Make a quick and easy Father's Day printable gift with your kids. These cute printable Father's Day books were such a hit for Mother's Day, we knew we needed to make one for dads and grandpas, too!

Father's Day Printable Gift Idea Books from Fun Cheap or Free

Hey Freebs! Tiffany here again from Making the World Cuter, and I am thrilled to be here again sharing another fun printable!

Father's Day is coming up and I love celebrating with my husband and letting him know what a great daddy he is to our four not-so-little kiddos!

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Nearly every year, the kids fill out these interview sheets at church or at school and I love laughing at their cute, innocent answers. My teenagers are starting to put snarky answers on them on purpose…but I still get a good giggle at their wit. These are a little spin. Instead of just a sheet of paper, I've turned them into a little book that makes a great gift. Don't worry, Grandpa gets one, too!


Dads will get a chuckle out of what their kids really think about them in these cute books!

Father's Day Printable Books from Fun Cheap or Free

Let’s make this fun little gift, shall we?

What you’ll need:

Father's Day Printables from Fun Cheap or Free


To get started, print the printable book. It only takes two sheets of paper, which is fantastic. Next, you will just cut along the lines with your scissors or paper trimmer. Then, put the pages in the order you want them in and stack them up. Take your hole punch and punch a hole or two in the side of the book, there is a striped margin so that you don’t accidentally punch a hole into the actual pages.

Father's Day Printable Booklet from Fun Cheap or Free

Then we are going to bind the pages. I chose to use brads on one and baker's twine on the other. You could also use a book ring, grommets or a stapler.

Once you have your books together, give the kids crayons, pencils or markers and let them fill them out.  Hint: I like to fold the pages so that they turn nicely and won’t look like a crazy person did it when the smaller kids try to fold the page!

Father's Day Gift from Fun Cheap or Free


These little printable books are treasures filled up with kid handwriting and pictures. They're small enough that dad can put them in a safe spot to look at again or again. I like to keep ours in photo albums in a photo sleeve. Easy to see and easy to pull out and read.


You can totally just give them the book by itself because it's super dang cute. Or you can gift it with dad's favorite treat because good reading material sometimes needs a little sweet or salty to go with it!

If you want your kids to do these for your own dad or father-in-law (or another grandpa figure), I have a grandpa book for you, too! My kids actually just got a new grandpa this year. My mom just got married and the kids are so excited to have a grandpa since both my dad and my husband's dad are gone. We will for sure be making some of these for Grandpa Mike!

Free Printable Books for Dad and Grandpa from Fun Cheap or Free

If you are a teacher, room mom or have a church class of kids, don't forget to print some out for those kids as well! These are a great send home gifts and they don't take very much time to fill out. Grab the Father's Day Printable gift for Dads and for Grandpas!