Gifts for Friends: 30+ Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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Celebrating our friends on birthdays, special occasions, and just because is important, but doesn't have to be costly! Check out these 30+ gifts for friends that are fun and affordable to give!

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We all know it's important to give our kids and spouses gifts on their special days, but what about gifts for friends? Don't they need celebrated, too? Heck yes they do! What we're about to say might shock you, though. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on gifts for friends to make them feel loved. Say what?! Seriously, you don't! They'll just be thankful you remembered them on their special day!

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We've rounded up 30+ of the BEST gifts for friends (we're talking all things BFF Girl Friends here). You're going to be jealous you aren't getting them for yourself. Spoil your friend for their birthday, milestone, or just because and BOTH of your hearts will be full!


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You didn't think we'd create a post without mentioning FREE gifts for friends did you? While a lot of these gifts don't cost money, they might take a little of your time. BUT who better to spend a little time on than your BFF?

  • Babysitting – If your friend is a mama, offer to babysit her kids for an hour or two so she can get outta the house and have some alone time.
  • Mail a Card – Okay this one might cost you a few cents in postage, but send her a card in the mail with a sweet note! She'll be happy to get something for herself that doesn't include a bill! Check out our free printable below.
  • Time – Give her your TIME! Get her out of the house for a fun day with YOU! Bring the kids along if you must!
  • Bag of Notes – On separate pieces of paper, write down ALL of the reasons you're glad for your friendship and put them in a bag or jar. She'll have all.the.feels reading them!
  • Host a Party – Invite mutual friends to join you in throwing a party for her! Assign items to bring so you don't have to provide all of the food. Play the bowl game to make it extra fun!
  • Coupon Book – In our opinion, this is one of the best gifts for friends EVER! Make a coupon booklet of things you can do for or with her until her next birthday and let her choose the dates. Ideas are, laundry and movie night, babysitting, house cleaning, cook dinner, day out of the house, etc.
  • Clean Her House – Ummm, need we say more?! You'll secure Best Friend Status for LIFE after doing this!


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These gifts for friends range in price, but will all be meaningful and special for her! Remember it doesn't matter what you spent, it matters that you remembered her and thought about her on her special day!

  • Lunch on YOU – Get a gift card to your friend's favorite restaurant to cover lunch! Bonus points if you can go with her!
  • Cook Dinner – Put your shelf cooking skills to use and make dinner for her! Better yet, grab one from your freezer so she can cook it whenever she wants!
  • Why You're My Bestie” Book This book comes with prompts for you to let her know just how much she means to you! You might want to include a little pack of tissues, too. #cuethetears
  • Handmade Gift – Are you an artist? Do you crochet? Do you have a Cricut? Make her a fun gift!
  • Picture Frame – Grab a cute picture frame and put a picture of BOTH of you in it!
  • A Want – Play detective and see if she has an Amazon wish list or go window shopping with her and see if something grabs her eye.
  • Photo Album – Grab a photo album and fill it with pictures your friend will love!
  • Home Decor – Find a cute printable and pop it in a frame so she can decorate with it!
  • Kitchen Gadgets – If she's a whiz in the kitchen she'll probably like a unique kitchen gadget. This Pastasauras pasta server is SO fun! She'll think of you every time she uses it! Include some pasta sauce and pasta for dinner on you!
  • Bookmarks – For the avid reader, grab her some magnetic book marks and a reading light.
  • Friends Shirt – If she likes Friends, she'll LOVE this shirt!


  • DIY Mani and Pedi – Grab some nail polish, clippers, and files and put them in a cute gift bag.
  • Candle – Who doesn't like candles? This friend one will make her smile!
  • Lipstick Grab a color you think would look good on her and give it to her. (Use code JORDAN for 10% off!)
  • Jewelry – Grab one for you, too so you can be twinsies! This site has some AMAZING jewelry for a great price! (Use code FUN20 for 20% off!!)
  • Magazine Subscription – This is the gift that keeps on giving! Have her favorite magazine delivered to her house for an entire year!
  • Sisters By Heart Bangle – Our BFFs are more like sisters, right?! Grab her this adorable bangle so she knows exactly how you feel!
  • You're My Person Bangle – For the Grey's Anatomy lover, this is the PERFECT gift to let her know how much you care!
  • Cozy Socks – What girl doesn't like cozy socks? These cute animal ones are perfect for your animal loving bestie!
  • Journal and Pen – If she likes journaling, get her a new journal and some cute pens!


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These gifts are perfect for those friends that live away. *cue the tears* Use these long distance gifts for friends so you'll stay connected. Don't worry, your friends that live close by will love them, too!

  • Ice Cream Sundae Box – Don't send the ice cream in this one, but include some cute bowls (if they're in the budget), sprinkles and other fun toppings to make her day special.
  • Box of Goodies – This is perfect if your friend lives far away, mail her a box of goodies – think candies, notes, magazines, etc!
  • Week of Presents – Grab some really affordable presents and wrap them separately! Send them so she gets them a week before her birthday and has one small present to open each day! FaceTime when she opens each gift to make it more special!
  • Photo of the Month – Print 12 photos and grab a cute frame. Send her the frame and ONE picture for her birthday, but let her know in her card that she'll be getting a new picture each month for the rest of the year! Pro tip: put dates on your calendar so you don't forget to mail the remaining pictures to her!
  • Spa Box – Include items for her to be her best self. Nail Polish, Brush, Makeup, Lotion, and any other beauty products that will fit your budget. She'll be able to use this gift for months to come!


We know not everyone has a low budget, so this list is for those whose budget is a bit bigger. It's SUPER important that you DO have this money in your budget and you aren't going into debt when buying these gifts for friends!

There you go! That's our ultimate list of gifts for friends! Did you find something you liked? We won't tell anyone if you buy something for yourself, too! *snort*


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Grab one of these cute printable cards to polish off any of the above gifts! Add a heartfelt note and let your friend know why you love 'em so much… This is probably the best part of the gift for sure, and is what your friend will remember most anyway!

We're curious, what is the best gift you've ever been given? Let us know in the comments below!

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