Holiday Gift Guide for Women – What I ACTUALLY Bought and Love!

Dec 4, 2023 | Gift Ideas, Holidays

If you need some help with Christmas shopping for the women in your life, I got you! I've put together my Christmas shopping list for my mom, sister-in-laws, girlfriends, and myself of course. With tons of different interests, you’re sure to find something for anyone!

So far you guys have been LOVING our gift guides this year! We've shared our kids/teens gift guide, and our gift guide for men – both of which are filled with items that I ACTUALLY purchased for my own kids, husband, and family members! If you haven't checked them out yet, make sure you do! Now it's time for my WOMEN'S GIFT GUIDE of all gift guides!

These items are all things I have actually bought and approved. To make it convenient for you, I've added everything to this Amazon Gift Guide list here! Hope you love them as much as I do!



  • Candle Warmer:  I fell in love with candle warmers over a decade ago and never looked back! They make your candles last so much longer, eliminate flame hazard and smoke smell, and keep your candles looking pretty. This one would look beautiful in just about any home!
  • Laminating Machine: Nerd alert! If you know me, you know I love to laminate anything I can get my hands on. I got this laminating machine years ago, and it still works great. Would be such a fun gift for someone who loves lists and charts as much as I do!
  • The actual best car vacuum ever!: After going through 5 or 6 car vacuums, this is my last stop. Bubba got it for me and I scoffed because of the look and price, but I'll be straight with you – I’ve had it for a few years now and will never go back. It's Ryobi, and since we have other Ryobi tools, we always have a battery sitting on the Ryobi charger in the garage that I can swap with in seconds (though it is compatible with other 18v batteries). It's super powerful, works great, and is heavy duty. (Note though that the battery is sold separately.)
  • Digital Family Calendar & chore chart: I've gotten so many questions on this Skylight Digital Calendar that my family started using this year! It's not only a calendar, but it's also a chore chart that has replaced our viral Clipboard System (gasp! awe! I know, right??). After watching other people talk about it for over a year, I took the plunge. Downsides: It's a major splurge. And if I'm being honest, my kids were all better at using the clipboard system when it comes to chores (but we're working on it – new habits take time!). Upsides: It's SO much prettier and more functional than my messy, massive, and cluttered double-month dry erase calendar + laminated chore charts that I had all over my walls!
  • Label Maker: I love me a good label maker, and use mine all the time! I have THIS ONE, but did some research and think THIS ONE is also a great option – great ratings, affordable price. Make sure to buy extra label tape!

For more of my absolute favorites, CHECK OUT THIS LIST:


  • Kindle: After being stuck on vacation with a book I didn't like, then spending WAY too much for new books at the airport (then needing to haul them around for the rest of the trip), I finally got this 6.8″ Kindle for myself. I got it for a great deal on Prime Day, and I AM OBSESSED. With it I got a subscription to Kindle Unlimited (like Netflix for books) and am so much more of a reader now! I love being able to travel with dozens of books in my back pocket without having to pack and haul so many paper books around. I also got this smaller kindle for my kids, and they are equally obsessed. They are able to connect to my Kindle Unlimited account and access their KIDS subscription, which only allows for kid-appropriate books. Can't express how much we all love it!
  • Kindle cover & holder: Couldn't help but get a cute cover to spruce up my kindle. THIS HOLDER also makes it SO much easier to hold or prop while reading!
  • Brain-Building Book: I swear I'm losing my mind. To try to slow down the inevitable, I've been trying to do less on my phone, and more brain puzzles on paper. This book has been a fun one for me! Filled with trivia, games, and puzzles to keep that tired brain of mine sharp!
  • Costco Puzzle: Every year I buy a puzzle at Thanksgiving time, for us to do as a family during the holidays. This was the puzzle I got us last year. As a Costco fan, this is – hands down, far and away – my most favorite puzzle ever. You'll see all your Costco favorites, even the kids got a kick out of it!
  • Phase 10: My favorite card game! This could fit great into a stocking, and it's always a hit with anyone we play with. Super easy to learn and a family-friendly game for all ages.
  • Diamond Painting Kit: Another nerd-alert item! This is my “absolutely cathartic and so soothing and I just love it so much and I can't even really explain why” crafting hobby (which is saying a lot because I don't even like crafts) Bonus: it's SPARKLY! I even got myself this organizer case to keep everything nice and compartmentalized. I got similar kits for my girls (see my other gift list HERE) and we love to pull them out and do them together while watching a cozy Christmas movie.
  • Criminal Minds Puzzle Book: We all know how much I am obsessed with true crime, so this is obviously a favorite of mine. A good brain-training book for the true crime junkie in your life!
  • The Page Company Planners: The perfect gift for a busy mama in your life is one of my viral planners to kick off 2024! We have weekly Block Schedule planners, daily Block Schedule planners, Budget planners, and more. Check them out here and use code FCFBLOG for a special 10% off discount code!

