DIY Disneyland Savings Jar + 5 ways kids can earn money

Apr 19, 2014 | Baby and Kids, Budgeting Tips, DIY, Finances, Inside FCF, Lifestyle, Travel

DIY Disneyland Savings jar for kids

I'm enjoying a weekend away with the hubby for our 7th anniversary (more on that soon!) so enjoy this ADORABLE post from our DIY and Crafting contributors, Steffany and Melanie from Find it Make it Love it! Take it away girls:

We've all heard the phrase Disneyland is the “Happiest Place on Earth” right? We LOVE Disneyland!! But let's be honest here…it can be EXPENSIVE to go! It takes months of planning, searching for the best deal, and of course, saving. We've come up with a cute Disneyland savings jar for kids and 5 creative ways kids can earn money and help contribute toward the trip!

Disney savings jar-kids save money (4)



1. RECYCLE ALUMINUM CANS (soda cans). There are lots of recycling places who pay per pound for aluminum cans. Give family and friends a recycling bin just for their soda cans and make a monthly pick up. My husband brings home 2 large bags from his work every month that our kids crush and recycle. Our last haul was $20!

2. SELL THEIR STUFF. It's time for Spring cleaning! We like to have our kids go through their toys, clothes and shoes at least every 6 months and give away or sell things we don't need or want anymore. The kids could host a little yard sale if they got some neighbors and friends involved too! Selling on an online site like KSL classifieds is a great option, selling to a kid specific consignment store like Kid to Kid is another great option.

Lemonade stand

3. LEMONADE/TREAT STAND. It's tried and true, but it always works! We have found that putting a little extra effort into the display really pays off. Literally! Put a banner across the table, add a chalkboard sign or brightly colored poster and more people will stop. Also make sure the signs are clear and easy to read from the street. Last summer we made some cute Jolly Rancher lollipops to sell along with cups of Kool-aid and the kids sold dozens! I even made them pay me for the supplies-a little business education. 🙂

rubber bracelets

4. SELL HANDCRAFTED GOODS OR SERVICES. Kids can offer to help family or friends with household chores, especially grandparents, for a small fee. In addition to services, kids can make something to sell. My daughter started making rubber band bracelets like crazy and had some friends from school offer to pay her 50 cents for a bracelet. Every bit helps!

5. WORK TOGETHER TO SAVE. This means, spending money on unimportant things is not in our best interest. Parents and kids can help each other out with this! Next time the kids ask for the extra treats at the grocery store remind them that we're saving up to go to Disneyland so we can't spend extra money. Also, when we put that adorable rug that's on clearance in our cart the kids can remind us that we're saving up for Disneyland so we can't spend extra money! This works really well!

Now where to put all the cash-ola we're working so hard to save – our Disneyland Savings Jar!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Mason Jar
  • Plastic canning jar lids
  • Scrap fabric
  • Mod Podge and paint brush
  • Mickey template
  • Box cutter
  • Ribbon

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Disney savings jar-kids save money (15)

Here's how to make it:

Trace a Mickey Mouse template onto the backside of the fabric and cut out.

Disney savings jar-kids save money (17)

Disney savings jar-kids save money (16)

Paint Mod Podge on the back of the fabric Mickey then place it on the jar.

Disney savings jar-kids save money (12)

Disney savings jar-kids save money (13)

Disney savings jar-kids save money (14)

Now for the lid. Have you seen these plastic mason jar lids? They are the best! We use them on our open salsa and jam jars so we don't have to deal with the original 2 piece lid from the canning process. They also work great for cutting a small opening to top our savings jar! We drew a small rectangle on the lid and used a box cutter to cut it out.

Disney savings jar-kids save money (8)

A strip of Washi tape covers up the coin slot edges and helps it look clean and finished.

Disney savings jar-kids save money (11)

We added a small resin bow to my jar to make it a Minnie Mouse version. In my house full of girls, it's perfect!

Disney savings jar-kids save money (5) Disney savings jar-kids save money (10) Disney savings jar-kids save money (4)Disneyland savings jar

Our savings for a Disney trip has started! We realize this jar will not house the actual amount of money we'll need to take our family to Disneyland, but it's still a great opportunity for the kids to work, and learn how to save money. This jar sits in our kitchen where we can all see it every day-a perfect reminder that we are saving up for something we love!

Be sure to follow us at Find it Make it Love it for lots more creative ideas like this!

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Thanks ladies, can't wait to start saving!


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