Tips for keeping your purse organized! No more floating receipts, chapsticks, punchcards or diapers -- you'll have the cleanest bag around! See how -

Dear purse…slash diaper bag…slash lunch box…slash candy stash…slash bottomless pit of crumbs, melted fruit snacks, and I-don't-even-want-to-know-what-you-are's…

Look, you're a nice person. And there's no denying how good looking you are. I'm sure you have a sweet spirit and you will make someone very happy someday. But your magnetism to messes? Really? It's got to go. It's just not for me. It seems like no matter how many times I clean you out, you just get trashed again…within days. It's just exhausting. And sadly, as much as I hate a messy, disorganized purse, I somehow manage to let it happen again. and again. and again. But no more.

I hate to say it, but the games are done. I'm putting my foot down. This time, once and for all, I've figured out the secrets to keeping me happy, and keeping you in line. So, dear piaper bag (you like that?), say hello to my new loves; the 4 simple tricks for keeping my purse organized – FOR GOOD. Oh, and messes? We are never ever ever ever ever getting back together. Like, ever.

Ready to meet my tricks?

Tips for keeping your purse organized

*No purses were harmed in the making of this post*

4 Simple tricks for keeping your purse organized

P.S…since many of you have asked, I got my purse for super cheap on Zulily and I love it.*

As we all know, GETTING your purse organized is one thing. KEEPING it organized is a complete other thing! By being organized you are less likely to lose money, receipts, gift cards or valuable coupons, and are less likely to let important money-saving things expire. Take my word for it…being organized WILL save you money, especially when it comes to organizing your purse! Thanks to the April Organization Challenge calendar, I was forced to overhaul my purse. Boy, am I glad I did. Here are some of my tricks for making the organization love last between you and your purse (or piaper bag)…

1. Put bags inside your bag.

Tips for keeping your purse organizedThis is the mother tip, that all the other tips are based around…USE BAGS WITHIN BAGS!

Tips for keeping your purse organized

If your purse is anything like mine (please say it is, just to make me feel better about the horrific pictures above…) it can be a day-long chore looking for something important in your bag, because of all the loose crud floating around in there! By keeping things contained, it makes it much easier to grab and go.

In addition to my purse pouch, I have a coupon pouch, a diaper pouch, and a purse caddy (keep reading).

2. Ditch the cute diaper pouches

Tips for keeping your purse organized

I'm sure we've all seen them, or even bought them…the adorable diaper pouches, cases, or clutches. Sure, they really are adorable! But functional? Not so much. As you can see by Exhibit A (aka horrendous picture at top of post) much of my purse avalanche was due to diapers exploding from my bag. The best solution I've found? A simple quart-sized ziplock!

Tips for keeping your purse organized

They hold just the right amount of diapers, the bag is water proof (baby bottle leak, gas station drink spill, water bottle with the top not on tight enough sound familiar to anyone?), and best of all, you can vacuum seal that baby. Once you squeeze all the air out it's SUPER thin and takes up hardly any space along the bottom of your bag. Poor example, but example nonetheless above.

3. Keep your coupons and cards all in one place

Tips for keeping your purse organized

I've tried coupon binders, baseball card holders, folders, coupon accordion file thingies. None of it worked well for me. The best solution I've found? A good, old, simple (but cute, of course) mini bag. No organization, no categorizing…just toss them in. Coupon, gift card, punch card, membership card, frequent buyer something or other…toss it! It keeps it out of your (already bulky) wallet, and makes it easy to scan through and see what you have FIRST before buying something.

tips for keeping your purse organized

A sub-tip: Categorize them with paper rings! I keep a small paper punch in that blue pouch (which I got for $0.50 from a thrift store, thank you very much). It doesn't work on plastic cards, but works great for paper ones. You can have a ring for restaurant stamp cards…one for guest passes…one for coupons, etc. Just grab the ring, scan through, and BAM. Saving made easy.

tips for keeping your purse organized

4. Potholders aren't just for pots

Tips for keeping your purse organized

My last tip…use a purse caddy to hold all your PURSE items! I always keep a yellow zippered pouch in my bag that has my main purse essentials in it: chapstick, lip gloss, keys, gum, hair tie, pen, and checkbook (for preschool, paying babysitters, etc), and my price-matching yard sale stickers. When I'm on a date with my hubby and don't need my entire piaper bag, I'll just grab the yellow pouch and my wallet and off we go! Or I can stick it in a cute purse, making for a 2-second purse transition. This bag isn't pictured because of this adorable pot holder purse caddy (that takes 2 seconds to make, shown HERE) that I'm giving a try instead, to see which one I like better.

Tips for keeping your purse organized


Ahhh…now don't we just feel better about ourselves??

Tips for keeping your purse organized

What do YOU do to keep your purse organized and happy? Share with me in the comments below – I love getting new tips!

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Happy Organizing!