For more of my favorite games and puzzles, check out my Amazon List HERE!


  • Pasta Maker: Last year I got myself a pasta maker for Christmas. It’s been a ton of fun! The kids love helping make pasta. Definitely not a necessity in the kitchen, but that’s what gift lists are for! 😉
  • Bread Maker: I bought this adorable bread maker for myself after surgery this year (in white and gold, naturally, but this sage green is so cute!). I love having a bread maker! Honestly, after doing lots of research, I think this machine is a more affordable option and I love that it has a dishwasher-safe pan! Though, surely not as cute 😉.
  • Kitchen Knives: Truth be told, I have a nice set of knives. But I can’t help it – I have this set on my wish list for this year and hope Santa brings them to me!
  • Cookbook Holder: I have had this cookbook holder since I was a newlywed, and can't live without it! Bonus points if you pair it with my cookbook, which you can order here! Don't forget to use code FCFBLOG for 10% off!
  • Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker: This one is a bit of a splurge but has gotten wildly popular this year for making your own pint of ice cream, and it can easily incorporate protein powders or any kind of milk to make it a *tiny* bit healthier!
  • Pretty Pots & Pans: It just makes cooking more fun when you have a beautiful set of matching cookware! And this set is just stunning!
  • Four-Volume Collection of Shelf Cooking Meal Plan Cookbooks: I'd be crazy not to tell you how wonderful these would be for any home-chef in your life! An entire YEAR of meal plans and recipes, perfectly planned for each season. Check them out here! (Use code FCFBLOG for an extra 10% off!)

For many more kitchen favorites of mine, check out my Amazon Kitchen List HERE!


  • Necklace stacker: I have acrylic nails and have the dickens of a time trying to clasp necklaces! I got this magnetic stacker clasp and my life is forever changed. You'll never go back!
  • Real gold $8 hoops: I wear hoops every single day. My ears started getting bothered by the cheap ones I was wearing, so Bubba got me these $8 gold hoops. They are UNBELIEVABLE! I wear them every single day, and have for two years now. The quality is amazing, and they are so beautiful!
  • Rhinestone hoodie strings: I've started replacing all my hoodie strings with these rhinestone strings, and they make me SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY! You could use them as shoelaces as well. Such a small gift that brings me so much happiness!
  • Puffy Crop Jacket: I bought this jacket two years ago. It has held up amazingly well, and is still my everyday go-to! I love it so much I bought it in two colors!
  • Weekender/gym bag: Weekender bags can get SO expensive. I bought this one and love it so much! Affordable, fashionable, and durable enough to use for travel, the gym, or whatever! Several cute colors to choose from.

See my other fashion/beauty favorites HERE!


  • Water Bottle Pouch: This cute little wallet-sized pouch perfectly fits Stanley cups to conveniently keep your cards or cash all together! It would be great for the gym or walks!
  • Backpack: This is my new favorite backpack. I bought it for a trip and it holds SO MUCH. I use it often as my work bag, travel bag, computer bag, and more. 
  • Toiletries Bag: I'm in love with this toiletries bag. It holds in incredible amount of stuff and hangs which is a bonus! 
  • Travel Neck Pillow: Another travel item that would go great with the toiletries bag above for anyone that is on the road or in the sky frequently! This neck pillow is great!
  • Acrylic caddy…for drink mixes! I bought this pen caddy to fit all my MixHers and other favorite drink mixes. My mom loved it so much, I bought one for her for Christmas last year, for her own drink mixes. This year my SIL wants the same, so the gift keeps spreading! It might not seem exciting, but it's bound to be one of your favorite organization gadgets, whether you use it for pens, drink mixes, or whatever else!
  • Erasable Pens: If you know me you know I love erasable pens. This set is my favorite! This set is a close second. You can't beat all the fun colors and great price! 
  • Phone Case Wallet: If you know her phone size, this is a pretty all-in-one phone case that doubles as a wallet with a cross-body strap!

That wraps up my Women's Gift Guide List – see even more of my favorites not mentioned in this post over on this Amazon List version that you can see the details for EVERYTHING HERE!

How's your Christmas shopping going? Anything else I can help you with? Let me know in a comment! Happy Shopping!

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