Setting up and sticking to a budget with CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE! Today we're chatting about why you need to start budgeting ASAP, plus some great tips that will help you to stay motivated and on track to reach your money goals!

Want to know how to start budgeting? We've got some great tips to get you motivated at Fun Cheap or Free

“How do I get my finances in order?” “How can we reach our financial goals?” “Where do I even start with budgeting?” These are just a few of the questions that I get asked all of the time on the ol’ blog, Facebook and Instagram

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Wanna know a secret? Those are the perfect questions to be asking right now! But before you actually start budgeting, there are a few things that you need to do so that you’re fully prepared for your budgeting journey. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

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Wasn’t that a great little video? Now we can go over it to make sure that you have all of the deets that you need to start budgeting!


The first thing that you need to do is to find your motivation. I won’t sugarcoat it for you, budgeting can be hard! You need to find your “why” – what not only makes you want to start a budget, but is going to get you alllllll the way to the finish line? 

What is going to keep you from just going to Target (oh, I can hear the angels singing now!) and walking around, buying all the things? How are you going to keep from going out when you’re so. dang. tired. of eating at home every day? Don’t start budgeting just because it sounds interesting, really dig deep and find your why.

Sure, budgeting may be exciting to you when you first sit down and start thinking about it. But what is going to keep you going at it hard once you get through that excitement and hit your first hill where you realize that it’s really not that exciting to budget? Your why, your reason to start budgeting, is going to get you there! So, how do you find that?


The key to staying motivated is to set goals that you can work towards. What is it that’s going to make you want to be intentional with your money? What are you struggling with that is making you realize that you want to start budgeting? Figure out your pain points and set goals to solve them.

Do you want to get out from underneath your pile of credit card debt? (That was definitely my motivation to start budgeting!) Are you wanting to help save money for your kids’ college tuition? Do you want to start saving for retirement? Are you wanting to take your dream vacation?

Find your pain points and set goals before you start budgeting - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Set goals and start working towards them! If you want to know more about how to set financial goals, then make sure you check out THIS post. We not only walk you through how to set those goals, but also fill you in on a few financial goals that you should think about shooting for!


If you’re married or share finances with someone else, then they’ve got to be motivated to start budgeting, too! You need to be able to sit down and talk about your financial goals together, without getting upset with each other. The best way to do that is to hold a money date! (Learn allllll about that HERE, along with some tips on how to talk about money without fighting!) 

You’ll want to set individual goals, and then also set goals as a couple. That way, both of you are willing and motivated to get those finances in order and get that budgeting done, son! If your sweetie is a spender (it’s okay, I’m definitely the spender in our relationship!), then I’ve got a great post that you need to read! It’s got some great tips that will help to get your spouse to stop spending money and realize that they have a reason to start budgeting. You can read about that HERE.


Start really small when it comes to budgeting. It’s the little decisions that end up accomplishing the big things. Break it down into bite-sized pieces so that it doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming. For example, start off small by setting a grocery budget (learn my best tips on how to do that, HERE!). Make it your goal to stick to that grocery budget weekly.

Then, take whatever excess money that you were spending on groceries and put that towards your debt (or your financial goals, if all of your pressing debt is paid off). Throw whatever extra money that you have at it and you’ll be amazed at how much quicker you’ll be able to reach your goals!


Does all of this sound amazing, but also overwhelming to you? If you’re one who prefers or needs more of a hand-holding situation (I’m definitely one who needs someone to walk me through something when it’s completely new to me!), then I’ve got you covered! Budget Boot Camp will be right up your alley.

It’s my really fun online video program that walks you through everything you need to know about money, setting a budget, paying off debt, saving for your goals, and muuuuuuch more! I’m so confident that you’ll love this program that it’s got a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t save at least how much you paid for it. Yep, I’m that sure that you’ll love it! You can also save 10% at checkout by using the code FCFBLOG, just because. 😉


Did I really hit home with you when I told you to figure out your pain points? When you were thinking about those, did you come up with more than just money-related issues? If so, then you just HAVE to check out my Productivity Boot Camp program!

It helps you to find and conquer your pain points, helping you to accomplish more in your day so that you can free up your time to do more of the things that you want to do! (If you need help to find the motivation to get things done in your life, then make sure that you check out THIS post.) Use the code FCFBLOG for 10% off of the program! 🙂

Alright, so are you ready to start budgeting already or what?! What are your goals? Let me know in the comments and we’ll help to keep each other accountable!

Find the best tips on how to start budgeting from Fun Cheap or Free

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