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50% off classes at Joanne Fabrics

I took a cake decorating class from my community ed program, and it was so fun! This is a great way to continue your education for cheap also.Click HERE for their website

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Super Savvy Saturday Projects: Collecting Rain

I first heard about Rain Barrels from my dad. It is a system of collecting rain water to use to water your garden, plants and yard. Some of you are fortunate enough to have access to irrigation water but for people that don’t this is a cheap alternative. First, make sure this is LEGAL in…

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Saving Craving! Savings tip: Cleaning oven spills

Spills in your oven can be NASTY with a capital N. There are plenty of expensive cleaners out there…or you could try these thrifty ways to clean things up! When you spill something, sprinkle the spill with salt. When the spill cools simply wipe the salt away. The salt absorbs the drippings! To clean up…


Replay Thursday! Savings tip replay: Dryer sheets

Here’s today’s savings tip replay! Just for the record, since posting this I have been tearing my dryer sheets in half – no matter how big the load of laundry, no matter what fabric it is. Guess what? It lasts 2x as long (duh!) and works JUST AS WELL! I wish I’d known this sooner….

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50 Cheap, easy, and adorable crafts!

I’ve always enjoyed this site. I don’t craft, but I’ve shared a bunch of their crafts with you…and stored some mentally away in case I decide that I do like crafting someday 🙂Just thought I’d share their top 50 recent crafts with you! Good Morning Crafters,We thought you might be interested to know the 50 favorite…