Father’s Day Printable Gift Idea Interview Book

Jun 7, 2021 | Gift Ideas, Holidays

Make a quick and easy Father's Day printable gift with your kids. These cute printable Father's Day books were such a hit for Mother's Day, we knew we needed to make one for dads and grandpas, too!

Father's Day printable interview book, from Fun Cheap or Free

Father's Day is coming up and we love celebrating the men in our lives! It's so fun to let them know what great dads and grandpas they are. Plus, our Father's Day printable interview books are the perfect last-minute gift for the kids to fill out because they're so easy to make. Winning!

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It's always so fun to read the younger kids' cute, innocent answers… And even the snarky answers from the teenagers still give you a good giggle at their wit! They're such a fun and cheap way to remember what your kids said about dad year after year. Oh, and don't worry, Grandpa gets one, too!

This post was originally written by Tiffany from Making the World Cuter and has since been updated. Didn't she do such a cute job designing the Father's Day printable interview book?!


Child writing in Father's Day printable interview book, from Fun Cheap or Free

These little printable books are treasures filled up with kid handwriting and pictures. They're small enough that dad can put them in a safe spot to look at again and again. You can totally just give them the book by itself because it's super dang cute. Or you can gift it with dad's favorite treat because good reading material sometimes needs a little sweet or salty to go with it!

So, grab the printables you need and let's get started!

Print them on regular paper, or use card stock if you want them to hold up a little better.


Supplies for interview books, from Fun Cheap or Free

This is seriously so easy to make! Here's what you'll need:


Making the interview book, from Fun Cheap or Free

Ready to see just how easy these really are?!

  1. Print the book. It only takes two sheets of paper, yay!
  2. Cut along the lines with your scissors or a paper trimmer.
  3. Put the pages in the order you want them and stack them up.
  4. Punch two holes along the striped margin (not necessary if using a stapler).
  5. Bind the pages how you would like.
  6. Have the kids fill out the interview books!

These little printable books really are wonderful keepsakes because they're small, meaningful, and cute as all get out with that kid and teen handwriting filling them up!

Are you just dying from cuteness?! We definitely are! You'll seriously love how quick and easy these Father's Day printable interview books are. Let us know how they go in the comments!

Kid writing in Father's Day printable interview book, from Fun Cheap or Free

Looking for more great Father's Day ideas?

Happy Father's Day to those you love!

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  1. haley baker

    love this idea! I work for the NBC news station in Huntsville, Alabama. I would love to do a Zoom interview with you if you’re available today or tomorrow morning.


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