DIY Water Balloon Station using old shampoo bottles!

I'm still recovering from a long vacation and have a busy week preparing to speak at the Bright Night event this week (hope you're all going!). Plus, its July (already??) which is “Focus on FUN” month for our Focused in '14 monthly challenges. Because of all these excuses factors, I've asked my home girls from Find It Make It Love It to share their super cheap, easy, and clever DIY Water Balloon Station idea using…wait for it…empty shampoo and soap bottles! Seriously, this will change your life this summer. Take it away girls!

Thanks Jordan! Summer is here: Fun, busy, and HOT. One of our kids favorite summer activities is playing with water balloons. Typically, playing with water balloons means TONS of time for mom filling and tying…then the kids show up and it's over in about 3 minutes flat. We had to find a better way! Last year, we came up with the Water Balloon Pump (check it out HERE.). This year we took it one step further and made an entire DIY water balloon station that works like a champ!

DIY Water balloon pump

Here's how we did it:

For the pumps:

We took empty pump dispensers (from shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, and bubble bath), rinsed them and filled them with water. They work perfectly as water balloon pumps! The kids can fill the balloons themselves and they love it!  The kids can fill AND tie their own balloons!

For the station:

This is a simple project but does require using a couple power tools. Nothing you can't handle!

Here's what you need:

  • 2 boards (about 6″ by 12″-ours were scraps from the garage.)
  • 3/4 PVC pipe
  • wood glue
  • drill
  • jig saw
  • 2 screws
  • paint (optional)

DIY Water Balloon Station (3)

First, use a jigsaw to cut about 2 inches into the PVC pipe-right down the middle.DIY Water Balloon Station (16)

Next, turn the pipe and cut half way into it, just to the existing cut. DIY Water Balloon Station (1)

Then cut the PVC piece to about 4 inches long, total. It will look like this: DIY Water Balloon Station (4)

If it's pretty rough looking (like ours) use some sand paper to smooth it down a bit.

Next, use a 3/4 inch drill bit to drill 2 holes for the PVC piece to fit in. You'll have to wiggle the drill around a little to get the hole big enough to fit the PVC.

DIY Water Balloon Station (15)DIY Water Balloon Station (14)

Use wood glue to attach the PVC pieces into the holes. Also use wood glue in addition to screws to attach the wood pieces together. (We used an extra piece of wood here to help stabilize while we drilled in the screws.)DIY Water Balloon Station (13)

The two pieces will end up like this: DIY Water Balloon Station (10)

Last, give it a quick coat of paint if you'd like and let the fun begin!DIY Water Balloon Station (11)

Now let's see how this thing works!

Step 1: Fill the balloon.DIY Water Balloon Station (9)

Step 2: Wrap the balloon around the PVC.DIY Water Balloon Station (7)

Step 3: Tuck the end under and pull through. DIY Water Balloon Station (6)DIY Water Balloon Station (5)Because it can be confusing explaining this kind of thing, we made a 20 second video to demonstrate how to use the tying jig. The first set of hands are mine, the second are my 11 year old daughters.

Voila! This thing is so easy to use! Our 6 year olds can even fill and tie balloons using this little station. They played with it for hours! Gone are the days of cold, sore fingers and 3 minute water fights! We will be using this thing all summer long: at home, at friends, and even camping. It's a perfect addition to a killer summer party!


Thanks ladies!

Remember to check out their other amazing ideas at Find It Make It Love it. Now, if you don't mind, I have a 4 year old to show who's boss in the water balloon pelting department…