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Looking for a quick and easy idea for Mother's Day? These cute little books about mom or grandma are perfect to let the women in your life know you're thinking about them! Make a special Mother's Day printable gift with your kids and tuck it away for your future viewing pleasure.

Mother's Day printable interview book on a counter, from Fun Cheap or Free

Mother's Day is coming up soon and there's nothing easier or more special than having the kids make those oh-so-special Mother's Day gifts. These adorable Mother's Day printable interview books are some of our favorites and you're going to love how easy they are! There's not much planning that goes into these, so they're the perfect cheap and last-minute gift.

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It's so special to read the kids' responses to the questions, whether they're young and innocent or older and snarky. 😉 They're always fun to look back on for a good laugh! Oh and don't worry, we have one for Grandma as well!

This post was originally written by Tiffany from Making the World Cuter and has since been updated. Didn't she do such a cute job designing the Mother's Day printable interview book?!


Interview book and crayon on a counter, from Fun Cheap or Free

Does anyone else get a kick out of seeing what their kids think about them? This is one time of year where it's actually okay to ask kids to fill out a little interview “All About Mom!” It's the perfect gift all by itself, but it also pairs nicely with other special Mother's Day gifts.

So, let's grab the printables and get started!

You can print them on regular paper or card stock if you want them to hold up a little better.


Supplies for the Mother's Day interview book, from Fun Cheap or Free

Let’s make this fun little gift, shall we? You'll need:


Woman making a Mother's Day interview book, from Fun Cheap or Free

These really are so. stinkin'. easy. to put together!

  1. Print the book. It only takes two sheets of paper, yay!
  2. Cut along the lines with your scissors or a paper trimmer.
  3. Put the pages in the order you want them and stack them up.
  4. Punch two holes along the flower margin (not necessary if using a stapler).
  5. Bind the pages how you would like.
  6. Have the kids fill out the interview books!

These little printable books are great keepsakes because they are small, meaningful, and cute as all get out with that little kid handwriting filling them up!

Aren't those just some of the cutest Mother's Day printable interview books you've seen?! We think so, too. 😉 Print them off, have those cute kiddos fill them out, and get to giftin'! Let us know how they go over in the comments below!

Interview books on a counter, from Fun Cheap or Free

Looking for more great ideas?

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!

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    I simply love this Idea. I’m printing them both!


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