jump in it! Clean up the yard, get active, and make memories all at the same time?! Sign us up!
  • Have a Pumpkin Carving Contest – Make it a family (but friendly!) competition. If your kids are younger, team them up with a grown-up to help!
  • Build a Fire – There's nothing quite like roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over a fire on a chilly Autumn day.
  • Watch a Sunset – With the days getting shorter and shorter, Fall is the perfect time to catch a beautiful sunset with the whole fam and still get to bed on time!
  • Go Camping – You don't even have to leave home for this one. Camp right in your own backyard!
  • Collect Acorns – Draw faces on them and make acorn people!
  • Bird Watch – Fall is when so many birds migrate south. Grab those binoculars and see if you can find them!

And there you have it friends, our top 20+ Fall activities for kids to do right at home! Thanks again to Kiwi Co for sponsoring this post—don't forget to check 'em out! These easy STEAM projects are fun for kids of all ages and are such a great way to infuse a little fun and connection into your Halloween festivities. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your kids and get to the memory making!

Collection of fun Halloween activities for kids from Fun Cheap or Free

Don't forget to grab your Halloween KiwiCo projects and let us know what projects you tried out in the comments below.

Want more fun, cheap, or free Fall hacks and recipes?

Happy Fall, ya'll!


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