Father’s Day Gift Ideas Your Man Will Love

Jun 1, 2021 | Gift Ideas, Lifestyle

Dads hold a very special place in our hearts—they fill a role no one else can! Show him just how much you appreciate and love him this year with these fun Father's Day gift ideas.

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No matter what your dad is into, we've got something on the list he's bound to love! Whether he's a mushy-gushy sentimental type, or a Yoda wearing t-shirt type (yeah… we see you!), these gifts are sure to make him smile.

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Is your budget a little tight right now? Don't worry—we got you! We have a whole list of DIY Father's Day gift ideas that are easy on the budget. Meaningful Father's Day gifts do NOT have to cost a fortune. In fact, we'll show you how to make one for almost nothing!


Make him tear up with these meaningful Father's Day gift ideas.

These meaningful Father's Day gift ideas will be a hit for any dad!


Is your dad a master of the grill? He will love these gift ideas!

Show your dad you appreciate his BBQ mastery with these fun and practical Father's Day gifts.


What could be more practical than a funny dad shirt? Give him a gift he can wear and share with the world with one of these fun ideas!

Give him a gift he can wear with pride!


For the dad who loves his cups! These clever mugs and cups are sure to bring out a good laugh.

The gift that keeps on giving every time he takes a drink!


Give him a gift full of meaning AND save big with these DIY Father's Day gift ideas. Trust us, they're easy!

  • “Stache” Jar – Fill a jar with all of his favorite candies and label it with a mustache for some cute flair!
  • Father's Day Coupon Book – Find a free printable online or make your own in any word processor.
  • You Rock Picture Frame – Grab an old picture frame or get a cheap one at the store. Pick up rocks from a meaningful place (maybe the park where he always takes you hiking) and glue them on to make a unique, meaningful gift that costs almost nothing!
  • Homemade BBQ Rub – Find a tasty recipe online and mix it up in a mason jar with a “BBQ Master” label. He'll love it!
  • A Jar Full of Kisses – Fill a mason jar with the famous Hershey chocolate kisses!

These no-skills-required DIY Father's Day gifts will make him feel the love for sure! They're easy and CHEAP, without skimping on thoughtfulness. Total WIN!


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Who doesn't love a fun homemade gift from the kids?? These Father's Day gift ideas will definitely make him smile!

  • Hand Drawn Card – Have the kids draw a picture of themselves with their dad on the card. It will be cherished forever!
  • Handprint Coasters – Decorate the handprints like your favorite animals or even superheroes!
  • 5 Things I Love About Dad – Have your kids make a list of 5 things they love about dad and then read them aloud to him.
  • Handprint Baseball – If baseball is something you enjoy doing together, this is perfect for you! Hand stamp a baseball and date it for a keepsake he'll treasure forever.
  • Love You to Pieces – Get a cardboard picture frame and glue puzzle pieces around it.
  • Handprint Art – Have Dad stamp his handprint on a piece of card stock. Place baby's handprint with a different color on top of it then frame it with a special note.
  • Make Him a Paper Crown – Crown him king for a day!

These hand crafted masterpieces are so affordable to create and will mean so much to Dad for years to come.


Here are even more Father's Day gift ideas he will love!

Show the father figure in your life how much you love and appreciate him with ANY of these awesome gifts. The best gift you can give him is your love and appreciation… aaand maybe a funny Yoda t-shirt! What is the BEST Father's Day gift you've ever given? Tell us in the comments below.

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