Fun Easter Basket Ideas to Keep Your Holiday Under Budget

Mar 18, 2021 | Holidays, Lifestyle

You don't need to spend a ton to have adorable Easter basket surprises for your kids this year. With these Easter basket ideas, you'll even have the Easter Bunny wondering how you did it!! Don't worry, we won't tell!

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We all loooove surprising our kids on Easter with a big ole' basket of goodies, right? Seriously… who can resist those big, happy, excited smiles!? If you're one who just loves to give gifts but aren't sure how to fit it in the budget… this one is for you!

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We are reinventing the traditional Easter basket of candy and goodies and cutting the cost to almost nothing, without losing ANY of the fun. Not sure it's possible? Trust us, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves!

It's so simple to combine frugal store-bought fun with a little easy handmade touch! We'll show you how to create fun and memorable Easter baskets for your kids with minimal effort and minimal dollars!! Alright, now who's ready to channel their inner Easter Bunny!?


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One of our favorite go-to stores when the holidays roll around is… yep, you guessed itthe DOLLAR TREE!! The Dollar Tree is filled with holiday themed goodies and treats, but in case you haven't heard yet – items are now $1.25. Heck, you can even buy the basket there! Here is a list of our favorite Easter basket ideas, for one dollar (and twenty-five cents) each.

  • Stuffed Animals – Believe it or not, you can get cute little stuffed animals for at the dollar store! Win!!
  • Jump Rope – Great for the upcoming spring weather.
  • Sidewalk Chalk – Bonus points for finding chalk shaped like Easter eggs!
  • Small Puzzles – Try to find an Easter puzzle!
  • Bubbles – You may even be able to find a multi-pack of bubbles. Buy that and split between kids. Frugal score!
  • Hot Wheels – Sometimes you can find real Hot Wheels at the Dollar Tree. But if not, our kids love the knock-offs just the same!
  • Play-Doh – Buy the three pack of the off-brand and split for another great deal!
  • Temporary Tattoos – So much fun!
  • Stickers – Always a hit and the Dollar Tree has a huge selection!
  • Glow Sticks – Who doesn't love a glow stick?? We can hear that satisfying crack now…
  • Punch Balloons – Again, buy these in a pack and divvy up between baskets.
  • Silly String – Buy yourself a can and be on guard for when they turn their spray on you!! Trust us, it'll happen!
  • Coloring Books – an activity book or coloring book and a pack of crayons for $2.50 – yes!
  • Bath Bombs or Bath Toys – for your little water lovers, add some bath time fun!
  • Self Care Items – for older kids, tweens and teens, you can include face masks, nail polish, or a new loofah from the self-care section!

One of the keys to shopping at the Dollar Tree for Easter basket ideas is to buy as much in packs as you can. Instead of the single play-doh, buy the three pack. Skip the single glow stick wand and go for the pack of five bracelets instead! Sure, you could buy two sheets of Easter stickers… but buying one and cutting it in half will make it go twice as far!


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Here is a list of practical Easter basket ideas that can be used as more than just novel Easter trinkets. These are the gifts that will keep on giving but won't break the bank! (Pssssttt… Some of these can be found at the Dollar Tree, too!)

  • Pencils or Erasers – Skip the plain yellow pencils and go for sparkles… or monsters!
  • New Cups – Perfect for those sunny spring days at the park.
  • Hair Accessories – Rubber bands, scrunchies, clips, or bows!
  • Fun Socks – We have to wear them, so they might as well be cute!
  • Lip Balm – Fun and practical!
  • Sunglasses – Grab a pair of cheap sunglasses and toss them in the basket for a fun surprise.
  • Snack Packs – Your kids are going to snack at home anyway, right? Throw in some snack sizes of goldfish and fruit snacks and check that off your grocery list, too!
  • Box of Bandaids – Get their favorite designs or characters!
  • Flashlight – Great for navigating living room blanket forts or reading in bed at night!
  • New (to You) Book – Shop at local resale shops, thrift stores, or Amazon for great kids books that cost next to nothing!
  • Book Marker – Buy one online or print your own.

We know these practical Easter basket ideas will be a hit… without your budget taking a hit! It's an Easter win for everyone!!


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You do NOT have to be the craftiest mama on the block (you know that's not our forte…) to include some of these homemade Easter basket ideas. Not only are they cute… they require zero craft skill! You're welcome… 😉

  • Homemade Easter Cookies – Go for a simple sugar cookie or make these chocolate chip cookies with any extra Easter candy you have!
  • Scriptures Written on Paper – Write or type some of your favorite scriptures on a slip of paper and stick it in a plastic egg!
  • Rabbit Poop – Take a box of white Tic Tacs and cover the label with a sticker that says “Rabbit Poop.” You'll get a laugh with this one for sure!
  • Carrot Seeds – This time get a box of orange Tic Tacs and label them carrot seeds. The kids will have fun pretending to eat their carrot seeds!
  • Redeemable Tickets – Create redeemable coupons and slip them into plastic eggs. This could be an extra fifteen minutes of screen time or a free pass on chores for an evening!
  • Bunny Tails – Grab some cheap treat bags and fill with mini marshmallows. Tie on a tag that says “Bunny Tails” for a fun, unique homemade gift!

You see, we told you crafty wasn't a requirement! These easy homemade gifts are guaranteed to get a good reaction from kids of all ages!


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Do you have a budding artist on your hands?? Here are some great, affordable ideas to include in the creative genius' Easter basket!

  • Washi Tape – This comes in so many different designs!
  • Suncatcher Kit – Do it together and display it in your window.
  • Coloring Books – Find these dirt cheap at the Dollar Tree!
  • Crayons and Markers – Cheap and exciting!
  • Finger Paints – And maybe stock up on wipes, too… You know, juuuuust in case!!
  • Watercolors – Cheap, fun, and fairly easy to clean! Win!
  • New Paint Brushes – What budding artist doesn't love a new set of brushes!?
  • Flower Seeds – Not exactly artistic… But great for creating beauty in the garden and learning a little patience!

Keep their creative juices flowing with these fun artist-inspired Easter basket ideas for your kids!

No matter what age or interests your kids have, use this list of Easter basket ideas and we're sure you'll fill any Easter basket for cheap! As a result, you'll stay right on track with your financial goals AND be rewarded with those beautiful, surprised, smiling faces! Hoppy Easter everyone!!

What are your favorite frugal Easter basket ideas? Share with us in the comments below!

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Hoppy Easter!


  1. Heather Foster

    Any places for cheap baskets or baskets for adult kids??

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      Dollar Tree always has awesome cheap baskets! Or you can always just use something you have around your house, like a sports bottle, to fill up.


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