3-minute Nest Necklace tutorial. (AKA If I can do this, YOU can do this!)

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3 minute nest necklace tutorial

With Easter 2-seconds away and Mother's Day not far behind, I thought it was time to refresh and remind you about my super simple Nest Necklace tutorial. They are the perfect gifts for someone you love!

I made these nest necklaces a while back, then had forgotten about them until it was time to throw my bestie Bree a baby shower (for only $25! True story, see HERE). We decided to do a Baby Bird theme for her shower and these necklaces popped into my head as being the perfect take-home gifts for her guests. I had forgotten how gorgeous they are. Oh and did I mention inexpensive and OH MY WORD EASY? I tweaked the original tutorial and made them EVEN EASIER to make! Here's a video and step-by-step tutorial to prove that you can make these in just 3 minutes:

Watch the video online HERE or click and watch below:

Easy, right??

Again, here's what you need:

  • 24 gauge wire, I chose silver but gold would look pretty too
  • Beads of choice. I chose pearl beads because they were cheap, pretty, and what I had on-hand. I like the look of imperfect beads, and even beads of varying shapes and sizes (see final picture below). Really, there are no rules here!
  • Necklace chains. As explained on the video, I bought ball necklace chains like THESE ONES from Amazon. You can find necklace chains on Ebay from China that are a good price, but they take forever to ship. The chains I chose were silver, 2.4mm, 24 inches long, and they look great with the nests. I chose them because of price (I got 50 for $22. I made 30 for the shower which I was happy to invest since I didn't really buy anything else for the shower, and plan to use the extras to make others for friends and family)

Enjoy making these gorgeous beauts for someone special in your life, they are bound to love them.

3-minute nest necklace tutorial

3-minute nest necklace tutorial



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  1. Ashley

    Yay! I figured they were for Bree’s baby shower. I made a bunch of these and gifted them for Christmas. Easy and cute gift!


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