Beat the Heat with These Fun and Cheap Water Activities!

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Make plans to beat the heat with some water fun! These 30 water activities are some of our favorite ways to stay cool this summer while also having lots of fun and making great memories together!

Beat the heat with these fun and cheap water activities that will make great memories! Fun Cheap or Free

Summer is here and she knows how to bring the heat! Sure, you can stay inside in the nice A/C, but man that can get booooringggg. You can only do so much and sometimes you just wanna get out and get moving.

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Really, what better way is there to cool off in the summer heat than in the water?! It keeps you cool, gets you outside and moving around, and is a blast for all ages! That's why we've rounded up 30 fun water activities to help you beat the heat. So, what are we waiting for? Let's make a splash and get started!


Kids have so much fun playing with water, whether they're in the pool or washing their toys in the sink! Fun Cheap or Free

There's something that's so fascinating for young kids when it comes to water and it never goes away! Make your way through these water activities for kids this summer that are so fun for all ages. Bonus points if it keeps them entertained for a while so you can get some things accomplished!

  • Water Table – There are so many things you can do with a water table! Pouring, floating toys, balls, the options are endless.
  • Kiddie Pool – These are obviously a great way to beat the heat! Start off with a small plastic pool and gradually move up sizes to the inflatable pools once your kids get older.
  • Freeze Toys – Grab your kids' favorite water-friendly toys (figurines work great for this!) and freeze them in ice cube trays or balloons. Challenge them to rescue the toys by using eye droppers to melt the ice away.
  • Toy Wash – This is a great way to entertain the kids while also cleaning all of the toys!
  • Sink or Float Experiment – It's time for a fun learning experience! Grab a bunch of toys or items from around the house and a bucket or pitcher of water. Have your kids vote on if something will float or sink and then see what happens!
  • Sprinkler – You can never go wrong using your sprinkler system or hooking one up to your water hose! It's a great way to cool the kids off and it also keeps your grass nice and green.
  • Homemade Water Blob – This one is fun for all ages, including adults! They're super easy to make, just be sure to use heavy plastic sheeting that's 4mm thick so it won't puncture.
  • Pouring Station – Grab a tote, various pitchers and measuring cups, and let your kids go to town! Bonus points if you use food coloring to make the water different colors.
  • Water Beads – There are so many different ways your kids can play with water beads! They're fun for kids of all ages, just make sure your child is old enough to not put them in their mouth since they're a choking hazard and aren't edible!
  • Sponge Toss – All you need are some large buckets of water and a large sponge. Get the sponge wet and have fun tossing it back and forth! It's a great way to stay cool and helps your kids (and you?!) to work on their hand-eye coordination.

Pro Tip: Use an old fitted sheet to cover your kiddie pool so it will stay clean when it's not being used. We've got even more pool hacks like this, so don't miss 'em!


Get outside and have fun at home! Fun Cheap or Free

Let's get active! Grab your loved ones and head out into the yard. We're about to get wet and wild with these fun water activities!

  • Water Gun Fight – What's better than going on a stealth mission with some water guns?! You show us somebody who doesn't like water gun fights and we'll show you somebody who's crazy. 😉 The cheap handheld ones are always fun, but the big soaker squirt guns are always fun since you can shoot them from further away.
  • Water Balloon Fight – You can never go wrong with a water balloon fight! Make it more fun by using a towel and doing a water balloon towel toss. Just have two people per towel and see how long you can toss it back and forth! Use a handy water balloon station to make filling and tying easy.
  • Slip n Slide – Check this item off your summer bucket list by making your own or grabbing one that has a fun water area at the end. If you need help making yours a little more slippery, add some tear-free baby soap and go to town!
  • Splash Pad – These are fun for all ages! They're great for babies who can sit up on their own, kids have fun running through them, and mom and dad can easily enjoy them, too.
  • Water Slide – A water slide is always a fun element to add when it comes to water. Whether it's a giant inflatable one or a kid one sliding into a kiddie pool, you'll have fun with them for hours.
  • Pool Games – There are so many different pool games to help beat the heat. You can never go wrong with a volleyball net or floating basketball hoop!
  • Water Transfer – Fill a bucket up at one end of the yard and have an empty bucket at the other end. Pick different ways to get the water from one bucket to the other (serving spoons, sponges, etc.) and make it a race to see who can get the most water in the bucket the quickest.
  • Water Balloon Piñata – Tie some water balloons to a string, hang it in your yard, and see who can pop the most with a bat or stick!
  • Liquid Limbo – Turn the water hose on as high as it goes and and use it as the limbo stick! See who can go the lowest without getting wet.
  • Squirt Gun Race – All you need are water guns, disposable plastic cups, string, and something to tape or tie the strings to (like a fence and a chair). Put a hole in the bottom of the cup and run the string through it, then pull the string taut and tie (or tape) it. Set the strings up next to each other so they can race. Use the water guns to see who can shoot it from the starting point of the string to the end the quickest! (Get some how-to pictures here.)

Pro Tip: Don't leave large items on your grass, like the slip n slide or splash pad, for more than a few days or else they'll heat stress your grass, making it brown. Move them around every few days or put them away when they're not in use.


Ready to get out of the house? These fun water activities from Fun Cheap or Free will make your day!

You don't have to spend a lot to have fun! While some of these will cost you some money, others are free. Bonus points if you make any of these water activities a date night!

  • Water Park – Really, is there anything that screams “beat the summer heat” like a water park?! They usually have a small splash area for younger kids, fun wave pools, a lazy river (yes, please!) and tons of big water slides.
  • Lake – The lake is always fun when there's a boat or jet skis involved, but you can still have just as much fun by playing in the water and on the beach!
  • Ocean – Sand castle-building contest, anybody? Snorkeling is a really fun way to look at all the different fish, too.
  • River – It's time to float the river or go white water rafting!
  • Community Pool – Hit up your local community pool for some water fun. You also can't go wrong visiting friends or family who have a pool and it's free that way!
  • Splash Park – These are usually near a community park and are free to the public! They're a great way to beat the heat without hitting up the pool.
  • Canoeing/Kayaking – This is fun to do on any body of water, ponds included! Teach your kids how so they can join you when they get older.
  • Surfing – It's time to hit the waves and hang 10. With some practice, you can get really good at this!
  • Paddle Boarding – You need some balance for this one! It gives you a really cool perspective since you're standing up rather than sitting down. If you do it on the ocean, it's a great way to see some fish swimming below you!
  • Water Skiing/Wakeboarding – You do need a boat for this one, but it's so fun! Most people say that getting up on two water skis is easier than wakeboarding (more like snowboarding), but you do you, boo.

Pro Tip: Remember to take plenty of sunscreen and water when you're planning on being out in the sun all day long! If a place will allow you to bring food in, then pack up your favorite snacks and food items and have a picnic. It's much cheaper when you take your own food versus buying it somewhere!


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Alright, well there you have it! Our favorite water activities that will not only help you beat the heat, but also connect with your loved ones and make some memories. What's your favorite thing to do to keep cool during the summer? Let us know in the comments!

Beat the heat with these fun outdoor ideas from Fun Cheap or Free!

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